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If the Treasury absorbs the FED, there are no more interest payments on the debt. Null and void, immediately. Say he’s scrouged up some gold reserves and even has been sending Mnunchin around…reread the Executive Order from Dec. 22. and then check out the list of over 1000 pages of people who’s funds have been confiscated. For all we know, the US government is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes and the Treasury Dept. is now sitting on the world’s largest hoard of Crypto. Only time will tell.


But how much Crypto does Trump and family own, either directly or indirectly


I love the scenario you paint and the greatest nightmare for the Rothshild central banking system. It most likely would cause a snowball effect of other countries also closing down their central banks. I sincerly hope this is the plan and more than nothing that Trump would succeed.

It would be the start of a new renaissance where projects like the Safe network will be on the frontlines bringing freedom that can’t be shut down :+1:t2::wink:


Trump parade will occur on 11/11/2018, Veterans Day aka Armistice Day: “the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month” in 1918, ending the fighting of WWI.

The Art of War.

Not saying I care or necessarily believe in these numbers games, but to ignore the presence of little hidden winks throughout political history through numbers, symbols, and acts would be naive. Decide for yourself, but if this is at all symbolic of a veiled end of central banking and other power games for the last 100 years, then we might expect a some kind of crescendo of messaging on the subject as the year goes on. Depending on what backs value exchange and transfer going forward, this will absolutely affect the price of crypto.


nr 100 right now :slightly_frowning_face: Storj has passed Maid now


The depth chart on poloniex is nuts. Seems to have been for days/weeks. Seems to be loads of support, yet little upward pressure. Strange.


Were all waiting for $0.05 :wink:


“Buy low, sell high - fear is the other guys problem” - Dan Aykroyd

Why would you not buy cheap coins?


If it went to .05 I would be feeling rather salty at myself for those $1.00 coins I purchased awhile back, but will continue to accumulate nonetheless! Can’t wait for the day when people will be arguing if $10/$50/$100 is a good buy price for SAFE coin :wink: .


I haven’t bought cheap coins because I’m too cozy having already bought a bunch back in the day, and buying Bitcoin has become more annoying, in more ways than one, technically and personally. Had perfect opportunity to buy 2nd to cheapest recent slump but didn’t bother, just wanted funds. Even though in years it could’ve been multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars. Or so “they” say.


Next leg down… possibly.


Good news. Too many spammy ads with ICO’s and scammy copy paste coins. It will be better for crypto in the long run.


Has anyone noticed how MAID is moving up the market cap rank on CoinMarketCap? No 88 when I looked just now.


It’s an indiscriminate ban. It affects all crypto related adds, not only the “scammy copy paste coins”.


I have to say, I’m very pleased with how MAID’s price has performed in light of the recent Bittrex delisting and the broader macro trends in the crypto space. It shows distinct (source of) strength from and minimized correlation with BTC, I think.


It most acutely affects those with big marketing budgets, which plays into the hands of those who don’t… such as Maidsafe.


The ban will eventually get lifted when the space cleans up. Those who survive by good longer term planning and also those who focused on on the tech and not focusing on exploiting the bubble will flourish. Looking forward to those days. Feels like it is getting closer


Yep. That’s what the Crypto space lacks. A credible source that analyses all the existing and new cryptos and segregates them into bullshit and credible piles. Much like credible share analysts


After launch… even if crypto adverts remain banned… they didn’t say anything about banning untiliy services, email, file storage, music services… Etc… etc…

This ban, long term, is good for MAIDSAFE.
Short term the price is going to take a hit, traders may just dump it to hell, which should allow community members here to accumulate.


We cannot keep accumulating without selling at some point…the more you accumulate the higher the dream that it will launch sooner etc… :slight_smile: