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Any other Poloniex maid margin traders in here? Curious about your thoughts on the “new” way the bots are running mixed with that volume.


Yes! let the FUD cleanse the non-believers! Beautiful drops. I wish it could drop more. And i think it will, BTC will probably hit 6600.


I suspect the current sell off is due to the Mailchimp shunning. Who’s to follow?
It always darkest before the dawn!


Probably go lower than 6600.I’m keeping my powder dry and hope to double my Maidsafe. The only issue is deciding when to.


Agreed and ditto. A few weeks ago Goldman’s chief technical analyst, Sheba Jafari, predicted sub $6K bitcoin incoming again. Her calls are eerily accurate (manipulation/insider trading…who knows). Regardless, it’s (almost) time to back up the pick up truck.


This might be going a lot lower…
All the technical analysis people I follow are talking about huge gaps in resistance all the way to @1300 USD as the only place with any real resistance. There are some before that but might not be strong enough to defend against the downtrend.
Real good or bad news could change the story though…
I don’t know if BTC/MAID will change much, but USD/MAID will. I’m looking to see MAID move in the ranking more than anything, perhaps with some other projects. That, to me, would be a signal that investors are getting wiser and doing their due diligence.
The sh!tcoin capitulation is upon us.

EDIT: Nevermind. Sh!tchain projects just getting started…


The fact that maidsafecoin vs Bitcoin is at pretty much rock bottom gives us holders hope. The last last 2 maidsafecoin dips haven’t fallen to new lows either. With alpha 3 on the horizon, I hope we start to see other coins fall relative to maidsafecoin, before maidsafecoin starts to frowning value again.


All the technical analysis can be compared to astrology. They know nothing. If you want to find out real value of their future forecasts simply check their past performance. When I want to laugh I open tradingview and check old forecasts from most popular chartists. Yes they are often right, but they are often wrong. It is random process. If there are 10 directions(up or down) to predict 1 out of 1024 will guess all of them by pure randomness. Since there are probably millions of traders, 1 out of million will guess 20 movements in a row. The most popular chartists are a result of random pick from lot of chartist. Those who were not lucky did not get followers and their predictions are forgotten. Don’t be fooled by randomness. Nobody can predict how will behave worldwide currency like BTC. Even a single billionaire is able to buy all BTC at 1300. Past does not forecast future.


The thing is, if enough people believe it, it will come true. If people buy expecting a bounce at X then sell when expecting a fall at Y, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.


I was just thinking there about what a $100m market cap meant for bitcoin. Each coin would barely have been $10 (I had a pile of them back then). You could buy them on exchanges, but it was risky business, with international transfers to MtGox, etc. You couldn’t reallt spend them on much as only uber enthusiasts knew, cared or trusted them. They were a curiosity and not much use.

Compare this to SAFENetwork. While not in useable distributed form yet, it is already useful tech in alpha form, with alpha 3 laying the first sustainable distributed components. It does not need to be popular to be useful, as it is inherently useful even for individual use. It can also be installed as a dependency for existing software and mountable drives will be immediately useful.

Moreover, SAFENetwork does not need first mover advantage. It does not really even need to win hearts and minds of its users. It just needs to impress developers enough to build on it and the rest will follow, whether or not they know or care. This is a far easier path than trying to monopolize to benefit from the network effect.

$100m actually seems pretty cheap now, comparing both technologies in their respective time frames. Bitcoin may have been more complete, but it is/was far simpler and is far more limited. SAFENetwork still has some unknowns, but much has been proven.

Maybe the comparison is rather apples vs oranges, but in this space all tech is thrown together. We hit $50m, twice, two years ago, with much less completed work and lots more to prove. $100m starts to look very good value in this context, particularly with all the money sloshing around crypto tech.

What did 2016 mean foe Bitcoin? Not a lot, other than the gap between booms, yet maidsafecoin flourished. It walks to a different beat, with the team working to their own agenda. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the same occurred in 2018/2019.


Have you had a look at colx? Any thoughts (anyone)? Looks like it could be a contender in the privacy coin type area in the short to mid term, if the technical stuff they’re claiming is true anyway. Thinking of putting some money somewhere that is not maidsafecoin, with the goal of getting even more maidsafecoin.


Don’t kill the messenger. Moreover, I don’t follow early career traders in their parents’ basement. That said, I also don’t see it as gospel. Just more data points. There is a strong psychological trend/sentiment index correlation to charting as well.

Why even participate in this thread if everything is randomness? Is everything random in the universe? Is life meaningless and without effect in the universe then? Why not just sit back and let the randomness do its thing?

I would love to see a billionaire try to come in and buy up all the BTC. It’s called “float” and while I’m perfectly willing to put strong limits on the divine reach of charting, I’m not sure if a two-bit sh!tpost is going to replace it as one of an investor’s powerful decision-making tools. Plus, randomness isn’t much of a strategy.

An object in motion tends to stay in motion…oh wait, that’s just random coincidence. On the other hand, dusting off the 'ole telescope, I see that there is Plutonic crystalline dust emanating from Uranus while Saturn is in a solar declination in the east. The Lunar shadow is drifting over Bitcoin. BUY BUY BUY!


I liked that post because it’s crazy and I am crazy.


Nothing wrong with a punt on smaller emerging niche market cap coins like that one as long as your treating that money as exactly that a punt.

It really depends how greedy you want to be. Are you chasing a x10 or are you happy just steadily doubling your portfolio?

The latter can be done pretty comfortably staying with familiar projects particularly if you understand the more established projects, their approaching milestones and in conjunction how to use Tether (yes I just mentioned that bad word haha).

Personally, I don’t ever gamble my MAID, those little fellas are just potentially too damn valuable and I’d kick myself potentially punting away what may be millions of $ worth just by being greedy.

Colx is an ok project tbh, listed on Cryptopia recently so easy to work with, has a wallet that’s pretty straightforward but probably still a fiat gamble only (not MAID) tbh. My two bob anyway mate.


So you don’t want to act greedy by selling, but you are holding in hope of millions, and you don’t think that’s greedy? You think that not selling in hope for more is not as greedy as seling in hope for more?
Well, let me tell you, that I kick myself pretty hard for my own greed, not having sold the highs.


Fair point. We’re all greedy to varying degrees, different strokes, different folks :slight_smile:


You can only tell it’s a high in retrospect. That’s the issue. PePersonally anything less than $20 a Maid is not worth looking at.


I believe one year ago the price was almost exactly the same as today if I remember well.


Yea, about 21 cents on 4th april '17 (BTC ~$1080, MAID/BTC ~19K)


Or about 0.00000115 LAMBO each according to Coinmarketcap :rofl: