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Maybe…unless people still use offline storage in the future…but that wouldn’t make much sense. People use backups and cold data storage now for safety and redundancy. That is reversed with SAFE, but maybe there are still some use cases for storing data elsewhere.

I think more than data being valuable, it’s information. Or more specifically, ordered information which is exchanged for greater entropy, hence the link to carbon energy for so long. It’s not about the energy but what what we can do with it: organize information. There is data all over the place. Making meaning from it is the value.

Market cap prediction: Quadrillions.
Derivatives are already in the quadrillions. We’re thinking linearly…not exponentially.


Hm, interesting. I was looking at yottabytes being quite expensive, something like $100 Trillion right there, but I don’t know if that’s accurate (still, yottabytes are huge). I stopped looking though; the thing I was reading only went up to 2013 or something. So maybe quadrillions isn’t far-fetched, if all that is to be believed. (In other words I recommend everyone reading to do way more research regarding this than just my words here.)


To be fair, it’ll make a lot of sense.

The SAFE network will be highly secure & offer many incredible features, but if I have critical files, I’ll certainly keep them on my own backups in case 1) the SAFE network ever fails 2) I lose my credentials 3) my credentials get hacked and stuff is deleted / rendered unaccessible by some means (if this is possible).

I don’t think this is possible. There are many uses for data storage on Hard drives that can’t be replaced by the SAFE network due to latency or other requirements.

E.g. databases (low latency required), game data (depending on internet too slow), OS and local software installations, and I’m sure there are tons more.

If the SAFE network was madly successful though, given something like 8x redundancy of files, the market for hard drives could do very well from it!


Imo we have to think a little more laterally. It may be that we need local storage for latency sensitive stuff, but it may take the shape of a cache, rather than a separate file system.

As was said above, the nature of storage will likely invert. Instead of the remote being a backup, with local being the master, the remote becomes the master and the local becomes a copy (indirectly and automatically, as cache).


Yeah I forgot about people still wanting to use offline storage just in case. I mean, not everyone can be online 24/7 to access their files. It’ll be a hell of a backup though, to use SAFE. And during casual, convenient data storing and browsing, people will still happily use it for upwards of even 99% of the time, for 50%+ of its users. So… even a small fraction of the total space in the world could still be (many?) trillions, one would hope!

Completely random thought, but I guess Rust is still going to be the ultimate language that the network is coded in. Even if something better comes along, I don’t think it’ll be that beneficial as was the case in the enormous jump from C++ to Rust.


Replying on another level, I couldn’t find a figure for hard drive market size, but it’s more likely to be under $100bn per year, so I doubt it’d be many trillions overall.

But, I don’t see why Safecoin’s market cap would in any way be limited to the value of storage on the Safe network.

The hard drive capacity on the network could act as a floor to the price / market cap, but in no way a ceiling, as there will be many uses far Safecoin outside of storage (e.g. as a store of value & currency).


I’ll also say that there is a cache of research and patents that are going to be unleashed on the world over the next couple years. We don’t know the details, but I’d say that we’re going to see something comparable to the discovery of fire. We’re not taking that into account either.

Most definitely. It’s the things we cannot yet imagine that will blow our minds, some project that helps plants grow more efficiently in harsh environments or some widget that a 5th grader invents. A renaissance in entrepreneurship.


There is an awesome book ‘Scale’, Once you read it, you will realize that any estimation based on linear thinking will be wrong. Forget storage calculations, and prepare for infinite ways how can it evolve. Only future will tell us, but I bet that max price will heavily vary based on very basic initial settings of the network. Ants are creating awesome structures like architects without knowing anything about the big picture. They just use basic rules and it creates complex system. Safenet can evolve in the most complex system in universe with all the benefits on price. The problem is, evolution killed all the ants with worse basic rules than those which survived. If we hope in such comparison with safenet than it has to by nature allow evolution of such rules. Evolution of safenet software will not be enough, but evolution of all the products on top of it will. So do not count price based on storage, but based on usability of coin in that complex system on top of that storage. In simple terms price will be impacted by webs and other services using it as a payment option mainly.


Well per unit storage is now 10 times that and the number of units is 2 to 5 times what it was in 2013. Finding accurate figures on the number of drive units being produced is difficult because of the NDAs that google, facebook, amazon, military, etc place on the manufacturers.

The cost per unit has been remaining similar for a long time now with the capacity increasing at around 10x per unit every five years. So a figure on cost of all capacity is not a good figure as the cost per TB is dropping but the overall capacity globally is increasing at over 25x every 5 years yet the overall cost is only dependent on number of units which we could estimate as increasing 2.5 times (but could be 10) every 5 years.

Basically global cost of storage is really only showing the total units in use and somewhat independent of the global capacity. The reason being that the cost per unit is relatively constant (for last 5-10 years) but the capacity of the units is increasing rapidly.


And back to price & trading

Noticed that BTC is up today and MAID has risen too. Always nice to see.

Makes me glad I bought my tokens years ago and did not wait till beta. Will make the use of the network cheaper for me :slight_smile:


We are #81 by market cap. Buble is bursting and pumped crap is diving faster than MAID. Drop from $1.2 to $0.28 hurts a lot, but others are diving faster. Maybe we will be again in top 10, not because of price pump, but because of slower price dump;)


Compared to last year, still the top 20 are over a billion marketcap… A loong way to go yet.



The true value will be in IoT, as the future Safe net has the potential of being the brain for connecting every device and everyone in a decenterizled shared economy. The latter is somthing none of us have yet seen, nor completely understand. Yet we know it is coming, through the belief we all hold that maidsafe is the answer. This is reflected in the relatively stable price. We see maidsafecoin rising again, beacuse there is a core of visionary investors that hold thier coin, to be part of a better future. This strong belief adds buoyancy to Maid in a raging sea of speculation, which represents its true value.


I belive beta-launch will be required to reach top 10, until then top 50-100 is probably the place to be.


Now #78! :sunglasses:

Tbh, I don’t care about the absolute value atm. It is just good to see the relative increase to start to put maidsafecoin back in the running where it belongs!


Contextualizing MAID’s price movements within the broader bitcoin-lead market slump, the Bittrex delisting/limited exchange listings, and all of the hyper-marketed sh!tcoins leaves me thinking that there are many hodling tight, patiently awaiting the announcement of the next couple of alphas and beta. It’s not hard to imagine MAID hitting ~$10 with alpha 3 (~$5B market cap) or ~$20 with alpha 4 (~$10B market cap). After all, what exactly is Cardano delivering today to merit its current $4.6B market cap, or Ripple its $26.7B market cap?


Buzzword marketing hype!!


Hey we might be able to use the “DAG” buzzword soon, if things pan out. I think in our case the implementation AND the buzzword would be beneficial.


The market is super irrational as you hint at and the valuations are well laughable in many ways.

Whilst MAID is certainly worth what you mention above I can’t really see any major reaction until beta/testsafecoin. What that means for a valuation well I guess broader market conditions at the time will largely dictate that.

Actually, the regulatory clampdown/intervention that’ll likely frost things over this year (and who knows maybe a little longer) is a blessing in disguise for SAFE really.

A closer look of global markets are already showing some super interesting (if not concerning) trends.

Say in the US the Federal interest rates haven’t even reached 2 percent and the system is cracking. Going back a decade the rates had to exceed what 5 percent, before the credit crash started to unfold?

In this case however the writing is on the wall that the Fed rates can’t rise much further without revisiting 2007-2009 again. Back then you had folks like Countrywide Mortgage that were the early warning signs. Recovery temporarily followed until Lehman Brothers and Co. set the landslide off. There are a lot of eery similarities on the horizon not just in the US but in many countries of the world invlusive of the largest crypto markers. As a good example Japan and Emerging Market economy stock markets are looking vulnerable for the forseeable future.

There is probably enough stupidity there (forgive me I class my own country the same way in some respects) to keep those systems dragging along for at least a few more years before any sort of global implosion occurs.

It is quite possible that we could see multiple fiscal markets sink over the course of the next decade and an astonishing amount of fleeing capital looking for a home to bed itself in away from any of the traditional markets.

Funnily enough, if there was a global contraction of that nature and there was an established and reputable store of value/method of transaction that had been battle tested and gained trust the inflow of capital to any such system would likely be hard to quantify beyond it being enormous with a capital E.

For those that are impatient having to wait another couple of years for a Beta/live network take a little step back and have a look at the global fiscal situation around you. It (even in a great country like Australia) is artificially alive but ultimately a ticking time b0mb.

The time will come when a new alternative for the storage/transfer of wealth will be required and in a drastic hurry and…well…geez…I wonder what that system could possibly be?

Let Maidsafe get this network up and don’t waste a moment of their time (thinking of the other Name thread here) with really inconsequential gibberish. Add the IOT future and all the other wonderful needs that this network can service (and there is so many you lose count and stop estimating the potential if you actually try) and there is nothing but a bright future ahead for SAFE if it can make the start line and prove secure.

I recall an earlier bang on point post about realising that the true value in SAFE will be found at least 5-10 years post release, whilst I don’t have a crystal ball and don’t know my ass from my elbow it looks very likely all of the above could plop right into SAFE’s lap in the foreseeable future.

Forget crypto, forget marketcaps, forget prices (really hard I know) and look down the road. If your prepared to support and hold into the distant future (and go through some rough times eg: when they try to outlaw this thing initially) the possibilities from both a tech heads perspective as well as an investor is incalculable.


I was totally going to say the same thing!
Let me add name-dropping as well.
Let’s also not forget where .io domains are registered for most of these other sh!tcoins: Diego Garcia…and what’s so special about Diego Garcia?


The US Executive Order from Dec. 21 allowed the US Treasury to seize a lot of criminal assets related to human, drug, and arms trafficking. It came and went unnoticed, but the word on the street is that they’ve seized north of $1-2 trillion already…and that number may continue to grow. If this is accurate, then it needs to be considered in the whole national debt/economic stability conversation.

I think the real value of SAFE is about to be found out much sooner. If we read the tea leaves correctly, the cabal of social media is at the cusp of being discovered for what they’ve been up to. The facebook news just over the weekend is the tip of the iceberg. People are going to be screaming for data privacy and data security over the next weeks/months.