MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


The ants have joined in building that 9800 wall with you @coin_artist


That’s one heck of a wall!


MAID is rising. :grinning:


Wow that’s a big wall


MAID breaking through a 4-month strong resistance line.


I’ll upgrade this comment to “Maid on Poloniex is gaining traction, my guess is that 10000 satoshis or lower is history forever”.


Amen to that. :relaxed:


While bitcoin is making waves maid is rock solid. More evidenced support.


Technically speaking, Bitcoin needed a correction. It went from $400 to (almost) $800. And Maid went from (almost) 30,000 satoshis to what was it? 7,000 satoshis or something? Enough punishment, time to stand up, I guess.


@coin_artist Just wanted to say you are a hero for forcing the price up with your BTC stash. Thanks man!


I poked the bear, but he got grumpy and filled my order. Long live MAID!


Nooo… did him eat you whole? :neutral_face:


He took a good bite! But no worries, I collected MAID awhile ago too. It all evens out.

It’s getting pretty exciting out there! Do we know what time maidsafecoin will be available on yuanbao?


Hopefully someone could translate this timetable?


MAID launches 24 hrs before Lisk. :grin:


Are you gonna trade there?


3pm tomorrow at their time, 8am GMT


After racing to the 13000 satoshis zone, it seems to be in waiting/consolidation mode currently. Can’t wait to see what is going to happen tomorrow and onwards. Will the Chinese show some Maid love? :slight_smile:


I think the best part of the deal is that manipulation of the price gets harder now.


God I can’t read it. It’s like chinese to me.