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Let’s give FB credit where it’s due. They were ahead of their time and too quick on this one.


If FB tried Blockchain currency it would drastically contrast the SAFE Net, pointing out that SAFE Net is a real alternative platform for those sick and tired of the FB scam. And then: watch SAFE Net grow!


Are you freaking kidding me, as if it’s not corrupted now.


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New tax regulations cause problems for the Puerto Rico pitch. What’s 'ole Simone trying to huck at us now with this new fear porn?


Did I get it right that there will be needed 1 whole Safecoin in order to open an account? If the answer is yes, could this be the symbolic break to the adoption?


Hmhmm - there will be the need for someone paying for the account data probably - but maybe there will be an option to invite people and pay for their account…? :thinking:


If a safe coin gets to $100 , how many people will an average monthly salary allow an average person to invite?


if you only need to pay for the storage space for the account itself i guess there might be some people willing to pay the 0.00001 safecoin for the account creation of a friend (or maybe even only the guy i met in a bar)

ps: okay - of course an account with zero funding isn’t of too much use … but it might be enough to have a receiver-address for buying additional funds on some exchange / load the account through in-app-payments of my android app allowing that …


Absolutely - if its that cheap yes, I will be paying for people. lubinew is worried that it will cost 1 whole safecoin though.


i saw that - but i don’t see where that number comes from (assuming divisibility will be enabled with launch) …

edit: maybe it would be difficult to implement a new account creation just for itself with a fraction of a coin … but with someone “vouching for you” that might not be necessary … but of course a shot in the blue … because safecoin isn’t implemented yet


I would be only afraid if there was said “1 safecoin = 1 account (Full of upload power)”. Then I assume we could see the price skyrocketing ($200) but not many new users. The “entrance fee” should be rather defined as 50GB or something.


If someone has to “vouch” for you to get new users to join the party, Safe Network is dead before it is alive.


hmhmmm - right - thats why googlemail died before it had a chance to really get the feet of the ground :open_mouth: … that invitation-only thing was clearly a mistake :thinking:


Gmail’s beta started with invitation only, just like many projects in beta state (including this one to some degree) but I don’t think Google actually did. Correct me if I’m wrong. By the time SafeCoin arrives this project will be out of beta state.


don’t know how long they did it - i just thought that this invite-thing made people want to be part of it and created some buzz around those early google accounts … anyway - attaching a certain value to an account doesn’t need to be a bad thing imo … and i just suggested the vouching-thing as an alternative to force everyone to get some coin through an exchange to be able to create an account …


Not good, though, to place unnecessary impediments in the way of mass adoption.


Agreed, it needs to be cheap and easy (click and go) for everyone


i just suggested another option for paying for the storage :roll_eyes: anyway - like my thought or not - your choice … i’m not the one to decide anyway :wink:

…nobody ever suggested to place “unnecessary impediments” afaik…


Exactly. Any impediment placed is necessary to prevent spamming the network. Just because an impediment exists does not mean it’s unnecessary.