MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Most coins are red. BTC’s arse is falling out even. Another week or two and the whole thing will pump again. Sad really.


Testing the new blood, we all knew that an correction would happen, but we are all still sad about it :smiley:

I think we are close to the reversal level, a lot people expect 8k thats why i think it will not come there.
Will the whales allow people to buy in that cheap idk. I bought back today btc at 9400 and pretty happy with this level.

Although most coins are red a lot did have a nice rally before that happened.


I’m really struggling with buying Maidsafe at the moment, I’m only looking for $50 worth.

Poloniex has had me in review for 3 weeks, Bittrex doesn’t accept new users and shafeshift says “currently unavailable” next to Maidsafecoin. Does anyone know the best (and fastest) way to buy it?


Yea sad that shapeshift got this going cause i would use them a lot to buy maid,
Maybe someone here OTC otherwise i have no idea

the exchange list =


Okay, so what I’m doing is buying Etherium on Coinbase (where I already have an account) and sending it to Cryptopia to trade for MSC. :slight_smile:


I believe will work for you. They do not require ID verification and can w/d upto $5K NZD per day.


yea that should work


NOOO!!! They have 29 MAID withdrawal fee, not good for small buys.


Currently MAID is 46 cents and dropping. So that fee is like $13

If you have nowhere else to buy then that has to be paid.

So what is your suggestion?


Its getting close to your desired 40 cents.


You mean $13.34.

It’s not even about bucks. Out of approximately 110 MAID, he’ll be getting 80.

Losing ten or 30 is quite a difference in this case, so he should politely ask one of the Polo residents, deposit his dough to their account, pray they are not that crooked… as to buy and send from Polo for him.


~Alpha 2 = 12 years , maid 0.46 …Alpha 3 another 5 years Maid 0.26 , Alpha 4 again another 5 years Maid 0.16 , Beta another 10 years Maid 0.000000016


Sorry you are right, I misplaced the decimal

Edited my previous post to fix the erroneous conclusion I made


Programming in earnest only started some 4 years ago. Was refactored some 2 and bit years ago.

So that is like 3 years to alpha 1, another year to alpha 2. On the verge of alpha 3 now with actual programming started recently after design work done. Alpha 4 is effectively being worked on in design now.

So not your analysis is not right.


Try explaining that to the taxman.


Easy decision then. Sell… :grinning:


Thanks, already sold all


That’s fine, I intend to make most of my MSC running vaults in the early days of the final release candidate. This is purely an investment for now, as I believe MSC is criminally undervalued, under that assumption, paying a 30% fee is fine, since I believe the coin will 10x before I intend to sell any.


Good man. Now you don’t have to complain :slight_smile:


Bought some MAID for my friend.