MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Smart guy hah :smiley: , honestly I think when this project is complete and some users have 10,000+ MAID and the coin is skyrocketing we will have some serious mental debates on when to sell and when to hold once this bad boy is worth $100 per coin or more down the road a few years from now :wink: . Granted maybe by then we will be on SAFE coin so MAID is not the right coin word choice hah.


Yes, and the conditions are different and new. As indicated by the massive growth in the exchange’s membership.

It would seem we are going though one correction at this time now. Peaked at 20K USD and dropped to near half and has been moving up/down for the last period of time. We seem to be going through a correction now and with the continuing influx of new people the price has not dropped to very low amounts as one might expect with a “normal” correction.


I’ve also seen the January crypro slump re-occur over the years, but there’s always something else at play. For example, there is a stock market downturn predicted this year, and if it does happen it will definitely have a positive impact on crypto markets.

I stopped playing the market game a while ago. I buy and hold, then I buy some more, and hold.

Last time I tried to play the market I sold ETH at $12. (having bought it as 40 cents during their presale). Never again.

Happy to report that I’m still holding all the MAID that I bought during the presale (at around 1 cent 2 cents), plus some more.

Edit: the presale was actually 23800 MAID for 1 BTC at a price of around 465 USD, so more like 2 cents per MAID.


You may be right, I do not have the crystal ball as much as I wish I did hah. If I was trying to guess where BTC bottoms out during what I would define as the next big “crash” would be in the range between 5k-9k. We will just have to watch the mania unfold, as some predict 40k bitcoin this year as well :smiley: .


Right, if it can go from 1 cent to 1 dollar, reasonable to believe if you wait it out a while longer you will see the 1 dollar to 100 dollar range :slight_smile: , and by then you can sell some and just enjoy life and keep some maid as company too. Super jealous of that 1 cent buy though, you are locked and loaded for when this coin really takes off man! :+1: .


Funny thing is the $ are super nice (I’ve seen a bit over a 30x return so far) but the longer you follow genuinely the less important money feels, it’s just a working product changing the world that most really want to see :slight_smile:

In saying that I still haven’t changed where I quietly see things long term crashes nonewithstanding. Those numbers you mentioned are possibly going to be closer to 1k coins and $1k each if SAFE works without compromise and people have the temperament to hang on for a few years post launch. (I can’t really see excessive coin issuance being a real issue having done the homework fwiw)

Lots of hope for the little guys if their brave enough I guess is what I’m getting at, and that can’t possibly be a bad thing hey :wink:


Right, I don’t want to sound like I am all about the money. As a software developer I definitely see this projects global use case if implemented really well and seamlessly. If I were to describe my personal goals with maid-safe it would be to have enough fiat cash off of my 1k+ coin stash that I could basically be my own boss, potentially coding on this project directly rather than working for “the man” my entire life. Or at least go part time industry so I can focus on neat projects like this or others. My goal is to reach about 10k maidsafe coins before this thing explodes when product reaches maturity. I think thats a nice start to a good holding position in this project :slight_smile: .


An admirable goal :+1:


As others have noted we ( crypto ) often drop late / early in the year.
Imo anytime before spring when new money tends to pile in.
While we could drop in a correction.
I think we could have had out dip when we hit low 30s / high 29s cent us prices.
We may not see another big dip till after another influx.

Only time will tell.
People are gonna get burnt though.
Ive been telling ppl about maid for years but yet some have bought ripple. Not one ive ever liked.


I think we’ve reached a new plateau. People say that crypto has become mainstream. And this might be true to some degree. But I think there is still a long way to go, and a lot more money to come, and a lot more people showing up.

I think the upward trend will last a while longer. It’s not quite time for disillusionment in any particular coin, at least not yet.

This is a young, exciting, wild market, full of dreamers wanting to cash out at BTC prices.

It will take some time for the great fall to begin. I do see another big surge coming, if the over inflated stock market has a tumble.

People will see crypto as a safe-haven for their dollars.


Which price do you expect on Safecoin’s launch?


Hard to say, but probably around 30 euros. Maybe a bit more. Of course it would be a dream if he stood at 100 euros on the day of launch.


