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Bittrex measures withdrawals over 24 hour increments as far as i know?


I’ve been watching that wallet before today, has been super active most days for the past 6 months between both Poloniex and Bittrex. It is weird though he/she would have the upper tier verification given their history to move on-masse to Poloniex if needed so yeah those small amounts, in that particular set-up, it does smell…but oh well welcome to crypto :smile:


There is a lot of cool stuff being developed on Ethereum that can be ported over to a competing blockchain if Ethereum fails to scale in a timely manner. Likely contenders are EOS, NEO and Cardano, these blockchain behemoths will likely all be around for generations as long as there are devolopers improving the design to meet the market needs. People who throw around the term ponzi and scam are usually late to the party noobs or og maximalists neither of whom has an intimate knowledge of what is going on outside their bubble. IOC’s will go on in unregulated markets and will be modified in regulated markets to meet regulatory compliance. In unregulated markets the investors will mature and turn to curated lists of ICO’s which will be more efficient and fair than what will happen in highly regulated environments.


MaidSafe have pointedly said they are not affected by the price and believe they have enough funds to complete development and to fund launch marketing.

This, assuming nothing unexpected derails it, is great news. The price is low. But it can go much lower, more exchanges can delist and the SAFEnetwork is… safe! In which case investors in MAID are also safe.

What is at risk are any investors who require a premature exit, and while I always sympathise with somebody who gets into such a painful position, this was always a risk. In fact all investors know that in this market total failure and loss is a real risk and so they should really not get into a position where a particular exit time is that important. People do of course, and those in this position will advocate for whatever they think might help them. Understandable, but not necessarily in the interests of the other investors or indeed the project.

MAID investors, and any new investors are arguably in a very good position given what I said at the start of this reply. To be in in a project that:

  • is nearing fruition but still under the radar and shunned by a cash rich market chasing the next big thing

  • is apparently not going to be harmed by regulators, de-listings, price crashes, or self inflicted damage from over optimistic claims or hyped marketing, or technical issues that were not anticipated or are beyond the capability of the team to be solved before shrinking funding runs out (crypto crashes can wipe out market cap and unwisely invested investor funds as quickly as a pump inflates them)

  • is in very good position indeed to attract investors who want to move from speculation based on hype to quality, in the face of an increasingly harsh regulatory environment and tighter trading conditions, to something that has been overlooked, has enormous potential, and a proven record (when you look carefully). Not to mention an amazingly passionate, loyal and informed community! :slight_smile:

How things have changed in a few weeks for IOTA? Anyone following Matthew Green (a renowned security expert) on twitter has to be very worried about their prospects. It is inconceivable to me that Maidsafe would get itself into such a position. Even if they were caught hand rolling a hash function (which I know David would not allow because he’s not stupid. I also know his views on cryptography, because he always answers proper technical questions, properly). But let’s say David had a mega brainf***, or an engineer messed up bigly, I am certain Maidsafe would not behave in the way the Iota founder has, quickly digging himself and his project into an ever deeper hole which looks to me like it could severely damage the project, and far more than if they had just held their hands up and said ‘oops, sorry’ and fixed the problem. As Maidsafe have whenever a big change was needed, such as moving to Rust, semi-closed alpha for example.

It’s not that I don’t have any concerns or think nothing can go wrong. Things can always go wrong, but a low price is it seems is not one of them. MaidSafe have been canny enough to ride this bronco over a marathon and have the finish line in their sights! Anyone betting against them at this point does not know Maidsafe IMO.

Who’d have thought Scots would be so canny about money? Me!

Sticking with this project has been my best decision, and saved me a lot of anxiety and quite likely much more, as well as being a lot of fun.


I have to selfishly admit that I’am waiting for this opportunity. I hope it happens so that I can extend my position here. I’am sorry. End of confession and out. :blush:


I agree - I hope it drops significantly, but other assets don’t so I can buy plenty more MAID :smiley:

Saying that, I won’t cry if it shoots up 10x in the next few weeks :wink:


Everyone wish here to flash crash and than flash pump. But what if there is only crash, crash and crash again? :slight_smile:


Rallies can’t start until most people are out or oversold. Then a trigger is needed. Gosh, I wonder what that could be.


I’m torn between wanting the whole world to know about the Safe Network, and shouting it from every roof top, because of it’s inspiring potential, and at the same time, keeping it under the radar. I think the latter is best for the project right now.

