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When BTC have strong movements up or down, most alt-coins suffer, when BTC stabilises then alt-coins catch up.


This works for top coins like LTC, XMR, ETH… there are so many alts that never catch up. And right now many top alts are very strong and low market cap coins are not catching up at all. And this pattern is just a pattern of the past. Such patterns change over time. The market is never the same.


It works for many more coins than those you mentioned.


Regardless of the psychological importance of being in the top 100 (or even top 10) on market cap - IMHO it is so stupid to base the merit of a project on that factor. From experience, some of my best plays have been sub 100 and outside of BTC, most holdings are still sub 100 - potential is huge there and really great projects (like maid) that just keep trucking along.


Yet many did too. I have some from ICO and some from a couple of year ago. Both times, from BTC.

Yes, I could have made more leaving the 2nd batch in BTC, but I don’t have a crystal ball. I too sometimes feel a bit low that I could have made more in BTC, but the road of envy and jealousy isn’t going to get me anywhere.

The project is still the main one I support, because of the team and the product. I look forward to seeing it completed and try to support that in ways I can.

Banging on about the price being too low and how adding a few exchanges will be a miracle cure is not for me though. I feel it is undervalued, but I can see why people struggle with the vision and the scale of the challenge. Consistent progress will be what wins the hearts and minds in the mediam/long term though.


Yes, most alt coins then outperform btc in multiples! Thank you, Antifragile, for stating the truth about the huge opportunity cost investors in Maid have suffered. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you are all in on Maid, relatively speaking, you have missed the boat so far. There is definitely a problem here and very few want to see or address it, imo. I think that it is a problem not to be a presence at conferences, meetups, etc. I understand that the team has been heroically coding and working extremely hard. Unfortunately, they are just not a part of the community, they have no visibility anymore. I hope that Beta will cause a stir but, at this point, they have lost a lot of ground out there. It will be an uphill climb now, even with Beta launch, imo. There are a lot of good projects with strong teams and big funding. These will be hard to compete against no matter how technically good the Maid product will be. I have been on this forum everyday for two years. Hope is still alive but waning fast…I really wish the team all the best but they are just so isolated now that it will be very hard to get back into the mix where connections can be made and visibility regained.


I might be an exception but I bought for USD because I bought for the medium-to-long term.


Neither can I. I don’t get it. Cheer and celebrate the ups, dream for that day when it will moon and at the same time want it to drop to a penny.
Make up your mind, will ya?!


MAID lost 600% against BTC when every shitcoin gained so much, that the Bitcoin dominance plummeted from about 90% to just over 30%.
If MAID did as little as keeping up with the rest of the pack it should be priced about 15 to 20 times the current price.
What a performance.


I feel your pain. There is a certain degree of reputational risk involved in grassroots marketing this project. While I always remind people to never put in more than they can afford to lose, it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I think that others are sitting on losses after having been encouraged to jump in—like the guy who reached out to me to say he’d been persuaded to put in $100K back in December. He’s sitting on a ~70% loss. I should also add that it’s only a realized loss if you sell, which I strongly advocate people do not do; the real and (more significantly) opportunity cost is just too high.

This is very true. I think getting back on the conference circuit is a must. It need not be the core developers per se, but even panelist presence from the marketing team would go far. On occasion, a key note speaker appearance from David or Nick would be immeasurably beneficial. I attend crypto conferences from time to time, and Maidsafe’s lack of presence is a massive missed opportunity. Even if you try to bring up the project as a topic of discussion, you are often more likely to be scoffed at. For beta to cause a stir, we must build and sustain momentum now. There’s only so much we as members of the community can do at ground level. Aerial support is a must, and I believe the Maidsafe team is increasingly moving in that direction.


Yes I have many to whom I heavily promoted Maid to and while I do not recommend selling, i am not enthusiastic the way I was in the past. Hopefully this means the bottom is in. Fireworks are needed soon!


Beeing sub 100 and droping from 8 to sub 100 after beeing in top 10 for 3 years is something different. Those who always have been sub 100 do not have big community of supporters with lot of people who got crushed by that drop. Pretty everyone here is in a loss in BTC terms. If it was just daytraders well, it is their job. But the most crushed are the holders, the believers. It is not only about money, but about reputation. I spent days explaining others what is this project about. So many people was interested. Some of them even bought MAID. They spread the idea. And the whole last year was really hard. I run out of arguments already. How can I explain anybody that it will be probably fine after so many months od saying that. Now I prefer not to talk about MAID publicly to avoid painful questions that I can’t answer. Bittrex delist was game changer and the uncertainity about Poloniex delist makes the whole situation much worse. Until now, MAID could be in very long dump phase after initial pump 2 years ago. But now, without mayor exchanges chances for recovery are slim.


On the bright side, they can’t dump without exchanges! :sweat_smile:


You’ve shown your intelligence by leading your peers into the best project out there. I think the best thing for you to do is simply print out a copy of the Safe Primer, hand it to them and say ‘Read’. If they actually read it, they’ll realize the potential as we all do. If they don’t, and continue to question, then its on them at that point. As far as all the exchanges delisting, it certainly doesn’t help the short term situation. The traders simply have to find another coin to play around with. But as someone stated above, once we have a network with real utility/value, every exchange is gonna come begging for us. Whether its one year, two years, or ten years down the road. Better technology will trump hype driven technology any day of the week.

