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I think people might find this is the reason for the recent “pump” in price

And we are now seeing the price drop back (retrace) because the buying has slowed back to “normal”


This creates so many problems. I think it’s a massive barrier to entry that makes MAID difficult to buy and store. Given uncertainty on how long it will take for the network to launch, how difficult would it be to convert MAID to say an ERC-20 token? (I’m not a dev, so this could be pie in the sky talk here.) That would certainly make storing a lot easier, and hopefully generate enough buzz to help galvanize the conversation around new exchange listings.

That being said, I don’t know that number of exchange listings is necessarily what’s impeded MAID price performance. After all, SIA is way ahead in terms of market cap/trade volume, and both Substratum (~6 places below) and Skycoin (~17 places below) will likely soon overtake MAID who fell ~20 places in the last week. Both SIA and Substratum are actually available on fewer exchanges but generate much more trade volume. I’ve been doing what I can to spread the word on Maidsafe, and I’m trying to block and tackle across social media to support MAID’s image. However, it’s hard to sell what people struggle to buy and can’t see materializing.

I know the preference here has been to manage Maidsafe as more of a social venture. Nevertheless, there is a reason why not-for-profit companies tend to underperform for-profit companies. While the heart might be in the right place—without appropriate fiscal incentives and managerial disciplines—emotion tends to blind people to raw economic realities and hinder them from making painful decisions. I have noticed that Maidsafe has begun sharing more detailed timelines (re: data chains, etc.), which is excellent! However, more must be done to increase transparency, even if it means that sometimes targets are missed. People naturally distrust what they can’t hold a measuring stick to. This is a question of organizational and managerial style. What happens after the network is launched and something malfunctions? An answer of “this has never been done before, so we can’t give you an estimate on how long it will take to fix it” won’t cut it.

As @Jabba, @happybeing, and many others have said, without strong price performance, Maidsafe will struggle to attract developers and users. A powerful, viral network-effect beyond this forum community is what will make or break Maidsafe, I think. As we all know, it isn’t necessarily the most technologically superior product that gains mass adoption, but more often the best marketed.

Obviously, I am a strong believer and supporter of MAID, having put several hours and dollars into it. My belief—much like the manager of a non-profit—keeps me hodling even when it seems irrational to do so. Still, I must ask even those of us here who are true believers, at the end of the day, if your mother gave you $10K to manage for her, how much would you put in MAID? For how long would you be willing to hold it? Think about your answers to why/not, and therein lies the bulk of the problem.


My point exactly! Idea, team, and passion equals great investment. I became interested in MAID beacuse of the idea. The quality of the team and passion of the community is exactly what is needed to make this idea real. There are few other coins with the same enthusiasm.

It’s happening. Only MAID is a sleeping giant.

When that giant awakes, this will be a great surprise to many, as the prices rise like the giant’s head in the clouds.

MAID is one of those projects you have to believe in, or take your money somewhere else.

Me? I’m here as a believer, for better or for worse, I’ll do my part to make it work. Beacuse it’s so damn important for the world. Cheers!


I completely agree. Storj moved to ERC20 and I would like to see Maid do this also.


Great to see there’s precedent!! Is the mechanics of such a conversion something that developers who are part of this forum community could work on
and share with the Maidsafe team so that the switch could be implemented without unduly tying up resource working on driving to the next alpha? I know there are several really talented developers here who have pulled together schematics on all kinds of exchange, wallet, and coin ideas that could probably pull something like this off. Maybe we should start a new topic called “Seeking dev volunteers to help convert MAID into an ERC-20 Token.” Thoughts?


MAID is only down 7% USD over last 24h. I think the reason for the big drop in rank is more due to others going up in value at the same time.


