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Cue pick up truck…


Before launch I’d be happy to see the price at €0.01.
Probably not the popular opinion though.

Continue to bleed in little and often.
If it did ever hit 0.01 it would be an easy buy to get in to the big boy area of 100,000 coins.

One can dream.

Edit: coins can also go below $0.01.

I’m heavily impressed by the tech, and on launch this is going to rocket… is it so wrong to also dream of sub $0.01 prices before launch?


Some of the other golden oldies might nail a figure down better but I distinctly remember seeing 2000 Eth per BTC (about $0.30 cents each or something) during the start of their crowdsale all the waaay back when.

Funnily enough the price for MAID in fiat at the moment is cheaper than that was back then. Waaaaaat the hell :money_mouth_face:

MAID has turned into a multi year ICO and quite possibly many will end up stunned at their own shortsightedness in the coming years.


and that is still probably going to be a serious understatement…you won’t need 100k coins @zoki you really won’t :wink:


Here’s a serious question. Where do you see launch price? Or what will price be when network goes Beta?



Just whatever the price is on exchanges.

I am not worried, I got mine for using on the network.


I watch a couple technical analysis guys like Tone Vays for Bitcoin. All of the price direction controls for MAID are external, and none of them seem positive for any alt considering what the technicals are pointing at for Bitcoin at the moment.

Qanon went on about a “dead cat bounce”. That’s either related to crypto or stocks/bonds. Whatever it is, though, if he said it, it’s going to be shocking when it does come.


It’s not a popular desire among people on the forum, as most of them have what they need…but the selfish side of me wouldn’t mind seeing it drop super low either, as I’m only sitting on about 3k coins so far.


In this sort of market, maid is the sort if coin I like to hold. It is very under valued relative to the progress being made, imo. It stands a great chance of getting a bigger piece of the shrinking pie (of crypto) over the next couple of years.

Maid stands relatively alone in terms of scope, progress towards it and low value (relative to Bitcoin and other alts). It has been overlooked for a long time, but the potential is clear and Maidsafe are really moving through the gears now (expanding team, enterprise licenses to partners, consistent progress, marketing picking up nicely) - they come across as a more mature, more balanced, more in control. There was never any doubt about technical ability in my mind, but these developments all prove Maidsafe’s business and operational abilities too.

I wonder how long the project will remain overlooked. Maybe a new test net or alpha will give everyone another shake! Maybe that will wake them up! :slight_smile:


There is a lot of political stuff going on in and outside of crypto. I’ve talked about some of it elsewhere on the forum and have gotten comments removed to new threads…

What I think IS on topic here is that there is good reason to believe that Trump and others are going to go after the central banks…big time. Revert to gold standard? Eliminate the central banks and bring currency emission back into the Treasury? Who knows…lots of options…but that narrative is definitely starting to make some ripples, no pun intended.


I wouldn’t be surprised to see Trump making a possitive move by declaring crypto currency legal somewhere before the end of his first term.


It looks like everything is better and better but price lower and lower… This is crypto…


I’m pretty up in the air about it. I think he definitely wants freedom from the central banks and from the looks of things, I think it’s going to happen, but I don’t know the whole position on crypto. At least with his regulation appointees, there seems to be some cautious optimism. That said, they ARE and WILL be going hard after these ICOs, etc. Tone Vays did a very good interview with Simon Dixon from BnkToTheFuture, who did the 2nd crowdsale/equity raise for Maidsafe, to talk about all the different regulating bodies that have gone on the offensive hard in the last few days. I’m not sure how it plays out, but I think we need to be doing our best to show regulators that we are a legit project. From there, it’s going to be tough…as you’ll see from the interview.


So much support around $0.3, so rare to reach down around $0.2. :pensive:


That’s right. ETH crowdsale details here


Hi Darkhorse,

I do see what you are saying about cracking down on the ICO market.

At the same time Trump is unpredictable. I believe on purpose, because I do think he personally has his agenda very clear contrary to what many people think. Therefore the first crackdown on ICOs could really be the start of something bigger and more positive.

Turning the USA into a crypto-haven, would be the best way to turn around the fiscal mess created by the prior administrations.

Since he loves attention and wants to go down in the history books as the best president ever, plus seemingly is not in favor of the central banking system, i believe he will make a very interesting move in favor of us crypto fans! :wink:

By the way thanks for the link DarkHorse, very interesting interview.


I agree. He will let the people decide what monetary system they want. The people of the world have forgotten how to participate in self-governance, and I see him opening the door for that. We need to remind people how to self-govern again with good solutions like SAFE. The people never voted for central banking. They just got it forced upon them.


Could not be said any better


Only if he is loaded up big time before any announcement


RIP PDC … Bittrex strikes again