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Regulation is certainly a consideration. What do you think of the G20 saying that they don’t think crypto regulation is a pressing concern?

Regardless, the G20 may say one thing, and Uncle Sam do another. I agree that the global economy is skating on thin ice. When the ice cracks, just how much will fall through?

Absolutely. For as much as I think SAFE has great value for it’s secure data transmission and storage capabilities, I also think it can honestly contest both Bitcoin as a store of value and the privacy coins like Monero or NAV for anonymity.


I am willing to take a bet it wont hit 10 at alpha 3 :grin:

But happy to be wrong. So do we bet?


The response long term to both parts of this is pretty much summed up in a response Barack gave a couple of years ago;

“What mechanisms do we have available to do even simple things like tax enforcement? If in fact you can’t crack that all, if the government can’t get in, then everybody is walking around with a Swiss Bank account in their pocket. There has to be some concession to the need to be able to get into that information somehow.”

Of course most of us realise how ridiculous that perspective is but that’s for another day I guess.

You would think looking at Crypto from a perhaps less informed perspective that the Blockchain and all it’s wonders (haha jks) are being courted and in many ways embraced by power brokers.

I think it’s understood by most the main reason it’s being facilitated is it’s a technology that doesn’t completely subvert the control/transparency side of things as much as many crypto followers would like to think it does. In plain English it can be slowly and subvertly moulded back towards the status quo.

SAFE will present a wonderful and at the same time shockingly disturbing paradigm I think for society at large. There will likely be minimal courting of the network once it fully unveils itself. I would think SAFE would be the obvious candidate for global enforcement but no matter how hard the pushback comes it will come a point when the questions will begin to be asked as to whether the benefits of the technology outweigh vested interests.

I don’t think the answer to that will ever truly be allowed to be yes but by the time that discussion happens well shutting the gate is kind of pointless as the horse will be relatively speaking already 3/4 of the way down the straight at Santa Anita/Royal Ascot/Flemington with no real chance of it being chased down.

Interesting times ahead…….


Seems to be a bit of a buy wall and price surge. Someone seems to be buying with some urgency.


That’ll be my 31 BTC buy order :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Couldn’t agree more. There is now pretty much nothing private or anonymous about trading and buying crypto through exchanges like Gemini, Coinbase/GDAX & Poloniex, etc.

Oh, and @Harvindar, since “the probability of winning is inversely proportional to the amount of the wager,” I’ll go ahead and bet $5. :slight_smile:


Its on then :+1:t2:


Crypto market that maid should be listed i think

  1. Upbit
  2. Bitmex
  3. Binance
    The world top3 most 24volume :smile::smile:


There’s nothing like posting less than 10,000 MAID buy order, a rare activity on a personal level, just under the market price only to have someone scoop it up as their 1,800,000 MAID market price dump rips down much further in one of the rarest of trades…

Thank you, Brock Pierce. I hope your Puerto Rico activities catch up with you soon. Your ultimate absence from MAID will be celebrated, if only by the few in the know…and not only because of your price crushing dumps.


Haha, seriously, 1,8M MAID, that is beyond next level league dumping! :joy:




haha - i thought those coin finally should have been gone for good … xD … anyway … let’s say those stunts can only be pulled off a finite amount of times :smile: and since maid did climb up the ranks on coinmarketcap it made totally sense to sell now :innocent: […ish…?]


You would think they would sell in increments, rather than a dump. You would think they were trying to manipulate the market with moves that size. The market seems to have mostly just shrugged though! :laughing:


Exactly. The only reason a trader wouldn’t mask a move like that is to send a signal, to shake out weak hands that think they’re smart money. Before a tsunami, the water level seems to drop. The dump serves as the force sucking out the tide before the massive tsunami wave hits. The water level (I.e., price) may look like it’s retreating, but that’s just because the deluge is on its way. :ocean: :surfing_woman:t5::sunglasses:


This recent dump in a single shot can be explained only by:

  1. Fat finger
  2. Margin call and forced liquidation of a big MAID holder
  3. Inside trading by POLO, on expected delisting news. Same happened with bittrex before.

I do think, it was Margin call. BTC is dumping, alts are dumping. Someone bet on multiple alts pump on polo and was using MAID as collateral. His holdings were liquidated. It has happened many times before and since market is thinner and thinner using coins like MAID for collateral is stupid.


It’s going to gett difficult to scoop up cheap coins…

All these great Thursday night updates, surprise Hollywood meetings, advances in network mathematics, growing teams…

Guys stop! :grinning::grinning::grinning::joy::joy::joy::rofl:

Give us a few more months of cheap coins.


A realistic question and can you guys please answer unbiasedly? How much Maid should a person hold in terms of total portfolio?


100%. Plus 20 characters.