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Here’s the quote from the last dev update. They happen every week in general (Christmas / New Year being the only exception I believe).


Cryptocurrency mania, Gaurdian style, and a subtle plug by the author for his HODL.

Personally, I’m content that MAID is steadily sailing in calmer waters and not subject to this kind of manipulation. Anybody who has bought now and again and held will have been rewarded very well, and not faced the kind of risks this article highlights.


Back on-topic briefly

Very interesting article, particularly when applied to MAID and compared to other coins in the top 100. With total supply out now rather than a decade MAID would still only be $11 a coin, some of these coins have huge amounts of inflation coming and noobs have a very distorted impression of what a ‘good value’ buy is.

Btw, this is the only thread where we can discuss stuff that’s kind of off-topic to SAFE but on-topic to MAID. As above. :wink: If people can’t post it here and they get moved to off-topic if they post elsewhere then what happens to all that kind of content and the community activity that could develop around it? #stifled


Great article! When I first discovered MAID I was surprised to see it being part of the crypto market. It really doesn’t belong there. It belongs on the NASDAQ technology index.

I think it’s hard to value it within crypto parameters, especially because MAID is just a placeholder for the real internal crypto currency that will come later.

The SAFE network is a symbiotic system of its own, created to replace the old Internet. Yet it will give new decentralized creations a second life, and will reach far beyond even what is conceptualized today. In this way it’s value is monstrous, both economically and socially, and beyond comprehension at this point I believe.


Noce find! Maid has to be one of the biggest bargains in the top 100 now. People say maidsafe need to deliver, but the time to get in is before they deliver.

I am sure maid will have its day. I just can’t help but feel incredulous over the other coins getting pumped though.


Time vindicates or condemns us all. It’s annoying having to wait so long to say ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ to the world though :wink:


“I TOLD YOU S…oh, what’s that? Every other coin is worth billions and ours/mine isn’t worth half of one? Well shucks.” Time to create a Dogecoin forum account. Oh wait I already did 4 years ago >.<

I’m not sure it will ever go to a billion until something major. What major thing? Well, I don’t know that one. Data chains successfully integrated with Routing? Alpha 3? Vaults/Alpha4? I think it should happen before Alpha 4, given the nature of the insanity that is crypto.
Thus I think the $1B would likely coincide with 1) INsanity 2) Major Thing Before Alpha 4 Being Major Thing #2
:sunny: In my optimistic view. Or the insanity intensifies and naturally brings everything to $1B regardless.


I sold 1million coins, bought them cheap sold them cheap. Urghh…

I think Doge is the next pump. One of the last coins with their own blockchain that’s still cheap. Not attracted to it tech wise… but, as an irresponsible bet I’m now tempted. It could zoom past $1 for no reason at all.


We’re the only coin with their own superhuman galactic ant-like potential, could zoom past infinity & BEYOND!


Ok totally off-topic and I might sound ignorant by asking this, but even if it got posted I might have skipped it.
My question is, would SAFE network anyway threaten by Quantum computers? I mean would there be possibility to break the encryption and randomness to find out all the pieces of a file by Quantum computer?
I know it would not be based on block chain so as the other crypto-currencies (mineable) has a threat SAFE network does not have any such threat. But still is there any alternative difficulties it might face due to quantum computers?

*posting here as it is the most active thread. :wink:


This topic might be of interest to you: SAFE network safety against quantum computing :smiley:



Thank you :smile:


You really have to wonder if MAID will fall off the top 100. Maybe that’s what it needs, for now, a full dose of estrangement and 50th degree assault (yeah I don’t know what I’m saying anymore!).


It’s any ones guess, in this rowdy fun filled, manic crypto market.

Does it matter?

In the long run, probably not.

MAID, when all seems lost, will rise out if the shadows, just in our darkest hour, like a flaming phoenix, I’m certain of it.


If Maid falls out of the top 100 and its price is $10, I for one won’t be whinging too much


Since some knowledgeable were speculating that the price might level off at around 20 cents because it will have some ties to the current storage costs, I am already delighted that the price is over 5 times that.

The idea they presented was that since SAFEcoin will be buying disk storage then the price will be somewhat pegged to the price for storage and they estimated something like 20 cents per coin. The thought had some merit and would have been about a 10x rise from the price around the time they predicted that.

Now the price is 50 times (5 x that prediction) and does not look like dropping below the 1$ , I’d say that prediction is now invalid. There is of course no real reason it would have been limited to that value, since the safecoin price of resources will be variable and not pegged to any current storage costs.

The project will continue if we are #1 or #100 or #500 because the worth of the coins is based on how shiny the coin is, but rather its utility value and use as a token of exchange.


but afaik there has been no indication of what amount of storage a coin will purchase…


So true and the point I tried to make later in my post.

This is the reason that price speculation failed. I brought it up to show some expected the price to be always low, yet its keeps going up. Maybe not as fast as some shiny/hollow coins, but steady as she goes.


Just 5 short months ago this is what the price of MAID was