MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Soon we shall regain our place in top 10 again.
Did any coin pull off such a feat in the past?


Most likely people in the community already purchased the amount they wanted. Stocks is one of the rare places where a huge rebate doesn’t attract customers, it actually scares them away.


Not sure, but now we are seeing the weeding of the hype coin crop, allowing quality projects to lean toward the sun and grow. Truth of value is being revealed, as I have always said it would, when the markets tumble. The more it crashes the higher Maidsafe rises.


There is so much real value being added every week.
The updates amaze me and there seems to be alot going on with all the new team members being added.
Im sure the price will adjust accordingly at some point.


I thought I was going to be a millionaire sometime in the future with my pre crash holdings. I have been accumulating since January and according to my calculations will now be a gazillionaire :wink::smile:


Haha, true that, i’m more than happy to paddle away from the crypto crowd and into the so called nothingness.

I’ll just continue to accumulate waiting for the wave to arrive. That view hasn’t changed for me since day 1 at the crowd sale and it doesn’t matter if it takes another 5 years.

If the wave doesn’t turn up I might be sad but the sun still comes up the next day, however if it does arrive Nazaré will look like child’s play compared to this thing :surfing_man:


Handy for UK people


Yeah, I’m hoping they allow for faster payments transfers in & out of coinbase… that would be wonderful!


No Federal Reserve seal. It says Untied States Note across the top. 1963 was the last time the US Gov. printed notes.



I think looks like we are starting to see the core strength of maidsafecoin. While others are sinking, maidsafecoin is treading water and doing a bit of doggy paddling forward.

As hype fades, only substance remains. Maidsafe are building something with a lot of space substance! :wink:


And when the time of realization comes, all those TetherUSD reserves will be flooding back into projects like Maidsafe!


So what do people honestly think the price of MAID/SAFE will be when the network goes live? I know it’s complete speculation at this point but curious what people think and why.


I did a drunken back of the envelope calculation once based on the population of the UK and the cost of memory SSD an HHD… $2.00 per safe coin…

But I think it’s the minimum and it will go and stay higher.


I think you are 1 zero short


Too many variables tbh but you were polite in your question so I’ll input, could be $1, $10, $100, $1000 or anywhere in between, it’ll be fascinating how the market values such a proposition.

How about this, MAID returns to the top 10 upon beta release, moves to inside the top 3 on launch, 3 months post release and proving stable we have the flippening few saw coming (tbh it could be alot quicker).

2019 or 2022 I don’t think the guess changes much. Some of the larger holders of MAID whether they are believers or traders are experienced and steady hands as evidenced by the support walls during the BTC forks last year.

There will be an immense upwards pressure with pretty much no one interested in selling as release approaches, meaning only one thing with a limited supply :rocket: :wink:


Just wanted to say - cream rises to the top.

Carry on! :slight_smile:


Came here just to say the same.

Warren Buffet is famous for saying: “only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked”.

Cryptocurrency market crashes are what separates FOMO from fundamentals, and this project’s goal is fundamentally sound.




Is this an accurate statement for the full adoption of the most successful version of safenet? :
“The total cost of all hard drive space in the world will == the market cap of Safecoin.”
If so, isn’t that like many trillions of dollars?

A former army IT guy, customer where I work, was explaining to me from his own conclusions how data is the most valuable commodity in the world, or something like that, had a sort of idea of what I was talking about.