MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Indeed, how easy people forget that estimating future value is probability * potential. The probability of launching is >0.0%, and SAFEnetwork’s potential far exceeds imagination, in my opinion.

I’m backing up the metaphorical pick up truck

I suppose it’s still a respectable price to pick up more…

Or, getting delisted was an opportunity to scare weak hands into selling. Bear in mind, while the price may have dropped upon the announcement, 1) people still bought, and 2) it is hard to say what the true impact is until post 3/7 or 3/9 (whichever the day is) and we have the benefit of time to understand the true effect on price. I’m not (definitively) saying that delisting is positive, but it could be (as was the case with Bitshares) at least somewhere between neutral and immaterial.


I feel a dive down to $0.15 in my waters.


so how is it that Polo delists MAID and not PDC …? or maybe they’re being nice and don’t want to sentence PDC to a trading death…


It was Bittrex that delisted MAID. In relation to Poloniex though, someone close to the company got in touch with them very recently and they confirmed that there is no plans to delist MAID at the present time.



…since we’re still not on binance we seem to have missed the show today :open_mouth:


Only reason I’d want a polo delist is that hopefully they finally respond to the ticket few months ago where I accidentally sent 2400 maid to one of their Bitcoin addresses. Not sure why I think that would make a difference.


What just happened…! Look at that drop!


Something related to compromised/abused API keys:


Possible Binance hack? @Zoki, buying time may come soon. :smiley:


If it is, people will be looking for the next new and shiny exchange to hype…


They’ve disabled withdrawals and I just logged in, but can’t withdraw that is.


There’s also something about Mt Gox trustee dumping BTC going on


Do you have a link to share?


I think I saw it mentioned in here:


Their service works well. I’ve performed two transactions converting BTC to MAID with no real problems. One of the transactions took several hours to complete, the other in minutes. So there is some variability in speed.


Here’s a better link:


If true then a great time to tell everyone the power of the Safenetwork. The most secure place to build an exchange :slight_smile:


Hey what happens with that on Poloniex?

The coins haven’t appeared back in my account, and I have a feeling they won’t.

Tried to withdrawal. Bad idea I guess


Ouch, I have heard their support is almost non-existent as well. Hopefully Circle will inject their customer support team though and get back to you quicker than the 6 month wait-list it seems to normally be.