I am gonna have to respectfully disagree here. I don’t classify rising speculation/price as adaption. The day I can go to a chain grocery store and pay with crypto currency without using some new trendy 3rd party company handling the crypto<-> fiat conversion then I will say we are mainstream :smile: . I always liked this pic below to sum it up best when we will know if its mainstream yet or not haha. I am also skeptical about crypto being the safe-haven, I personally think if stock market crashes people will take their gains in crypto out as well thus hurting the market out of pure fear. I do believe crypto would fair better though in a recession and bounce back nicely.


Here’s a question: Are there any factors, primarily stemming from Safecoin’s future use in the Safe Network economy, that could potentially hinder it from reaching values in the hundreds or thousands of dollars? For example, the possibility that it may not be divisible?


As i understand from alot of topic discussions, it will be divisble. I think that the value of all data and transactions that will be stored and take place on the network will give it great value. I think of similarities to google. that their data is very valuable and so will all the secure data stored on the safe network also be valuable. Data is recognised as an asset class by world economic forum.


Here’s one potential way of thinking about it with quick, back-of-the-envelope math. Let’s say the year is 2025 and 163 zettabytes of data are created that year. Assume that 1 billion Safecoin are in existence and that the SAFEnetwork has captured 5% of data storage market share. In such a scenario, one Safecoin could hypothetically buy 8.15 TB. Today you can get a TB of storage for ~$50. Even though I expect that by 2025 you’ll be able to get a TB of storage for far less, I’m going to hold the price constant for the security and reliability the SAFEnetwork provides. As noted,

According to the assumptions above, the value of one Safecoin would be something like ~$400.

Now, if there are only 800M Safecoin in existence, then the price per coin would be ~$500. Similarly, if the SAFEnetwork has captured 10% of newly created storage, then the price would be ~$800 with 1B Safecoin in existence, or ~$1000 with 800M Safecoin in existence.

Perhaps the price of Safecoin at launch will reflect the potential value as it grows towards steady state with respectable market share capture. Also, I think the amount of data each Safecoin would/could need to store underscores just how important divisibility is unless Safecoins are burned and farmed at a blistering rate.

In general, I think these price estimates are supremely conservative because they don’t take into account all the other uses for Safecoin beyond data storage. Moreover, I should hope that circulation of 1B Safecoin would reflect a world in which the SAFEnetwork has captured at least 25% of the data storage market. Then we’d be talking a price ~$2000 per coin. :slight_smile:

Is farming viable?

I understand what you are saying here and agree.

But I wonder if we could be closer than it seems. At least in Australia the major shopping stores either have their own card (store card) or they use a 3rd party payment processor. The 3rd party payment processor then connects to a number of other payment processors (Mastercard, visa, mastercard, banks etc etc).

Many of our 3rd party card processors are run by the banks and some are financial institutions owned by the stores themselves.

The point being that when I rock up with my magic plastic card and swipe/stick it in the EFT terminal at the shop it then connects to the 3rd party processor to do the payment. Why not there be included a BTC <–> fiat payment processor that the 3rd pary processor can access. So you have a magic card that has your BTC details instead of that 15/16 digit number.

The day may come where its not just BTC but any of the major cryptos.


There would be some limiting factor. For example a safecoin is used to buy resources. If the spare space resource pool is always large then one coin will buy massive amounts of space and thus tend to pull the price downwards. But the ability for safecoin to be used for exchange will pull the price upwards. Where the balance point is, is what the market will determine. 1000$ or 100000000000$ depends on this tug of war so to speak.

If the spare space incentives work anywhere near as intended then there will not be massive amounts of spare space and a coin will only buy a reasonable amount “PUTs” and the coin would then have very little in the way of a limiting factor.

And yes divisibility is doable, the only question is which way.


I think that is a step in the right direction, but ultimately you still have central entities holding the crypto. I wan’t to see crypto currencies in the hands of store owners, family, friends and anyone else that wants to transact with digital exchange of wealth for goods/services. To achieve that, the average user needs protection from confiscation of coins if they have basic device protections enabled(can SAFE actually make our computer crypto wallets safe :slight_smile: ) . As well as a very simple interface that takes away the technical aspect and leaves them with an extremely easy/clean UI.


Only the crypto they received from payments made. I would say they will sell them asap so as not to get caught if BTC goes down. Just like if you pay in a foreign currency the payment processor immediately converts it into local currency through their networks.

Your BTC is at your address and the card only needs to sign the transaction. That way you control your BTC at all times. The payment processor only receives the BTC you spent. Oh and sets the required amount of BTC to be sent to cover the payment to the store.

But yes having a crypto terminal without the 3rd party processor would be a great move.