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Pascalcoin 72k tx/s, with the safebox design and one free tx per block


Actually some coins are used for things, that they are not scalable doesnt mean they wont be used for something.

Bitcoin i used for months to pay for everything basicly, Ethereum i used to invest in new ico’s that brings something innovative to the table thats already a use-case on its own.

dont get me wrong there is a lot trash out there but i dont see bitcoin and ethereum as those coins.
Scalability will come, but who and what will be first and adopted is just speculation so i more focus on that what brings value to the table at this point. Thats what a lot of new people do aswell thats why you see huge gains in those coins.

But yes i do agree things like privacy etc matters aswell, thats why monero and decred will do really well next period of time :smiley:


Some kind of use of some top coins you can see:
There are not all, but you can individually check other coins on there own explorer sites.
Top 5:


I’m really excited about the potential of some of the coins you mention, as a well as MAID. I just think we are a long way from seeing that yet, on BTC, ETH and MAID. Scaling has not been solved and until it has, I don’t really see there being a durable advantage, despite the fact their blockchains are live. The really is, that so far, there has been a lot of hype and not much substance. A massive bubble was created by speculators and not ‘real’ use cases like commerce. Now people are waking up and the bubble has popped.

MaidSafe has chosen to solve the problem of scaling before the network goes live. A lot of people seem to think we have missed the boat by doing that, dropping out of the top 100 etc. I think the race to get ‘real’ adoption and use has barely begun.


But that’s the thing. There is already something out there which is used on a daily basis by millions of users. Because of that we can see the weak points of those solutions. Like scalability. It’s good that MAID tries to address this one beforehand. But then you can not foresee everything without a live product used by many.


Sorry, all I see is speculation (and I believe ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockcain are just facilitating speculation in ICOs). I want to see a coin being used by millions of people every day to buy things, or to back-up their data, or for machine-to-machine payments. Until that happens, I think crypto currencies are more about potential than substance.


I think it’s here where I disagree. Millions of users daily to do what? If it’s just to speculate, then can’t get very excited.


Don’t get me wrong. I do not like the speculation part either. When I read all the news on crypto and see all those self claimed experts I immediately get sick. Only thing which I see is greed.

But at the end it doesn’t matter how it’s used. It’s used and that’s it.


I put a note here as well. If the devs register MAID, you can vote for it if you have Binance account.


Speculating doesn’t bother me at all. I have no moral judgments as long as people aren’t hurting other people. It’s just that I don’t think speculating will cause a durable rise. I want to see commerce, because that’s what I think drives real value, and of course I do want to see prices rise and for a non-fiat currency to take over.


With the falling prices it’s Interesting to see hyped coin like substratum vanishing from the top 100, and Maid in a rising holding pattern, inching back up, now at 89th. Hold brave Investors, buy low! :joy:


That’s the good part of being a sect. In MAID we trust.


Yes good resistance for instance. Volume transaction is not exceptionel on coinmarket we are 130/200 position with $1 828 240 maid exchange last 24 hours. Need fresh air asap…


It feels like a bit of a tease at the moment, dip , recover, dip further.
I feel sub $0.10 maidsafe. To me, pre launch, this would make me very happy.
I don’t think bitcoin is done falling, its the lower end of the $7000’s, fell from $20000,
and, well… it could go all the way down to $2000, perhaps even $1500 and maidsafe is linked to it.

Spring sales?


Looking at the charts, it looks like maid is set for a rally both for USD and BTC. I agree that BTC looks like it has more top to blow off, so maybe the two events will coincide.


FUD, just FUD:) from 7k to 1.5k is soooo long. 1000 down from 8k to7k is much easier than from 7k to 6k and so on. going from 3k to 1.5k is 50% down. That is nonsense. Just calm down, open bottle of wine and prepare your BTC for cheap MAID.


Look at the brightside, at least we did not have the $1 party. Talk about monday blues :joy:


“Nonsense”? I can’t believe you said that. One thing I’ve learned about price movements in crypto is that the reality might end up even crazier than the craziest of predictions. How can you make such a claim when left, right and centre coins balloon and deflate tens, hundreds and thousands of times.


If MAID hits $0.20 I’m going to be buying 1,000 of them, without a doubt. $0.10 would be amazing IMHO.


MAID not really a safe heaven yet :wink: