MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Excuse me? Not attacking anyone, simply engaging in constructive discourse (see what I did there? :wink: ). Understand, we do get new users on this forum who are not as informed as you. I’m not speaking at you as much as following up on the points you make with, maybe, a different perspective.


You answered your own question. :grinning:


Nonsense. Don’t play games. You started this, so you go fetch the answer or admit that new account creation must use safecoin.


Never said it didn’t. Just trying to consider how the details of distributing SafeCoins for initial uploads would work, given the probability of increasing values of SafeCoin on the open market.


Dead cat bounce or healthy price recovery?


It is more like Schrodinger cat. Dead and alive. But nobody wants to open the box. Box = tether.


At least CryptoKitties seems to be a success. It will also be available in China, although it is now the year of the Dog.
I hope it will be something like this (but then mainly for MaidSafeCoin):


Feels pretty healthy, I thought we had the dead cat already and now we’re just seeing some steady gradual recovery.


I dunno. Everything is so dependant on Bitcoin and turnover is nothing flash


Foe crypto in general it is rarely “different this time”, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see new lows and a prolonged flat line for a couple of years.

However, Maidsafecoin has been walking to a different beat since the crowd sale. Looking at Maidsafecoin charts looks like we are due a bounce, especially relative to Bitcoin.

Who knows though? The current Bitcoin price is still way more than I expected this bubble to spike at, never mind form a floor.


True, but this time it actually is a bit different given we haven’t seen the full impact of institutions getting involved yet


Is there much evidence of institutional money actually coming in? I heard a lot of people hyping that idea, but suspect the derivatives/futures markets would be more appealing to institutions, which don’t actually buy/sell any actual Bitcoin’s (it is just a tracket index).


All the hype said that futures heralded the massive entrance of institutional investors, but, so far, that just isn’t the case.

…the much-anticipated Bitcoin futures contracts are also being dominated by individual investors.


In Davos, the credit card companies seemed to have gotten together to collectively interfere with Crypto. I don’t know that to be true, but right after Davos, two major CC companies announced they would be forcing any transaction to a known crypto exchange to be treated as a cash advance rather than a normal transaction.

For myself, right about that same time, Coinbase is no longer able to charge to a (completely paid off and often used) card that has been on file with them for years, claiming the transaction is rejected by the cc issuer. (citibank visa) This is a card I used monthly for crypto purchases for years, as it was my main payment method in my coinbase account.

I don’t know how much effect this new escalation by the credit card companies will have, but I bet we notice it.


Well, if it goes all the way and the gates between the IMS and newer systems is sealed off, it has big ramifications for the inherent ‘value’ of Safecoin.

If you cant purchase Safecoin for fiat and you cant cash out, the only practical way to ownership is Farming, Development, Core Dev or ‘Pay the producer’ (which puts that scheme in a different light for the naysayers)

The Safenetwork would have been perfect (no omni scammers) if there was no ICO (wealthy benefactors instead) and everything would be ground zero. Instead we have a big chunk of coins already in existence…and those coins (given network success) become immensely valuable within the Safenetwork economy if the IMS gates are shut.


after 4 years ICO, safecoin is nowhere~,what is a joke!


From memory you have/had some crazy amount of MAID…

if your unhappy go and sell it for a whopping profit, put into something else and come back with more ammo later on. There your problem is solved and not even a need for a can of Mortein :wink:


Given that nobody else, including Ethereum with billions of dollars of finance behind them & hundreds of available developers, has managed to achieve what the MaidSafe team are aiming for, it’s not a joke - it’s how technology research and development sometimes goes.

Everyone hopes it’ll happen sooner rather than later, but there’s no point getting too frustrated. Irrespective of time taken, if the tech is worth building, keep going until its ready, and this is exactly what MaidSafe are doing.

As @beermenow said - feel free to sell your coins. You could get involved in some shorter term projects based on new applications for existing tech or small advances, rather than those trying to build innovative new tech, which is always unpredictable in terms of timing.


So you can use credit cards to buy equities but not cryptos. Sounds like a conspiracy to me


I didn’t read any promise from the team that this coin will moon. All they promise is a safer and more secure internet. Those disappointed are only upset on their own choice. I think it’s okay to sell when faith is no longer there.