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Agreed. But Dug did mention those who invested and have been loyal should not be let down. Investors support the project and without that there may not be a project. I think its a fine balancing act and if they deliver everyone benefits.


I never understood this. The card is mine. What i choose to buy with it should be my decision. Why does the bank want to dictate that? Who died and made the banks God that they decide what i can or cannot buy?


Agreed. One silly and entirely non sequitur argument I heard was that purchasing crypto with a credit card is tantamount to using a high interest instrument as margin to buy a highly volatile asset; therefore, credit card companies are trying to shield customers from undue risk.

The fact that credit cards have high interest rates is immaterial to the point. Credit cards have limits, and whether people max out their cards buying coffee or crypto doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s better to max out the cards on crypto because at least there’s a chance that the purchased product might actually accrue value.


Unfortunately and i would like to stress unfortunately…its a world that lives on short term gains. No one ever tried to find out how many years it took Satoshi (or the team) to develop bitcoin. For all we know it could have taken years. People have tuned to picking up on hype and making short term gains or losses and they try to cover these losses then. I always say this…when the tide disappears we will know who was swimming naked. But having said that i do hope the team does not take another 4 years to launch. The world needs the change that it will bring and the technology has been in need for a while. The tech needs to be delivered before privacy becomes something of the past.


^^^This is actually about the only thing that has me worried when it comes to MAID.

That privacy issue may soon become one of those platitudes regurgitated by old folks who lost it a long time ago. Just another lost cause.

We’ll have the first generation raised by FB and Instagram growing up before long. How many of them care or will care about privacy?

If government and corporations and army and intelligence agencies know everything about everyone, what do I care what the hell do they know about me? I know they know it all. And for all I know, they might be about the only people who actually care, LOL.

There will still be people and groups pushing the privacy issue though, and it will come and go in circles. And there always is this hope… I mean criminals.


Don’t lose hope. I teach a 15 year old French guy English, and he surprised me a few weeks back. I casually assumed he was on fb and said something that implied he was, and he even more casually mentioned that he doesn’t like or use any social media, he just has Whatsapp for keeping in touch with his friends.

P.s. our lesson after that was us reading the extract from the recent Guardian article about MaidSafe :smirk:




Looks like MAID is available on Changelly again?
I have not completed a purchase but it looks good.
Anyone used them lately seems Visa and MasterCard accepted too.


Yeah right. That’s exactly the sort of behaviour I associate with credit card companies. I had a friend who was massively in debt a few years ago and every day a new card offer would come through the door.

They see a future defined by cryptos and they see themselves losing out as a consequence so they are trying to slow things down while they work out how to respond. No doubt they are being supported in this stance by various authorities too.


The SAFE Net will offer far more than just privacy: from a new decentralized economy every one can share in, to protecting an uncensored history, autonomous cars, and far beyond.

Edit: not to mention scalability :v:


The credit card companies are only trying to protect their profits and stop a competitor. I’m not saying it’s right in the least.


it blows me away how many people say this here in Asia

Does nobody realize facebook owns whatsapp??

I’m always amazed ppl think there’s a difference.

There’s truly nowhere to hide… :cry:

SAFE or bust


Matter of not depending on what data. Privacy matters to companies, especially those handling sensitive data like medical records or $$$ involved. What’s private and what’s not is an interesting question and it varies individually. To have a deeper understanding we can run a poll, result will help @dugcampbell in his marketing effort later.


Definitely. I was at a crypto conference last week, and the word on the streets is that banks are pushing for regulations that would make it illegal for anyone but a bank to sell crypto. In all truth, the conference was chock-full of lawyers, accountants, and bureaucrats all salivating at the mouth at the opportunity to extort rents. It’s ironic; crypto & blockchain arose to decentralize, yet so many parties are inserting themselves as intermediaries to leech profits without really creating any economic (or social) value :roll_eyes:


…and many of those justify their leech act by pointing out crypto does not create any economic or social value besides serving criminals.

I believe that many bankers and politicians are very, very schizophrenic when it comes to crypto. On one hand, they love to regulate and ban stuff. Especially any sign or any trend that threatens to render them obsolete. It’s their greater purpose and self-preservation instinct. On the other hand, they see crypto and they see dough. So much dough. Oh, dough! And ruining something that makes dough goes against another of their powerful instincts. Greed.

I think they actually don’t know what to do. And I think they won’t know what to do for a long long time.


The black market will prove to be a rich seam! :grinning:


This is why mibting/farming needs to be inclusive and distributed. The gate keepers need cutting out of the equation.


Yes. Theoretically, everything could be bought and sold through the safecoin economy, when the network goes live. No more need for banks…


When i see technologies like these developing i feel Maidsafe needs to step this up. The technology will raise the bar or at the least help educate the needs for privacy. I often get calls from companies promoting their products or services and it worries me how they get my details. Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls…we need to Network…No pressure though :grin:


I am among the people who are aware of this, but I don’t know if my 15 year old student is. It’s at least possible to use whatsapp in a way that is very different to posting pictures of your kid to your 1000 fb friends.

But I hear what you’re saying, I’m not a fan of whatsapp whatsoever, and SAFE or bust, yeah I’m on board. I was just trying to make the point that we sometimes have this picture that all the kids nowadays are posting every detail of their lives onto snapchat and instagram and etc and soon privacy will be a historical curiosity in underfunded universities, whereas in actual fact there are little pockets of resistance.

I asked him why he isn’t on those apps, and if his friends sometimes annoy him about not being there, and he said it’s not an issue, because most of his friends don’t use social media. :sunglasses: