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Speculating doesn’t bother me at all. I have no moral judgments as long as people aren’t hurting other people. It’s just that I don’t think speculating will cause a durable rise. I want to see commerce, because that’s what I think drives real value, and of course I do want to see prices rise and for a non-fiat currency to take over.


With the falling prices it’s Interesting to see hyped coin like substratum vanishing from the top 100, and Maid in a rising holding pattern, inching back up, now at 89th. Hold brave Investors, buy low! :joy:


That’s the good part of being a sect. In MAID we trust.


Yes good resistance for instance. Volume transaction is not exceptionel on coinmarket we are 130/200 position with $1 828 240 maid exchange last 24 hours. Need fresh air asap…


It feels like a bit of a tease at the moment, dip , recover, dip further.
I feel sub $0.10 maidsafe. To me, pre launch, this would make me very happy.
I don’t think bitcoin is done falling, its the lower end of the $7000’s, fell from $20000,
and, well… it could go all the way down to $2000, perhaps even $1500 and maidsafe is linked to it.

Spring sales?


Looking at the charts, it looks like maid is set for a rally both for USD and BTC. I agree that BTC looks like it has more top to blow off, so maybe the two events will coincide.


FUD, just FUD:) from 7k to 1.5k is soooo long. 1000 down from 8k to7k is much easier than from 7k to 6k and so on. going from 3k to 1.5k is 50% down. That is nonsense. Just calm down, open bottle of wine and prepare your BTC for cheap MAID.


Look at the brightside, at least we did not have the $1 party. Talk about monday blues :joy:


“Nonsense”? I can’t believe you said that. One thing I’ve learned about price movements in crypto is that the reality might end up even crazier than the craziest of predictions. How can you make such a claim when left, right and centre coins balloon and deflate tens, hundreds and thousands of times.


If MAID hits $0.20 I’m going to be buying 1,000 of them, without a doubt. $0.10 would be amazing IMHO.


MAID not really a safe heaven yet :wink:


Yea, that is true. But BTC at 1.5k could happen only after multi year bear market. It could happen now for seconds, but no way other way. it is not even clear if we are in long term bear market. I would say, it is just correction and next 6 months will show if we are still in bull or bear market.


In 2013 BTC peaked at about $1200 and then slowly fell to $160. If reversal of such magnitude happened then, it can happen again.
The last year BTC went from a $1000 to $20 000. If the bear market, that followed the 2013 bull run repeats, then I predict a bottom for BTC in the $1500 to $2500 region.


One years ago bitcoin price was1200 dollars. Maid was around 16000 sat. After that the higher the bitcoin was the lower was maidsafe. It can rise.


This is all because of @("$(('n fake tethers pumping scams

Crypto really needs a honest tether to succeed, and needs to be rid of the fake money printing current tether

It’s killing everything. So scary


There’s always a reason though. In 2014 it was Gox, now it’s Tether… The boom and bust cycle keeps rolling…


This might help bound the estimates on how low things will go. Maybe not.


$3k - $5k for anyone who doesn’t want to read :slight_smile:

If you are trying to mine BTC in the states


Maybe I’m just a sick bastard, but the fact that Wall Street also seems to be crashing now makes me smile. :smile:


Missed opportunity if you ask me :smiley: