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sounds like a safe strategy :hugs::rofl::roll_eyes:


Well I have to be a little pessimistic. In terms of bitcoin the price of Maid is dropping since last year so my initial investment in Maid is much less. I just want to invest in Maid but want to gain profit from other projects and maximize my number of Maid in holding. Any suggestion?


Having a hard time finding anything that is remotly interesting as MAID in other blockchain projects, probably a bit biased. :slight_smile: If you want the economic theory, diversify based on some kind of weighting by size. I personaly don’t have enough to diversify so I stand and fall with MAID. :joy: But when bitcoin ain’t stable, altcoins seems to bleed. One strategy could be to have a strong position in BTC and ride the wave and jump more heavy into alt-coins when the alt-coin spring comes. But everyone should go with what feels good to them.


Seeing as it’s been 3 and a half years since the crowdsale, and that the general idea has been tested with home vaults minus important fail-safes, and that now we’re waiting for said important constructs of coding to be fully integrated, I’d say it’s ripe to keep investing until you get what you want; and take solace in the fact that you will be waiting a much, much shorter-while than people who got in at the beginning. Convince yourself that there’s a 0% chance that the project will fail (as I have done from the beginning), and you will have perfect confidence in your eventual future “retirement” (from corp. slavery). Especially consider that there is nothing else like the project; all you have to do is believe that Maidsafe’s work will come to fruition and not be given up. (Various projects’ CEOs have perhaps been inspired by some of the tech thought-up and developed by SAFE’s CEO, but none will ever reach the full magnitude of the full shebang that will be the world’s first global autonomous impossible network.) Imagine what you think that the lowest that the price will ever reach, and invest accordingly.

Personally the only thing these days that I see preventing people or myself from investing further is the fact that the potential of this project could reach into the trillions of dollars; so the fact that you can just invest a mere hundreds of dollars (or maximum $1000) will net you “retirement” means there’s complacency when it comes to investing thousands upon thousands. And for those who have already invested and seen tons of gains, there’s even more complacency vs. wanting to peacefully drift off into the sunset and spend all of their salary on non-investments, while you wait patiently for an amount of money you won’t even know what to do with. (Of course, all of this said, there’s still an inevitable leeriness of the so-called ‘detriments’ of being 100% patient: already believing so much that you will eventually see the money, and that you “already have it”—that you start to get impatient, lol. Or something like that.)


Totally agreed.

Its a little too much optimistic I would say. I consider 75/25 for success/fail. And the thing is, its not about investing and trusting the network but gaining as much as possible. Initially I invested almost half (or a little more) of my investment in Maid which now is about 20%. I didn’t sell even a single coin but the blockchain assets increased too rapidly. Assuming a 100% chance of success, even then it would need another few years to be launched (beta), tested and then mass adopted. In between, there are few blockchain projects which can lead to greater return. OMG, ICX etc. has much shorter expected delivery and much larger return as comparison to Maid in short term. In long term (5+ years) the story is totally opposite however.


You ask a very fair and understandable question. Don’t feel too bad about asking it either a whole bunch of people have moved their money elsewhere temporarily to chase the gains with the intention of re-investing.

Tbh it just entirely depends on your need for an exit strategy if you end up requiring one short term.

I remember reading you picking out some decent projects early on in their life cycle so it sounds like you can identify potential fairly well.

It’s the dropping knife scenario I guess, as long as you are comfortable with not being able to time the market perfectly and know to be smart to lock a chunk of MAID away that you wouldn’t want to lose you’ll be okay in the end.

As others have indicated just leave an amount of MAID representative of your confidence in the project in cold storage and make your moves from there.

As an example I’ve been in Crypto a while but have pruned my portfolio right back over the last 3 months. Literally to the point where I only have 5 projects left. MAID/BTC/ETH/MONERO/NEO. The percentage of each depends on market conditions as @tobbetj indicated above.

As soon as the last milestones for data chains are being coded and the Autonomous network is pretty much done I’m moving the rest into to MAID (I am content waiting out 2018 to see these completed).

Maybe right maybe wrong but I’m comfortable at that point that the project is de-risked enough to move in. I think a bunch are waiting for vaults to do that and that’s understandable too.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Pretty close to my own portfolio, plus a few on my side. Maid is one of the only projects for which I have only ever added to my position. In fiat terms the result already blows away most other possible investments even during this sag. Currently nibbling with some monthly savings. The night that I see home vaults working I will double my position, and dedicate future fiat flows to accumulating. Once there is a time for main net launch I will double again, etc.


Your strategy is like a lot of others. Waiting, waiting, waiting and then going in big. Derisking this project will be the key milestone


Indeed. I do wonder if there may be a big rush at that point and am considering if I should speculatively take part of that position a bit early… already at the edge of my risk tolerance for position size, but seeing the test apps on the network is derisking it slowly in my estimation so buying a couple hundred bucks more every time I like the progress report. If these sorts of apps work from distributed home vaults I am confident the network will always have value. If all it could do is work as file storage (we know it can do better) and achieve 10% of dropbox’s valuation, then having it work would already be a 5-10x from this price. I don’t see the same risk reward in many other investments.


Marketing increased, outreach is more than ever, project progressing well but market cap is sliding down. What’s the issue? Will ERC20 help?


They almost all are so don’t panic.

Yes it would likely help the price. But MAID will rise and fall with the market most likely for a little while yet.

There are better bets in the short term like EOS if your getting frustrated but soon enough we’ll have a new exchange, some test nets and hopefully a bit of a bump. Just remember all secondary in the big picture really :wink:


I’m really enjoying this fall in price. I think it’s the wider market … bitcoin… making this happen. It’s only short enjoy it, sub $0.1 prices soon?


I think it depends how long it takes for the Bitcoin ETF to be approved


Happy and sad. Happy because I can strengthen my position. Sad coz the project deserves more attention


I was pushing ERC20 transition, but right now, it does not matter. It would be lovely to have ERC20 and decentralized exchanges, but the main point was to make it attractive to common people. To get more from crypto pumps. But since all crypto is dumping last 3 months the benefits of such transition on bear market are much lower. Bear market clears the junk from serious projects. MaidSafe needs to deliver. ERC20 should be done if whole crypto market turns bull again.

This is the type of decentralized exchange project that shares the same values and vision as the SAFE Network, IMO.


I love the person they’ve quoted on there landing page.



… I don’t think I should tell you my next target price… :worried:


How would Maidsafe at $0.05 make you feel?

edit: Looking at all of the crypto price dropping at the moment, I don’t have the confidence ill get my fiat value from kraken to poloniex via bitcoin, bitcoin cash or any other crypto fast enough before it drops a few fiat points.


You lasted nine minutes…