MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


This happened to me once and it fixed itself in few hours.


And this on the last day of listing on Bittrex.


Haven’t we seen an exchange try and blame the maid team before? Tut tut.


I think it could be a measure to prevent market panic?


Any chance that it is a standard message for wallet maintenace? Should we alert @nicklambert about this situation?


Hmmm. All looks like a deliberate ploy to harm maidsafe. Anybody would think they have something to fear…


…maidsafe has nothing to do with the omni protocol … so … what is this nonsense …?! Oo …

oh hey - i have an idea - we could open a support ticket and ask what this is about :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:


If you could raise a support ticket and ask for more info that would be appreciated! Getting the same on my account. Many thanks.


do you think they will react on this? Oo … i heard from no person lately that got any response on support tickets … (ofc you only hear if nothing works … but i know 2 people personally with open issues…)


I’ll do that later. FYI I got that message without logging in.


This seems to me, that they disabled deposits on purpose. To prevent bittrex holders to move MAID to poloniex. There are many traders who do abitrage and also many holders who do not use paper wallet. This simply means that Bittrex holders have to withdraw to paper wallet or sell cheap. Forced sells of MAID on Bittrex are expected next hours.

EDIT: This deposit message is on almost all Tether markets on Poloniex.It can be simply because of Tether and my conspiracy theory is in that case wrong. But result will be the same, people will be forced to sell on bittrex.


After a second look: it is not only MAID, but also BTC, XRP, Ethereum etc who get the same ‘under maintenance’ error message. So I’m not going to overload them with an extra support ticket.

EDIT2: And solved. The communication of Poloniex could be better. I’m also wondering if the Error that @whiteoutmashups had is related with the maintenance and if it could be prevented.



With the price where it is maybe this will help reduce the blood pressure :slight_smile:


Maybe this is more apt…on a few levels :wink:



Hahahaha. We need all the help we can get :joy::joy::joy:


Good time to buying dip


Yes, but where? I can’t use poloniex as a Washington state resident…:sob::sob:


People bag it (27 maid withdrawal fee and a touch higher price/not much volume) but cryptopia is no BS getting set up and withdrawals up to $5k no ID needed, would be fine if you needed it short term I guess :+1:

Edit: check that though it might be touch more/less haven’t checked for cupla months


Thanks. 27 maid at low prices not soo bad, I suppose. May suffice til we get listed somewhere else.


Would be interesting to see what will happen with 22M MAID on Bittrex