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Is this the Bull wicks coming for MaidSafeCoin as some have predicted? Cheers

Back in the top 100 for now!


It is an interesting idea actually; maybe you should make a separate topic for it.
The test network with vaults from home failed because there was nothing in place to charge users for storing data, so somebody just kept pumping data into the network until all of the vaults were full.


IOTA and Nano have DAG, bitcoin has the blockchain, ethereum has smart contracts, what is the elevator pitch for SAFE? Needs a catch phrase for marketing. I love the concept and fully support the team but concepts need to be summarized for the investing public. Pushing the concept of a new network helps sell coins. At least for the uninformed masses like myself.


Hmm…I think the difficulty here is settling on with which aspect of the SAFEnetwork to lead. One avenue is “the only autonomous data network” another is to focus on the security, the scalability, the anonymity, the sustainability, and the options continue on. In fact, I was just talking to someone about how I see the potential of Safecoin and the SAFEnetwork. They can easily outdo and beat most of the top performers in the blockchain-driven crypto space at their own game. You want bitcoin’s store of value? Check. You want litecoin’s speed? Check. You want Monero’s privacy? Check. You want ethereum’s smart contracts? Check. And that, I believe, is just the tip of the iceberg. I didn’t even get to data storage. :slight_smile:


SAFE uses the ancient secret mystical technology of “patents”.


But one does not necessarily lead to the other. I am sorry if this sounds like a harmful comment to you, but I see it as a harmful distraction to the team and existing, long term, maidsafecoin holders.

Being top 10 would be awesome! If it was as easy as having an ERC20 token, it would betray all the efforts to actually produce a useful product.

Having observed low maidsafecoin volume on otherwise popular exchanges, I have drawn the conclusion that lack of exchanges isn’t the problem. Greasing the wheels a little may help, but it is one of many things to do, which I would consider a poor cost/benefit.

While you are entitled to your opinion on this, please don’t claim scepticism by myself and others is harmful to the project. I could suggest that the doom and gloom being pumped my those who want this change could be harmful too, but I think it is best to just make a solid argument and hope people agree.


Yesterday I encountered, via r/Bitcoin, the following which I find interesting, somewhat relevant:


Talking about that some coins are in design with layers for IoT, blockchain inc. DAG sidechains. Made by IOT proffesors really interresting to see how that will turn out.

But also makes me scared for a lot use-cases for Maidsafe, i thought maidsafe would control internet inc. IoT cause of the speed and scalability, but innovation go so fast that i believe in a short period scalabale solutions will come for a huge amount of tx’s.

Most aiming for that now are running dpos i guess.


Btw am i the only one that is a little worried with also a delisting on Poloniex now its taken over by Circle.

Circle wanna do everything official with the SEC cause they dont wanna lose their 400m investment, and the fact that the SEC is hugely against coins without a live utitlity. Bittrex removed those tokens already like Myst, Tkn, Maid i think coins like Pay etc are next.

Just my opinion and idea about this all, what do you guys think ?


When you were red glasses :sunglasses: everything looks red, try taking them off. :joy:

The same information, and a different view:


Nothing to do with Red glasses, you always have to view the market in all angles positive and negative.


I am very worried about this. Delist on Bittrex was headshot. Sudently the discussion from why the price is not mooning and it is complicated for noobs to trade switched to where would old holders trade and are we gonna sink another 50%+ because of poloniex? What happened last days scared many people. That is why everyone is welcome to ERC20 transition thread to discuss benefits and costs.


What i would love about erc20 is that it can be stored on my ledger easly and safe. And the DEX feature like IDEX etc pretty easy to get listed on them.


SAFENetwork does much more than transaction processing. Plenty of useful use cases for accessing a data store.


Never said it didnt just i love the IOT section and sad to lose parts that can be good for the network aswell


Lisa. I hope you are right. I will throw a virtual party in this forum once it hits 20😁


What is a good number of maidsafecoin to have?

2000, 50000, 100000, 200000?


Lisa. I hope you are right. I will throw a virtual party in this forum once it hits 20😁

Will you also send us virtual drinks ?

What is a good number of maidsafecoin to have?
2000, 50000, 100000, 200000?

what you feel confortable with, remember maidsafe is still in early phase (high risk high reward) so i would say what your willing to lose :smiley: incase it go south.

But if it go to $20 then i would say 200000 :smiley:


7 month ago

"Bitfinex expects a more restrictive regulation around all ERC-20 tokens issued via the ethereum blockchain. As of August 16, 2017 EOS and SAN tokens will no longer be available for U.S. customers to purchase.

Based on the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Investigative Report on DAO tokens it may well expect that more cryptocurrency exchanges will follow Bitfinex’s lead and ban tokens for U.S. investors. This could be bad news for the thoken issuers as well as for the cryptocurrency market in general. Besides other points, it may be legal issue for token issuers if investors bought the tokens in an ICO or token sale and relied on the tradeability of the tokens." (


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