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To create buffer between independent markets.

Example: You buy clike tokens. Decorum prices can now be set independently of safecoin. And: Safecoin can crash, you already have your clikes.

Another: Cars run on gasoline. Not dollar. So you need gasoline. And: You are a “prepper” so you buy 10,000 gallons of gasoline. Next day The Sh** Hits the Fan but you don’t care because you already have gasoline.


Hope the low prices hold out till bonus payout.
If you look at the troughs between the previous highs they last a few months with random bits of noise.
Could dip low again I hope.


Dow Jones is crashing hard today. The stock bubble is exploding. Bitcoin was always sold to public as digital gold. If it does not pump soon with pumps on exact time as stock market dumps than I am afraid panic on stock market will turn crypto down. Cash is king now. The only question is if crypto is better CASH, or pumped shit.


Today Simon Black in his blog advanced the theory that Mark Zuckerberg may be on his way to becoming a global central banker. By abolishing all ICO advertizing on Facebook while investing in blockchain R&D for his company if he produces a Facebook blockchain token he has a global market in the palm of his hand. Interesting concept.


He could create the most most widely used currency ever if he delved into crypto via Facebook.

1bn people with a new way to earn, save, and spend money would be revolutionary, and heavily flawed if its all in Facebook’s control or for their benefit over others.

I hope crypto can disrupt Facebook before facebook disrupts crypto.


Didn’t Facebook already try doing this? I seem to remember Facebook credits or some such a few years ago.


Eh, it would be the opposite of anonymous and decentralized. Also, what would be the factor deciding the distribution?

I think that crediting people with any valuable currency for likes or followers would, if anything, lead to corrupting Facebook as a whole. I think it would go all down. I mean, this is the first year it stopped growing, right? It’s just a single source, but I do believe it may be pointing towards the world being kinda past its Facebook phase.

I mean the whole thing turned into mess. It’s the Tower of Babel of the internet era. It’s now worse and messier than MySpace has ever been.


Well, they could make it anonymous, but not likely decentralised. Unless they literally just made a legit crypto with a premine to benefit themselves & gave all of their users a wallet by default, but I doubt they’d go for that.

Just playing with the concept, but if Facebook found a way to create a currency that it controlled or uniquely benefited from, and get to its over 1bn users, it could certainly be quite influential.

I agree though - Facebook won’t last forever. Social media network effects need to be a thing of the past by giving the network back to the people who can choose between various front ends. I hope the Safe network can enable this before long!


This is what Ted Livingston is trying to accomplish with KIN. I was skeptical at first but the philosophy he preaches is trying to unite all the digital service underdogs who cant compete with FB.
They will announce partners Q1 Im excited to see who gets in. Clock is ticking.


It would definitely be an interesting experiment. So far, the relevant crypto projects always had a core of developers and a small following at the beginning. They grew in accordance with its actual relevance / utility. And the core was always a bunch of intelligent and creative folks. That’s why I think some of these projects survive all those ups and downs and the roller coaster ride, even a quick buck (because for the developers, it’s never really that quick).

On the other hand, FB is this behemoth with so many users, many of whom are, to say it honestly, dipshits. I personally know plenty of smart people who were there when it started – and haven’t been there for ages.

One has to wonder how this giant virtual organism would react if you threw huge money on all of its cells. If it lasted though, at least for the while it did, Mark would be arguably the most powerful man on Earth. Which brings us to another question.

Governments. Facebook with a functional currency system would have the real chance at becoming the true first full-fledged internet economy as well. It’s no longer an academic asylum. You have bakers and plumbers and baby-sitters there. Would governments agree? I mean, it’s pretty easy to ban FB.



Let’s give FB credit where it’s due. They were ahead of their time and too quick on this one.


If FB tried Blockchain currency it would drastically contrast the SAFE Net, pointing out that SAFE Net is a real alternative platform for those sick and tired of the FB scam. And then: watch SAFE Net grow!


Are you freaking kidding me, as if it’s not corrupted now.


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New tax regulations cause problems for the Puerto Rico pitch. What’s 'ole Simone trying to huck at us now with this new fear porn?


Did I get it right that there will be needed 1 whole Safecoin in order to open an account? If the answer is yes, could this be the symbolic break to the adoption?


Hmhmm - there will be the need for someone paying for the account data probably - but maybe there will be an option to invite people and pay for their account…? :thinking:


If a safe coin gets to $100 , how many people will an average monthly salary allow an average person to invite?


if you only need to pay for the storage space for the account itself i guess there might be some people willing to pay the 0.00001 safecoin for the account creation of a friend (or maybe even only the guy i met in a bar)

ps: okay - of course an account with zero funding isn’t of too much use … but it might be enough to have a receiver-address for buying additional funds on some exchange / load the account through in-app-payments of my android app allowing that …