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Its insane how much Maidsafe actually are on the exchange itself compared to normal wallets.

Poloniex got like 130m coins on it. Thats really a lot with 450m supply.

Do you guys think its cause omni atm is too expensive and too hard for most new people to understand ?

Anyone know if this is an wallet of the maidsafe foundation maybe ? 1BgQmAZ9wSEF5MvrN6dRopUBr1XDw1PAt

started with 25m i remember there was an extra coin creation by excident or something like that


It is well known from May 2017, that Tether is central bank without real USD. But even that I knew it, I was OK with that, and I am OK with that now. The reason is simple, market is always smarter than we are. Tether is still traded 1:1 to USD. You can exchange it easily with that ratio. Even when all mayor media spread this information many months after I knew it, the price of tether keeps fixed to USD with very small fluctulations. Yea, tether printed over billion in december and janunary, but what? They own huge amount of BTC. They were pumping BTC since it was sub 1$k . They bought lot of BTC after it droped from 5k to 3k. They were dumping since $20k. Those scammers pumped BTC with non existent $$$, but they bought them back with huge profit. I bet they will soon prove all Tether is covered. And than they will keep pumping BTC again, with real USD, which they gained from noobs last months. I think this dump was just because they had to cover their ass.


Anyone see the 1600 point flash crash (Dow Jones Industrial Average) and subsequent 800 point rally in less than a minute or so?

Very unnatural price movements. :grin:
Running the stops?

Pretty tawdry and crooked.
So with the weak hands (i hate that term) fleeced, shaken out (in one fell swoop, flashcrash), and bonds seem to be stabalising, maybe next move is higher in next couple days for stocks and crypto?


I really wonder where it will be by Wednesday/Thursday, when I get paid in all of my excess vacation time not used (I didn’t use any of it).

Either way, 6000x+ increase if you invest today and Safecoin reaches $1T market cap. $100 into $600,000 lol. Get them while they’re hot.


Mate if it hits .20, I’m in for 30,000


Lol your not shy with that estimation, 1 trillion thats a lot of data


Why are you calculating MAID price based on data usage only? When I first realized what is MAID about, I stoped to calculate price based on storage use. I am certain, than almost all network economy will be based on Safe coin, hence the storage usage will have very low impact on coin price. In case this project manage to gain millions of users, storage economy could easily drop below 1% of all safe coin economy.


That depends also on the metrics of the token system build on top of maidsafe, will it need safecoin and how much for a tx etc. If you can make tokens and those have the same fundamentals as the safecoin for example then the question will be how much do you need to transfer them and work with them.

Plus if you make tokens and they run on data then again it will be based on data

But maidsafe tx will be free, so if this will be the same case for tokens what would people stop making tokens for the whole economics and use a middle system like bancor for the tokens.

This add value to the safecoin network, not to the safecoin itself.


Any token created would be centralized currency, right? One owner, issuer who can issue any amount, etc. Tokens can’t compare with decentralized currency, which has no central owner and has rules how to earn them and the minimum functionality guaranted for them. Tokens will never ever harm Safe coin, they can only make it more valuable. This applies to Ethereum too. None of those tokens has such functionality as main currency.


Doesn’t look like it

If none have sold they are kept in 3 accounts of 5 million each. Look up through this topic and you will see a few posts with these addresses listed.


Maybe currency will be the only one (at start), but company’s can easly issue an ico or an airdrop, they might even make a currency with airdrops overtime. People will find a way for a fair distribution and people will accept it just like many others did. Also you can think about an system like Tenx, where basicly the value comes from a reward on a purchase of anything, Then this token will be based on a real value and can 100% serve as an currency.

And then actually this currency can be even backed by a real valuta untill the complete supply is taken over, this would be a fair distribution.


Thanks wanna look a little deeper in the distribution of maidsafe before adding up :wink:


Sure, there will be many currencies. I hope so. The more the better. But none of them will have such advantages as Safe coin. And Safe coin will be the only one without central authority. And as we know, centralized tokens are often pumped&dumped but rarelly hold value long term.


I want to add up too, let us know what did you find out:)



Crash in equity + crash in crypto
This has got to be the worst week in my life from a financial point of view.


Here is the story behind the “extra” MAID from the crowdsale due to omni’s mistakes and what happened to those extra coins and the effects they might have. In there is a lot of addresses you can scan through too.

This is very old news and most already know about it and factored it into the MAID price seeing as its years old news. Extra MAID generated from the crowdsale


At least you weren’t in the crash that I had to drive ‘around’ this evening, because then you wouldn’t be posting here:


Or this slightly bigger crash of sunday:


Thats gotta hurt . .

Not good times for those in financial markets. Really do feel for you @SwissPrivateBanker, but hopefully soon it will all be on the up and up again for you


Lol, I love how 7% dump at stocks is crash. In crypto 7% is often just a refresh of a page. 50% drop in crypto is just a correction:) Maybe if we scale a crypto week trading to 1 year stock trading those graphs would be the same:)


I just don’t see how crypto can recover when USDT is still such a widespread cancer on all major exchanges. There’s no guarantee or proof they even hold $1 or 1 BTC. The risk is huge