To me its an absolute no brainer. Everyone mentions the problems of why its taking so long. Why they’re 12 years in and still don’t have a working product. Why they suddenly moved to Rust and didn’t have the foresight. Well champions aren’t born overnight! Do you think Jordan, Kobe or Lebron won the championship in their first year? Or Beckham won the Premier League Cup in his first time playing? You have to learn how to fail before you can learn how to succeed. From what I’ve read, David has many qualities like the business champions out there. Jobbs, Musk, Buffet, Cuban. But the best thing that I appreciate about him is his loyalty. He probably could’ve sold out a long time ago and made some big bucks. I’m sure there are behind-closed-door opportunities of selling to an Amazon or a Google for millions. For the fact that they understand this will be a game changer when launched. But the man simply can’t be bought. He is determined to help mankind advance as a species. He’s determined to do his part of limiting corruption.

It’s a frustrating feeling that MAID hasn’t performed as well as we’d hoped. While other coins have mooned. But its time to man up. If you lost money, it’s time to do something about it. Write a business plan. Or take on a second job. Or start trading a different coin.

Anyway that’s my two cents. I’ll end with one of my favorite quotes from Baron Rothschild.

‘‘The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets’’


I am not asking those questions. I know how hard it is and I am sure MaidSafe will deliver sooner or later. I even do not care if it is in 1 or in 3 years.

My businesses plan is to explain to you and others, that this project has to fight on the crypto battlefield right now. Delivering is just one part of the puzzle. All those lost opportunities, lost users, lost potential developers are worth the fight. There are so many ways how to fight it just now. Everytime I start to open discussion like ERC20 partial transition there are people arguing that it is not worth doing it, because price and exchanges are not important. This is the kind of reaction I am fighting here. My business plan is to explain to those people, that they are wrong, very wrong and that this kind of reaction is very harmful. It prevents discussion about benefits, costs, etc. It simply prevents doing anything. Everytime someone starts to open some constructive solution, there is some kind of very dangerous reaction that it does not matter what is the price now. Hell yea, it does matter. If Maid were in top 10 now, there would be thousands of new users in this forum every day and hundreds of developers and companies studying benefits and they would start developing projects on SafeNet. Or at least they would study the technology, prepare budgets and jump on the development when it will be close to the release.

There is a blood on the streets last 12 months, such rule is already crashing holders a lot.


Dude, I genuinely feel for you and in particular others like Seneca and Mashups who have business ideas that are in many ways reliant on a thriving network both pre and post a live network. You’re in a tough spot at the moment, completely understandable.

I don’t think anyone could provide a post that could stop you on a dime and see a point of view other than your own one. That’s totally ok though man, your passionate and that’s what counts in the end :slight_smile:

Just a little thing then i’ll go and be productive for the day.

No one that’s found their way here to the forum is dangerous nor is their opinion. The fact we’re here touching gloves shows we’re good people from all walks of life and successful in our own right for different reasons. Some in crypto, some in tech, some just in their day to day private lives.

There is a very good reason you hear DI say there’s a need to hear all the voices as you move towards a vision. Without taking the time to do that it’s easy to get lost particularly when there is money at risk.

I see you’ve put forward some good ideas which some agreed with but others have also made attempts to explain why they sit on a different side of the fence (many of these people actually aren’t discounting your ideas/thoughts at all).

If you truly believe that others are wrong and you keep meeting resistance, part of any successful business plan is continual revision and learning from those who seem to see your environment in a completely differently light to you.

If you did that it would show in your approach, criticisms are warranted both ways here but they are exactly that, both ways. Use your passion to find new ways of putting your thoughts across to engage these so called ‘dangerous’ people and let the discussion happen.

Give no one’s called you or your thoughts ‘dangerous’ you need to be the one that enables that to take place to be honest, have a think, lay a paver and step forward with your ideas :+1:

If that’s difficult or frustrating man it’s cool I get it.



Remember though, this is not maidsafe’s network, it is SAFE, a community network. The great thing in this community is you can solicit help, it may be met with resistance (real or perceived), but that rarely means you are wrong. If you do feel strongly push it and push it as much as you wish, each time adding more reasons to listen to you. Hope I am not preaching, but you are innovating, expect most won’t see your plans or understand them, that just means you are at least in the same space all innovators are. Does not mean you are right, but I would not be disheartened though.

I really hope this does not sound preachy in any way, its just my thoughts reading your comment. I personally am unconvinced on erc20, but not 100% against it :wink:


Actually I feel lot of support from many members:) And I do not know if there is better way of doing this or if I can suggest working solution to the problem of sinking price. I just want to switch discussion from, it does not matter, it will solve itself once project is ready to lets talk about costs and benefits. That is all. Maybe there is really not a cure to the problem now, but even admiting that there might be a cure and that if there is any we should try to find it is important.


I hope networking release to save the world, but why in this forum so many people’s hope price down for own benefits?


Upbit is on fire!