These are my thoughts too. I can not defend investing in 99% of these other crypto that pops up everywhere. I think that most of the profits people will receive from Safecoin will be invested further in the ecosystem. That’s my plan


I think this is where decorum’s alt coin plugin will get shite moving. ICO’s are being regulated by the SEC etc and SAFE will be a scalable platform that can handle the frenzy traffic, and bring in new money. I don’t want to see a bunch of scamming going on so the projects will have to be credible and due diligence will apply but the investors will or can be anonymous. Not entirely sure of all the implications on those doing an ICO though. If they remained anonymous I would just not bother investing. But I do think that it will revitalize ICO fever a bit once we launch and honestly from a community perspective we should tout that ability proudly. Sick of not getting in on crowdsale a like BAT because of high traffic and insane tx fees? No problem :smiling_imp:


The best marketing of Maid to new investors was made in the trollbox on the polo. Remember, Jabba was active right from the beginning of 2015. This was where many people first heard about Maid. Now when the troll box was cut out and no social media strategy from Maid safe, fewer people have heard about Maid. That we have fallen down on market caps does not help. I am a big fan of this project but frustrated by the lack of social communication to the public.


Visa is obviously feeling a pinch coming so they are having a little tantrum


I remember those days fondly. Although the quality of conversation on there went downhill quickly as Poloniex grew :grin:

I think you’re spot on. That’s where I first heard about MAID and where I helped spread the word to lots of newcomers back then. Most people who were in crypto in 2015 have heard of MAID and do know a little bit about it. I agree that without that resource MAID got less and less exposure and fewer and fewer noobs found out about it.

It didn’t take long for the trollbox to start zooming so fast that you couldn’t read any of it after the first big ETH boom. I guess we’ll probably never see anything like it again with a market this size.

Me too but I guess the move to expand marketing is a recognition of that. We’ll just have to keep doing our own bit and wait to see what they come up with. The main thing is the code ofc. Still, my neighbours, postman, UPS delivery man, builder, tree surgeon, cleaner and almost all of my friends and family own MAID. There’s only so much I can with word of mouth, even with my huge gob :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Give me that 10k. It will go straight into MAID. The return on investment over the next 3 years will be staggering


Sorry but Dogecoin being 1.5 Billion now while MAID drifts into the 70’s is hilarious and sad.
Basically this, from Jabba:

Though I’m really surprised he or anyone had such emotion poured into the thought. It’s kind of rubbing off on me now, lol. Must take deep breaths (I swear I was perfectly calm before reading such emotion!).


Looking to buy more MAID on a 4-hour close above 6170. Stochastic oscillators are turning higher from an oversold condition and prices have retraced 50 percent of the rise from the Dec 8 low.


The fact MAID is slipping down the charts (77th now), highlights the greed of so many new investors to crypto. They want to get rich quick. Let them pump the garbage, I mean come on, dragon coin?? WTF? So much coin pumping going on. Thousands of people are going to be left devastated with a bitter crypto taste in their mouth when all this garbage comes tumbling down in favour of proper, leading edge projects, like here.

If MAID keeps doing what it’s been doing, I’m fairly confident my investment and patience will be rewarded.
I just want to use the safe network, cancel Dropbox and upload my precious family pictures and videos without the worry of some hacker holding me to ransom. Screw the doge’s and stellars.


Don’t forget TRON :rofl: Seriously if that thing can almost touch the top 5, SAFE should obliterate that quagmire of a market cap chart without getting out of second gear.


Back in 2016, I and probably many others here experienced the SAFE network first hand by running vault software, and were a part of a decentralised autonomous network. However, for the past year or so all we have seen is client software, which while fundamentally important, is probably not much more impressive to a newcomer than a myspace clone.
So while I know Maidsafe is producing a far superior product, I am not surprised all these scam projects with huge premines and dev teams solely focused on marketing and manipulation of the traders, and not on technical development, are overtaking MAID in market cap. And I don’t see why that is a problem for the development of the SAFE network.
When the SAFE network is alive, and users can participate and farm safecoin, then the world will see how revolutionary this software is, and the price will reflect that.
In the mean time those who believe in the project should invest in MAID while it is undervalued, and those who are only in it for short term gains are probably better jumping in on whatever the latest coin John McAfee and friends are pumping.


I wonder how easy it would be to set up a new community SAFENetwork? Perhaps a few new people need to see it to believe it.


Top 40 coins now have market caps over $1bn !


Hmmm - I don’t think the problem is people believing but simply greed and the buzz created around other projects (and if you see that one project just started and already made a *100 jump this obviously has to be an advanced technology compared to another project running for years and still hanging around at less =O )
Maybe the bubble first needs to pop before people start looking at ‘what’s in the box?’