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Hey does anyone know,

I heard tether migrated to Litecoin. Is this true? I don’t think so, since I can see their new printed money using the regular Omni explorer just like MaidSafeCoin.

Are there any other protocols being used for tether, besides the regular BTC omni one?


Around the 1:30 mark in that video, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) brings up the question of ICOs that turn into file sharing, data storage/processing platforms, etc. to distinguish from just stakeholder tokens. SEC chairman thinks that they fall under the same jurisdiction…

This goes against the ideas in the forum that Maidsafe thinks those regulations don’t apply to them. Maybe not in the UK, but US investors in MAID and SAFE might be affected…


When the network launches they will be consumers of a service. How are they going to differentiate a guy holding coins to pay for network services and a guy holding for investment… Going to be interesting.


That was the exact point in the SEC Chairman’s response. He didn’t see a distinction. If at a later time that token can be exchanged as resources, he still thinks it’s a moot point. Pretty bold stance…interesting, indeed. SAFE is going to be lots of things. He referenced old regulations as being forward thinking…let’s see if that actually holds…“If you are promoting securities, you are taking on securities law liability.”



I’ve just double checked and Bitfinex has asked the guys from Omni to make Omni Core on Litecoin.
But apparently (for now?) Tether/Bitfinex went for Ether as alternative for the Omni Bitcoin


hey thanks very much for that


What charts is being looked at. At BTC of $6000 USD (its recent low point) and 0.00004500 MAID/BTC its 27 cents and its been lower than 1/10 of that

And the 0.00004500 MAID/BTC is also much higher than it has been in the past.

So where is this approaching ATL coming from? I just don’t understand


A gartley bat is not a tool for future price prediction. But if it`s fires you have good trade setup. That is all…


All I know is I should be starting a new job soon so more disposable income to dispose of into Maidsafe coin while it’s still completely and utterly undervalued.

FYI forgot to mention on here that a trader I follow closely who puts out a LOT of crypto based content Peter McCormack was recently asked in a live facebook video what his thoughts were on Maidsafe and he said something to the tune of “well Maidsafe is likely to do well it’s one of those little known boring crypto currencies that are just silently working away on their project and I find those ones always do well” I’m paraphrasing obviously.

He might even be a good one to interview David or Nick… @maidsafe @dugcampbell lemme know and I can ask him.


I agree, what struck me about this analyst was his perception that MAID has one of the most solid structures among the altcoins, not his generalization on price. Cheers


Aaand the super sale is gone.


I wrote here on Monday, that it is all FUD and great opportunity to buy more cheap coins:) This is Crypto. FUD and hype cycles. Again and again in never ending loop:)


Was just thinking about Safecoin actually being created and the $1 celebration thread turning into the $100,000 celebration thread. Of course, that would be the top bubble price that wouldn’t even have enough money in the world to sell, before it goes down to like $10,000 or even $5000. Kind of like the Bitcoin craze just recently, but instead the craziest the galaxy will ever see: Safecoin.


Cheers to those of you who held through it with a brave face and a dont care attitude!


yeah, I got some at .29. Held a little back hoping bitcoin (and thus everything else) would go even lower. It’s still below my average buy in, though, so I’ll probably put the rest in today.


Just cause its up at the moment doesn’t mean it can’t continue the overall decline :slight_smile: .


Of course, and I’m waiting for a bit of a pullback, but with the cautiously optimistic results of the SEC meeting, I’m not waiting around for .20, anymore.


This is market, it can go either direction. This drop did not cut pumped scams enough. There are still thousands of useless coins which will go to 0. But last days of dump alts rejected to drop more in their ratio to BTC. Especially the serious ones. So there is serious short term resistance. Crypto holders who do not trade for FIAT like me, do care only about ratio to BTC. And I am pretty sure if BTC drops more, than MAID to BTC ratio will stop falling and start growing. Sub 5k is awesome price, and I will be buying it with every profit I make on other coins at those price levels.


Lol we all wish trust me but sound more then overestimated, but i do wonder how you come to this valuation?