MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Anyone know how long maidsafe is not working on shapeshift ?


A long time, possibly around 2 years


I got my MAID for the network and not for selling so no I am not selling MAID at whatever price :slight_smile:
But yes congrats to those who did not sell


Bitcoin reached $330,000,000,000 “Inflated market cap.” [For now. Later in 2018 it might go back up there.]
One could see that as inflated when comparing it to today’s cap of $130,000,000,000.

The first number divided by the second number creates a 2.53x modifier. I’ll get back to this later.

Current MAID Market Cap: $173,885,571.
That’s $0.384233 per MAID.

At $330,000,000,000 MAID/SAFE would = $729.1973064286053
Barely a drop in the bucket, right?

But since an ideal Safecoin would be astronomically more efficient and secure, I could see it reaching a global utility price of $10,000,000,000,000 that all sorts of businesses benefit from. That’s $22096 per Safecoin right there. $2209 if you have all Safecoins farmed. $2209 - $22096, usually somewhere in between if it’s true that the maximum amount of Safecoins won’t be reached for decades… if at all? So the higher number in these provided price ranges are likely to be the number that the price is more near, for awhile (and then the market cap could be maybe $20Trillion quote unquote “dollars”, by then… but I think things are getting too crazy now).

Alright so that’s a bit too much to reach for right now (think of it… 10 trillion… is a super high pie in the sky figure…), considering that maybe not everyone wants to use digital cash for literally everything ever (though I guess I would? or I’m being too idealistic). So cut it in half, $5,000,000,000,000: $1104 - $11048 — or even 2/3rds!? $3,333,333,333,333: $736 - $7,365 — for a more level-headed scenario.

As far as the “Super Stupidly Inflated Safecoin Bubble Where The Maximum Hype In The History Of The Galaxy Kicks IN” figure of “$100,000 per Safecoin” … from the price ranges above, I just applied an insane modifier, of like 5x-10x-20x. With all the given figures here and enough imagination, you could see it hitting $100,000 per Safecoin at the “absolute bubble peak that it never reaches again” or ABPINRA for short. But maybe more likely $50,000 ABPINRA. So that settles that!


Sounds good, I’ll meet you on my private island


I too will want to be joining this private island club. I imagine its like when you live in a suburb and see your neighbor across the street, except rather than a street it is the Caribbean ocean and rather than your yard you are standing on the shoreline of your luxury island waving goofishly to each other across the water :smiley:


It only came back up because of the several HUNDRED MILLION of unpacked printed bitfinex tether in the last month right?

Not sure how long this can last


I have to take a lot of crap during these testing times…


If that were true, you could clump btc cash and btc gold mkt cap in with tether, no?

Its just crypto. Thats how things get done round here.


Thats what i thought aswell, but this usdt hype brought so much attention and so much people wanna buy now, i think this was just the start of getting some more mainstream adoption, dont forget crypto in general is still pretty small if you valuate it as for example a company, but instead over 100 company’s are working on the blockchain already from exchanges to factom to maidsafe.


I do understand your calculations, but i was more wondering where you get the 10 trillion number from, did you do some extended research ? Cause 10 trill looks a lot to me with all this competition pop up.

im really curious about the token part of the Safenetwork and how this will be handled, does it need safecoins and how much. Cause if the tokens can have the same fundamentals as safecoin and they will be also free to send then this can influance the safecoin price a lot.


No other token will have the same fundamentals in that no other token will be accepted by the network to pay for its resources, and all farmers will be paid only in Safecoin.

Other tokens will also be very cheap or potentially free to send & fast etc, but they will need to have a reason for holding value, e.g. Clikes paying for advertising on Decorum based systems.


That i understand but that also takes away value from safecoin, but is great for the network.


I can understand your perspective, but I’m not sure it takes away value from Safecoin - if the Safe network became the best place by far to create & use crypto tokens for any purpose, many more people will use the network, sign up for accounts, dabble in other uses of the network & eventually farm or buy Safecoin to upload data or create their own tokens.

This will all add value to SafeCoin, and I think to a greater degree than if those people used ERC20 or an alternative instead.


I do agree on that like i said great for the network, but the token transfer can be done with own tokens making the need to hold safecoin much lower. with 1 safecoin you will be able to do some insane tx.

but i do see also the positive side from this all think about billion IOT devices connected with smart city’s be connected on the network, sending billions of tx, that will add up to a lot of for the network


I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I have to ask. Why would these other tokens be needed at all on the Safe network. Is there something about e.g. Decorum that Clikes will be able to do, but not Safecoin?


Why does not facebook reward people with real money but just virtual feeling of likes? Because those likes are free. It cost nothing developer to create such currency and claim it has some value(emotional or any kind of value). It is cheap way how to create value out of nothing. You can compare token to any in-game currency. There is a central issuer who creates internal economy. If that developer have to use real money, he would bancrupt instantly. For example Slots Machine simulators with virtual currency have 100x more players than real Slot Machines. I know this is not exactly the same as tokens vs safecoin, but it is just an example of why there is a big market for tokens managed by central autority.


They’ll provide access to services that won’t be available without the specific token.

E.g. if you want to pay for premium Decorum features / access, you’ll need to pay in Clikes if Safecoin are not accepted by Decorum.

Decorum could have just accepted Safecoin, but that wouldn’t allow for an ICO, and Decorum couldn’t be developed with the same resourcing.

Some other examples of useful Safe based tokens could be:

  • Tokens that are pegged to USD / EUR / Gold etc
  • Local alternative currency tokens
  • License access tokens (e.g. for music, video, software, design, patent etc licenses)
  • Share holding tokens
  • Bonds
  • Property ownership certificates
  • Any other tokens that enable access to specific Safe based software or systems that people want to use


Why buy Apple when you can have USD?

1 safecoin = 1 safecoin. Today. Tomorrow. Next year.
1 xcoin = 1 safecoin today. 2 safecoin tomorrow. 0.1 safecoin next year.

Different tokens change value independently.
Each follows its own underlying thing’s value.
National currency follows country’s economy.
This is why one global currency is bad idea.


Maybe my question wasn’t clear. I’m wondering why I would have to use one currency to buy Apple and another currency to buy IBM.