MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I know this isn’t much, but I was just really happy to say that I’m part of this community and that I’m holding on to some MAID now! :slight_smile:



Welcome to the sect! :rofl:


It’s quite a steep drop compare to the gentle petering out of the other previous peaks.
The maidsafe fiat price did quite well while bitcoin is rising.
Bitcoins fall to below 10,000 is going to drag most alt coins down that are priced against it.

Probably a gut feeling, it may fall further that $0.40.

Though long term, looking at that chart, $0.40 is a medium to long term bargain.

edit: whats stopping it from getting to $0.25 at the moment?


If it drops below 0.20 I’m buying a ton of it! :balloon:


HAhahahaha i like your reply to him. After he sells he still posts here. :slight_smile:


Just so you know MAID is indivisible and so that 0.9… cannot be withdrawn. You will only be able to w/d the 116 (less fees)


Only 10x? Shoot for 100x :slight_smile:


Today I wanted buy some IOTA which I still do not have but finally with bought 0 IOTA and 90% MAID.
The market is very weak so it can go down very easily.
I hope Michael_Hills will not buy any now.:slightly_smiling_face:


I never believed that we cud fall under top 100 with out some catastrophic news. At this moment we are at 95 and falling. it`s sad…


20 is probably realistic in the next 48 hours. A 100% FIB retrace for BTC means a price of $5650 USD, currently $8300


I don`t think so. I believe this old trend-line will hold.


I cant even look at the price anymore :sob:


It’s a matter of perspective.

Right now MAID is up around 7% in just 1 hour.

That’s 5x in 1 day.

If it carries on like that for less than a month, we’ll all have MAID worth more than the GDP of the world.

Edit: It just dropped back a bit while I was writing the comment… oh well. Next time!


Market is just pricing it fairly according to investors needs.
Maid coin economics are hard to understand and information is fragmented, the coin appears quite clumpsy compared to may other coins and there is dillution coming. There are no stakes or dividends for holding and the coin is not even divisible. Why should new investors consider it?


If investors are just looking at safecoin, i’d say they are missing out on 90% of what the network is capable of.

Tbh, the rest isn’t news either and some of it isn’t even true (safecoin division has been promised since the beginning).


If they think the network or Safecoin will be useful, they will see why Safecoin will have value, as it’ll be required to use the Safe network.


Well, he was talking about MAID, so in his own right, he’s correct. Before the actual SafeCoin and live network, traders or investors don’t have much to play with or build upon. They will come around once the D-day is on the horizon.


During such crazy hype it’s probably just because the coin is named badly, I don’t know how much benefit we would get from that kind of attention anyway. To an outsider, MaidSafeCoin sounds like something designed to keep house maids safe so no wonder its dropping down the list and looks irrelevant to those that haven’t done the reading! Once we brand out to just SAFE it’ll start to sell itself and get the adoption it’ll eventually need (but not really need yet).


As the price drops—a lot of this is because MAID is valued against BTC, the rising and ebbing tide— and we fall down the charts, the community continues to grow fast, with lots more activity on the forum. This is a positive sign, even though one seems to contradict the other.

For me this points to the true value, potential economic, and otherwise of a growing and unstoppable idea, being forged into existence.


I think he is conflating the two - there is no dilution of maidsafecoin coming, for example.