One thing is certain, the MaidSafeCoin price is really one of the more stable crypto‘s in the market. This is a positive sign, as its growth seems stable like a traditional investment based on value.


There are thousands of coins heavilly oversold which will never have any pump again:)


With you here. Although would also be happy with a massive recovery. Schrodinger trading.


Even assuming that Maidsafe has enough resources to complete the development there are projects such the CEP, or possible new developers, which may be affected by the low price of the Maid and that is bad for the whole project.

If this price is due to the low interest of the project, we should accept it with resignation, but this decline is more a lack of exchanges and the game of big speculators.

If there are some solutions, like big exchanges Binance style, or even a dual token using Erc20, I think Maidsafe should seriously consider it because a price more in line with its potential, considering the crypto madness, is good for everyone.


So true. I myself aborted idea of hiring a developer for my idea on Safenet for now. And I have to wait for better times. In my case it is not only because of cheap MAID , but because I lost important part of my money last month in my another cryptobasked, part of wich was planned for salaries.But If MAID were better priced, I would be able to risk the money left. But in such situation where I lost money on MAID and another crypto I can’t open long term investment for now. Ignoring importance of MAID price for whole project is very common here in forum. But I do not think MaidSafe owners do not agree with you on this. Simply time in crypto world changes so quickly that it is very hard to keep project in top possitions compared to so many new projects. There is a whole year lost of fighting for better MarketCap from marketing and exchange listing point of view. The problem is, everything cost time and money. And sometimes you simply lose the battle because the Market is smarter than you. I just wish people here learn something from this lose and fight the situation now. Denying and refusing to accept failure in one battle can end up by losing whole war later.

Btw, people should know, that traders and speculators are very important part of capitalism. Traders are taking risk on their shoulders and immediatelly punish future failures of companies much earlier. The moment some company makes mistake, traders warn it by price drop of their shares. Market is almost always right. And traders are a mirror where can companies check what other think about their work. Low price is a result of something wrong. Ignoring message from traders for too long time is very dangerous.


Can’t believe some of you want it to keep crashing. I can’t wait for it to hit $10 - $20 already. Imagine the influx of developers and apps. Just in time for launch would be nice.


When price crash usually common people panic sell and whales buy in. Such event is always huge damage on community. This is zero sum game. For every very cheap purchase there is someone who lost faith and left the project. For project which needs so many new people to succeed it is shaking of very important people, who believed before and are not believing the moment they sell. Shaking of such people is inevitable in cryptotrading but still very sad.


The price of maid has pretty much tracked Bitcoin (with large swings in the interim). I wouldn’t call that a low price. It is just not as high as many would like relative to a year ago.


Do you realize, that majority of current MAID holders are not ICO buyers but those who bought MAID at much higher prices in BTC than that they are now? In fact all the history of trading there were just very few days with lower price than it is now in BTC. The tendency to shift discussion to USD price from BTC is wrong. People bought for BTC not for USD. All of them are at loss. And it is not just a loss. I talked many people to check this forum and this project. Many of them bough MAID with their BTC. You know, it is not funny to meet them and look like idiot promoting MaidSafe project where so many other coins made a little fortune. This is denying of the truth. Maid lost the fight with crypto bubble. It is not fault of the developement team, it is probably not anybody’s fault at all. It is just the fact. And ignoring the fact does not help. The question is, if there is a will to fight the situation on the Market. I am amazed how many people here does not understand importance of higher price and think doing nothing and focusing on development only is OK. I am glad that MaidSafe team is not denying and they understand importance of atractive price. But some some people here in the forum do not.


This is what bums me out, sorry to hear that. Could always take a shot at the CEP though don’t you think?


In absolute the price is very high but relative to the crypto world, and the potential of the different solutions, is very, very low.

The worst, and what really worries me, is not the price but the collapse of the project in the market cap and the disinterest that this generates.
In this world, and outside the believers of this forum as myself, a lot of people consider that this project is simply dead and the main reason is their position, in the market cap, regarding other solutions. And this is a handicap to attracting talent, apps developers as well as possible investors in solutions within the Safe network.


Don’t worry, I have another resources than crypto. I will just have to postpone my plan for a while. Developers are expensive so this missed oportunity hurts, but I will be able to source the development from other sources later. My project is pure business. CEP would not help here:) There is nothing to be sorry about, this is trading. Sometime you win, sometime you lose. I was too greedy so I had to pay.