MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


All this talk on other threads about wanting to introduce a parallel ERC-20 MAID token has made be realised how undervalued MAID is.


Interesting figures and it shows a core value proposition. However, I would say that the utility of SAFECoin itself will act as a multiplier. Many other coins just do transactions and little else, but safecoin will potentially do that better and grease the SAFENetwork.

There is huge potential here. I am sure once data chains is proved out by alphas, more will realise this potential.


Hitbtc is way out of sync with the poloniex and bittrex - about 15c (15%) down.


with 200 maid transaction fee … not really surprising


Looking forward for today’s dev update… I wonder if there will be a marketing update and impact the price of maid :thinking:


Yes there is new excellent info on an actual detailed marketing strategy! 2018 is going to be a good year for MAID.


Looks like were heading for a $0.40 buying opertunity. :slight_smile:

What a rollercoaster. HODL on tight guys.

Could have tried to trade and sold high, but I’m not going to gamble with the coins I have. I am lining up some cash to scoop up cheap coins though.

Hopefully one last chance to buy cheap coins for myself and the friends I’m introducing to safecoin.


Betting on a $6k bitcoin are we @Zoki?

Your a brave man :wink:

He who is liquid at the bottom is always king!


Are you basing that on BTC dropping way below 10K USD in the near future?

My opinion is that BTC saw a bottoming at around 10-11K a few days ago and likely to start its rise again within the month. Its going through a major reshuffle with people selling and newbies/institutions buying. The bubble burst and good chance that the inflow will cause it to start a steady rise within weeks.

MAID seems to be holding up really well too at around 90 cents. I am not confident at all the MAID will drop to 40 cents anytime soon. Not saying it will not, just not in the near future is my opinion.


I concur.

If it’s going to 40 it’ll go to 20. But I can’t see that happening. I’d be buying a lot more too if it did! But I think that’s too good to be true.

My god, one day soon investors are going to wake up to this coin. What a gem.

At my position both directions work splendidly. But that’s only beacuse I apply this investment wisdom: Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years: Buffett.


I really hope so! :slight_smile:


It’s inevitable. I keep telling people to get in quick before some serious recognition. Wouldn’t at all be surprised to see $10 per coin this year.


I see the money chasers making 100x gains off obvious shitcoins and believing they’re the next Warren Buffett. They may win today, but stay with this project. We will win the future.


Well this year Maidsafe are going to push marketing which means they feel the network is not going to be too far behind. So this year is ramping up marketing and next year could be exciting. So the price is going to be pushed up because of this marketing and if the theory is right then the network will be proving what the marketing is saying. Unlike other projects David does not believe in hype marketing, so I’d say/hope the marketing is reflecting what the network is (becoming).

At the beginning of last year no one thought or was certain they would see it at 1$ by the end of 2017. It rose by a massive amount.

Now with marketing rather than the rising tide, you might be right about that 10$ or you may have been conservative.

Perspective December 1 year ago

We’ve seen a 8-9 times increase since one year ago


I prefer log charts to linear scale charts, because they measure the rate of growth. Fortunately coinmarketcap allows you to do that. There was approximately a 10X progression (in $ terms) in 2016, and another approximate 10X progression in 2017, so on the log chart we have the beginnings of what looks like a steady progression or trend. So, by using this as a reference, $10 by the end of 2018 doesn’t look unrealistic.


I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go up to $50, once people understand how mind-blowing Maidsafe is compared to any other top100 project.


Yes, particularly if both Alpha 3 & 4 are reached with increased awareness on the wave of invigorated marketing :slight_smile:

On a tangential note, any thoughts on Substratum’s announcenent that they are in “closed” beta testing of their network with data storage nodes and how this might impact MAID price? At best, Substratum can secure the path to the data, but it cannot secure the data itself. I think more could be done to educate the market on that point.


Y[quote=“Sotros25, post:3667, topic:9923”]
At best, Substratum can secure the path to the data, but it cannot secure the data itself.

Substratum seems a bit sketchy to me. It’s hard to get any details about thier tech, probably beacuse there isn’t any.

They use blockchain, bad choice, and seem easily subject to censorship. It’s Late to the party and a bad copy cat of the SAFE network.

Even though they pump half thier money into marketing and not development, MAID is catching up to Substratum fast on the top 100, only 3 below right now.

Edit: as of writing this edit MAID has now overtaken substratum by 4 places in the top 100. Of course things can always change, but it shows the resiliency and quality of this project. I think we will see a lot more positive action on MAID’S price soon.


What this article describes in my experience is VERY real - unbelievably, extraordinarily and shockingly so. I spoke to someone recently who was new, and wanted to obtain ‘shitcoin x’. When I said the best way would be to buy bitcoin and use that to buy ‘shitcoin x’, they didn’t want to use this approach. They wanted to use a service where they could go straight from fiat to ‘shitcoin x’. We all know that would involve paying over the odds.

So they didn’t want to go from fiat to bitcoin to shitcoin. Why? Because bitcoin is too expensive! :open_mouth:

I mean… despair sets in

These are the things going on at the moment.

I’ve also seen people looking for coins worth pennies because they may go to $10000. They do not consider total supply or market cap. at all! Even after I explain to them, they revert to looking for ‘cheap coins’.

I’m so uncomfortable


LOL. This is how I found SAFENet. But I was also reading about the projects behind the penny coins.