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Thanks wanna look a little deeper in the distribution of maidsafe before adding up :wink:


Sure, there will be many currencies. I hope so. The more the better. But none of them will have such advantages as Safe coin. And Safe coin will be the only one without central authority. And as we know, centralized tokens are often pumped&dumped but rarelly hold value long term.


I want to add up too, let us know what did you find out:)



Crash in equity + crash in crypto
This has got to be the worst week in my life from a financial point of view.


Here is the story behind the “extra” MAID from the crowdsale due to omni’s mistakes and what happened to those extra coins and the effects they might have. In there is a lot of addresses you can scan through too.

This is very old news and most already know about it and factored it into the MAID price seeing as its years old news. Extra MAID generated from the crowdsale


At least you weren’t in the crash that I had to drive ‘around’ this evening, because then you wouldn’t be posting here:


Or this slightly bigger crash of sunday:


Thats gotta hurt . .

Not good times for those in financial markets. Really do feel for you @SwissPrivateBanker, but hopefully soon it will all be on the up and up again for you


Lol, I love how 7% dump at stocks is crash. In crypto 7% is often just a refresh of a page. 50% drop in crypto is just a correction:) Maybe if we scale a crypto week trading to 1 year stock trading those graphs would be the same:)


I just don’t see how crypto can recover when USDT is still such a widespread cancer on all major exchanges. There’s no guarantee or proof they even hold $1 or 1 BTC. The risk is huge


Right now…even if Alphe 3 is ready i think Maidafe should hold until market rebounds. For now use the opportunity to raise awareness and increase visibility. When it goes up then hopefully it takes Maidsafe along this round. Just my opinion.


Yep, they have to clean this up and fast. Everyone knows its a rort


The positive thing is that volume is pretty low. Only those that have to are selling. Another $700 drop on Bitcoin and it should start stabilizing


IDK man I don’t see anything stable about crypto anywhere

People have been saying this since $11k

I really am not counting $2k out, there’s so much fear, issues, worry:

  • tether giant pervasive inflation scam
  • US stock market crash today
  • SEC hearing Feb 6 Feb 14
  • China miner laws
  • Korea (FUD)
  • India (FUD)
  • CNY Feb 16+
  • etc etc

I don’t see anything stable for a while


Its a typical situation where people got in at high prices and selling before they lose too much.

The first ones to sell are the ones that bought in at very high prices. Then as the price drops then those who bought at mid prices sell and so on as it drops.

Once you get to about 20% of the rise then you are back to those who are either holding or the price is still close or higher then they bought and are confident that it won’t go lower than the previous long term “relatively stable” price.

So it started from about 600$ USD and rose to 20000$ USD which is a rise of 19400. 80% of 19400 is 15520. So that means a strong resistance will be at around 4500$ USD

Anyhow that is how that 80% retrace theory goes. Will it hold up here? Who knows.


To put it in perspective, I sold out of Bitcoin at a lower price only 6 months ago. Time goes very fast.


So If bitcoin hits 1-2 k, so maid will be like 5 cents…


I’m not an uber whale, but do hodl a substantial MAID position and will continue to do so no matter the price. I suppose if I was a good trader I would have bailed out weeks ago and be buying now - I suppose a lot of whales are going to do just that. Remember that the price can go up much faster than it’s going down now and those of you who have or are bailing out this past week may lose out big time when the market-makers (whales) decide to buy up huge chunks of the market and consolidate ownership - e.g. you sold at .45cents, but can only buy back in at .80cents. I see these market moves as being coordinated by huge whales and the media (yes, in collusion) - call me a conspiracy nut if you want, but that is my opinion and the only reason to do this sort of manipulation, is to buy back in at the low and gain ownership.

So, IMO, unless you are a great trader and can follow the whale trail, I suggest you hodl-on. Just my three bits.


If Bitcoin hits 1-2 k, I and others will be wading in with nets


Someone just sent 1 bitcoin Cash omni asset to Tether wallet. Check:

This is awesome cheap advertizing. Maybe we should send there 1 MAID every few hours, to make it popular. This omni wallet on tether is checked by thousands of people every day:) So maybe some classic spam can bring new users:)


This is awesome cheap advertizing. Maybe we should send there 1 MAID every few hours, to make it popular.

That’s a bit spammy! I’m a strong believer popularity will come naturally once there are useful services for people to use