MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Yeah. At 20 i agree. But of it goes 50 and you have 200000 then you have a major party to throw :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Then you will be cheap if you organise only a virtual one :wink:


To me, what this means is that citizens & residents of other nations (or with a VPN) will simply accrue most of the crypto-derived gains while accumulated value for US investors continues to drop. How do civilizations decay? It tends to start with myopia in closed systems. While isolated parties choose stagnation (or worse yet, regression) the rest of the world continues to plow ahead, resulting in retrograde motion for those that choose to live alone on an island.


Hahaha. Not at all. It’ll be an awesome party. You will be invited :slight_smile:️:+1:t2::grinning:


I choose to live alone (with some chickens) on an island, but I still consider myself progressive, maybe for that very reason. :wink:


You may live alone on an island, but you still choose to engage with and take in new information from at least this and the broader crypto community. I’d call that anything but (ideological) isolationism :wink:


No man is an island.


I kind of like “the impossible network”. It isn’t very descriptive, but has a sense of intrigue.


MAID trading has been increasing on Poloniex and is currently number 8 by volume. Maybe the same traders have just moved there because of the Bittrex delisting, but it doesn’t look bad. On Coinmarketcap MAID has risen back to number 93.


I think price in fiat is irrelevant. Most other projects like lisk, augur maintained their price in btc or even grew. Btc price has too many swings to be an actual gage of the health of other currencies. When the price of btc crashes there is usually no rise in those other currencies, sometimes they crash even deeper…


It is pretty relevant to me - it is what I buy my stuff with and what I get paid in. I am glad it has gone up many multiples and as many as Bitcoin since ICO.


Maybe the price in lambo is more relevant for some then the price in fiat (=ferrari) :wink:
But whatever is meant with fiat, I also find it the more practical unit to ‘measure’ with.


If you are selling it is for certain. For investors deep in bitcoin already its of little importance when talking about trading other crypto. Much rather the price be gaged in btc than fiat for the purpose of trading. Can get many more maid if the price is low in btc.

This is for long term traders like myself. Rather have more maid in my pocket right now than less worth more in fiat!


MAID price in Fiat is higher only because of BTC pump.Altocin to BTC ratio is the most important part for many traders. It is not the same to have 20BTC at $1000 or 1 BTC at $20000. Every trader would pick first option. And I would pick rather 10 BTC at $1000 than 1 at $20000. Even that it is half the USD price, the chances of future profit are much higher with first option. For someone who wants to buy into MAID now, it is amazing time, but for others it is very sad.


Exactly, well said!!


I think that is a simplistic view. It is easy to sell maid if you think BTC is worth more relative to maid - it is a liquid market between the two. Clearly, BTC price is representative of what the wider crypto market is worth.

Whether day trader or long term investor, people always want to buy low and sell high. Everyone wants to cash out in the long run or just swap them for goods/services.

Sure, people have different time frames for buying/selling, but the goal is always to accumulate wealth. Some could have become more wealthy holding other coins (as 40x over 3 years is rubbish, apparently), some in recently may even have a loss. In the long run, most people have done just great with maid any many expect to do much better in coming years.


We can all just accumulate, then when SAFE launches hodl our coins and use them on the network without dumping to market. This will artificially skyrocket the price since this network should be heavily demanded, and it will encourage everyone to jump on farming and adding to the ecosystem to create a robust fault tolerant network, because without tons of farmers we won’t achieve it even if the network software itself works great. Win/Win. Higher price and farmer incentive. I know when this network launches I plan on hooking up 8-9 external HD’s and my spare older 5-6 laptops/desktops I have collected :slight_smile: . Even if I am farming at a value loss(electric bill > safe coins farming value) if its helping the ecosystem and making the coins more valuable in the end due to a quality network then that is worth it IMO, plus just the goodwill nature of providing value to a network that can help people avoid data tyranny.


Please take the ERC20 conversation to the thread below. Hopefully, I’m not the only one tired of reading about it from the FUDsters and pumpndumpers. “MaidSafeCoin (MAID) Price & Trading topic” is this thread.


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I like it too, has dissonance which makes it sticky in the mind and would make a great documentary title.

It’s also a good proxy for Safenetwork, when striking up conversation…and it’s got me thinking about theme song lyrics now :slight_smile: