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I think the issue and confusion comes from the rate of inflation not being known in advance. In Bitcoin it is well understood how many coins will exist at any given time. With SAFE that will depend more on network usage and how many farmers show up. Maybe after launch people will be more comfortable with this if the rate of inflation is shown to be somewhat predictable.


I am taking the angle now

  • that it’ll be decades before most coins can be in existence
  • The increase in coin existence will be in line with the growth of the network.

Thus the dilution effect is non-existent

Then I add that when people are using the network and uploading data then the coin is being recycled and thus reverse dilution pressure.


This could be interesting


Was just thinking about this kind of thing, trying to convey layers that maybe many onlookers don’t see:

Pandacoin (Wolong level sh*t, dropped to 1 Satoshi) > Prodeum (not too far off from Wolong level maybe, didn’t actually check the results after known scam) > BitConnect > Safexchangecoin (today’s version) > DOGE > Gamerbits = ETH = BTC > MAID/SAFE = True SafeExchangeCoin (in the future) = PDC | highest to lowest scam level. Some of the “>” signs might be super very slightly differentiating between the coins listed, but I won’t be bothered to judge the severity of each “>”. You might say that a lot of still-higher-end scammier coins like to “coin” their ideas, and keep the hype going, especially with Safexchangecoin’s current version.

I’m a simple mind and very ignorant about a lot of projects out there in 2016-2017, vs. knowledge of projects in 2014 (some 2015?). I remember liking Monero. I think there’s just an abundance of crazy projects out there now. Like… where did it all come from? How is anyone expected to keep track of it all? I know SAFE is amazing and I’m a futurist at heart, but maybe I’m missing out on stuff that’s “here in the now”. It might be a bit of lunacy to make a determined effort to look somewhat closely at every major coin in the top 100, but could pay off, albeit just slightly… compared to the impact safe will make (there I go again tooting everyone’s horn here).


Watching other projects’ ideas is funny and interesting, but never forget that you don’t need to catch all the opportunities in the markets. You just need one gem to catch your dreams


Somebody wants to acquire Poloniex? Stupid move. Poloniex was in the best position. They were held back by scaling problems. Maybe they chose the wrong tech. Reacted slow. Couldn’t switch. Falling back now. Steadily. Why buy a sinking boat?


Because it has a lot of registered users and they plan to migrate to new tech perhaps?


Might get direct fiat to crypto is we are lucky with this polo buy out…
Some people who I inform about maidsafe say they like it… And they would buy it if it was on a decent exchange, I.e. cash to crypto.

It’s a bit difficult… I’ve recently switched to tamsfering $ value to bitcoin cash to poloniex instead of bitcoin, unfortunately it is one extra step on top of an unfamiliar procedure especially for newbies and it’s already put of some of my friends.

One interesting example, a friend trades crypto through a bank… they don’t own the private keys, they just trade through and app and consider themselves crypto investors. They won’t buy maid as it’s to complex, … but that’s the point. Now is the time to make that extra effort before maid is available for easy purchase…

Of to back up my truck… Beeep beeeep beeeeep

Edit:. I guess it’s like this, put the extra effort in now to buy lots of coins, or wait till they are widely available and put the hours in at work to afford the same number of coins.


Struggling to cope with excessive demand is an enviable position to be in. Crypto seems to suffer from chronic impatience at the moment. If this crash is sustained for a period, it will return to something a bit more normal.


Can we recruit Carlos, known as bitconnect investor guy, to MaidSafe promotions xD . They are already dropping sick dubstep remix of the bitconnect investor lolol - . He can send us to the moon prior to product launch :smiley: . We just need him to act outrageous and wacky, I think he does it naturally :joy:


This had the top 10 for the last few years. Interesting graphic, I thought.


Please help MaidSafeCoin succeed this year!

Anyone who cares about MaidSafeCoin.

It’s still kinda the lifeblood of everything here

Let’s expand it! Just a tweet & email will put it so much closer to getting in the crypto exchange!


Damn people stop selling maidsafe, cause i starting to feel my fomo level is going to the top again just bought another 200k maid! :smiley:

@whiteoutmashups i think if you atm got poloniex and bittrex you already are fine, only thing sucks is maidsafe wont be a good coin for people who wanna spend only like $100 on a coin. Even liqui wont change that.

And many new people only have a few hundred to spend and they still wanna diverse there portofolio.


200k, as to say in doge speak. WOW, much coin, pretty happy. Maybe if there are more people like you we get all coins from weak to strong hands. And then the insane downwards spiral stops.


Yea but around this level all the way to 3k satoshi again would be an insane buyprice, but i do get why people sell thats also what i did around 14k. Maidsafe is hard to follow and having no deadlines make it a much more time consuming investment.

Also the long deadline expected make people lose confidence and they will try seek there investments on other coins that will have a better rise short term. And with that money they can buy back more maidsafe when we come closer to launch. a release date from more then 1year make people scared. (and a unknown one even more).

I wish to buy more if we drop to 3k, but i will always be caution with % of porto based on the timeline.


But the only thing that really counts is privacy, safety and scalability right? Especially scalability IMO. So what’s the release date for the Lightning Network? When will Bitcoin Cash introduce GB blocks? Vitalik Buterin said in Nov 2017 that Visa level quadratic sharding on Ethereum will happen in the next “3-5 years

The reality is, there is no release date (that counts), for any of these coins, at least that I’m aware of.


There are enough coins that give a reasonable timeline (ETA’s) around their coin (decred one of my favorite), and i dont say that its all that matters! also those coins you suggest are live and have working products people can see, feel, use. Maidsafe atm is an Omni token (thats basicly screwed for small investments cause they cant withdraw cheaply) and its harder then most coins to use the omniprotocol specially cause it doesnt have an easy to use wallet that is safe and not on the web.

I was actually hoping a wallet like Exodus would add omni support, doesnt open it for smaller investments but does help the easy token use, and might also add shapeshift support

Lightning network is a feature, doesnt mean you cant use it already LN and Atomic swaps are live just not easy to use yet and the infrastructure isnt there yet. Even without the LN you can use Bitcoin or other coins.

Same counts for Bcash, its not optimal but people can actually use it and have an easy wallet. Send/receive coins.

Ethereum is live and growing even without the sharding yet, look how cool raiden network is all the tokens they support.


You can use alpha 2 …,…


Yea alpha2 indeed, but doesnt use the token at all. Also doesnt change the fact you cant use it for something other then testing or developing

The coins/token he mentioned are live and running the blockchain there immutable and an actual product at this stage.

Keep in mind this is my point of view and i love what maidsafe will do in the future (Thats why I’m around)


How many people are using those coins and what are they being used for? Speculating off-chain on exchanges, even if for billions of dollars doesn’t count. Sorry, without true Visa-level scaling (because that’s the competition), they’re little more than science experiments. When someone delivers a private, safe, and highly scalable coin (as MaidSafe is promising), then we can talk about a deadline being met.