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The more i think about it, the more i like it. It makes me think of the spy action movies, Mission Impossible, which generates a feeling of excitement!


Pumpndumpers will use it to make fun, but negative attention also is attention and the title by itself creates curiosity to go and find out more about it.

When they start reading about it they will see Maidsafe is turning the impossible into something possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You have my vote!



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When it launches i can see many people kicking themselves for their lack of patience. And I hope you are right :slight_smile:


I suspect you’ll remind one of our mutual friend just in case he forgets? :wink:


‘Building the impossible network’


For him i will have a special session. Just you, him and me. I’ll do a presentation in my then brand new Mercedes E250. :slight_smile:



Looks like a Bittrex delisting is not negatively affecting the price.


Yeah I don’t understand this


I was looking forward to buying 20 cent coins but am also glad to see MAIDs value is not directly tied to # of exchanges offering it (if this holds!).


I tried getting ahold of @neo recently because we haven’t seen him since around feb 14th! Hope he’s doing okay. Anyone else have any clue? Maybe maidsafe has him in a bunker implementing safecoin divisibility.

Edit: I’ve now seen @draw’s comment on neo above. On holiday! Good to know.


I’m sure he’s happily out digging the compost heap :rofl:
(Sorry bad joke)


The swings in this topic over the past 3 months have been interesting to watch.

Just a thought as it’s pretty quiet, it’s interesting that there’s only 1 or 2 wallets these days with 100k+ bitcoin (could be more/less haven’t looked for a while). Probably demonstrates how insanely difficult it is to actually hodl.

The more pertinent question is how many here have learned from the dips, the crashes, the panic and the FUD over these past few years?

So there’s no apparent roadblocks and no funding issues to launch (from the horses mouth) and MAID is sitting at $0.40? :stuck_out_tongue:

The network even right now with minimal awareness is likely a binary proposition, it works and can survive a trillion market cap is only the beginning (or on the other hand it fails and its likely worth very little).

So again these things are $0.40… :rofl:
For most, so what if Poloniex de-lists and there’s a short term drop to $0.20 or alternatively if we listed on Binance and it went x10.

The most vital skill with MAID is going to be detaching yourself from the dosh once the network approaches launch, as an investor/punter it’s just a whole bunch of unnecessary and largely pointless noise until then if you did your homework correctly before buying and understood what this project involved.

Very few will have learnt from the past and go the distance, but there will be more than just a couple who have and they’ll be the ones who’ll (hopefully) do some incredible things :+1:

Note: I’m fist pumping even harder today then I did when I stumbled across the crowd sale all those years ago. I also got in both Eth and Antshares at the crack of dawn but SAFE is in a totally different league (tech and value wise). As the young kids say HODLLLLL :wink:


Most coins are linked to bitcoin movements.
Has bitcoin reacted recently to wider “real world” markets?

If so, looks as though we may see further drops in bitcoin and so maidsafe. Word on the street is that money is going to flood out of stocks and in to the US bond market. Why wouldn’t buy bitcoin traders do the same?

Could be a sale on soon.


Stop embarrassing yourself. Get at least E350e


@neo is on vacation now


Holding 200k plus, had more before the Bittrex delisting, but I think it’s all I will ever need if this project goes to the moon! Can’t be too greedy! :wink:


But it does!
This particular dip

happened exactly on the day the delisting was announced.
MAID has not breached through 4k Sats since. Don’t kid yourselves. Getting delisted is no good news and traders reacted accordingly.


Interesting to see the price like that, it looks like it just missed out on the $ gains of BTC instead of the 40c value going down


I totaly agree! Comparing volatile assets can get a little messy and not represent a fair view, MAiD/BTC is only interesting if you hold BTC. For fair assesment of two volatile assets like BTC and MAID, they should be compared to a quite stable asset like USD to give a fair assumption about performance.