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Very well said! For this to pan out, alpha 3 and 4 will need to deliver (to deliver the substance we all are here for). The momentum that they provide will start the wheels in motion of the much larger trend you outline.

2018 should be a fun year! :slight_smile:


I wish I could. :wink:

If I had felt less certain I would have done things that meant I could own more MAID now than I currently do. I’ve always been a bit more fixated on the destination that the journey though, to my expense. Meh, who can complain anyway… it’s almost 100x where I started at now and I’ve had insane luck from other crypto punts too.

I’d love to debunk my confidence. The people I told to invest 2 years ago probe me constantly about diversifying, but I always say the same thing, I can’t see any other endgame so if you want to defer to my judgement then BTFD HODL and accumulate… same advice that has made all the crypto-riche ™ their fortunes.


The answer to your question I think is here: Why pump something that you want to accumulate? Buy as cheap as possible and shake away most of the early ICO investors whenever you can. The strategy seems to work fine. You pump for selling and not for buying. When the time is come you pump it 10 000% and sell it to the public.

It’s too bad that there has been so little effort in marketing this project. We would have seen a higher gradual increase. where the public got a real opportunity to come in before the real repricing happens.


You nailed it IMO! Not sure how many of you were around during, or invested in, the .coms before the bubble poped. But I was there. Still I did alright, with a %20 annual gain. I had great advice back than from these investment bankers who have since retired.

The point is, like happybeing is saying, most of these crypto projects aren’t likely to delilver just like all those .coms that vanished over night.

The same thing could easily happen here in crypto land. Those investment bankers told me to look at the team, passion, and idea behind my investment, and they were right.

MAIDSAFE has got it right, and when the time comes I think you’ll see a ton of money pouring from other projects, those who get out in time, into MAID.


When you see up to 40% of some ATM’s budgets allocated to Marketing it may explain a lot


In my case its like That.


I think a decent strategy is get crypto rich however you can with slush money then intentionally pour it into something worth while (SAFE)!


I agree. For me the relatively low turnover tells me long term holders aren’t going to sell cheaply


HitBTC is again pulling MaidSafeCoin’s price down on


the Hit wallet was disabled for deposits / withdrawals for ages… if still so, then vol probably very low and not important…


Not only that, but on Polo someone is manipulating the price I think. I see three consecutive buy orders and three consecutive sell orders with exact equal amounts.

But I guess this is nothing new.


38% of the total volume (673 BTC) of the last 24 hours.
That is not that low, if you compare it with the average daily volume of last month: 524 BTC (=15738/30).
But on the other hand MaidSafeCoin is number 117 in the monthly volume ranking…


Yep, blatant manipulation to keep it low, prob by the same person(s). He/She would like for most of us long-term holders to panic sell to buy XRP or any other dross in the top twenty for a quick buck.


they must have enabled deposits then. finally …


Interesting article I came across. Crypto prices are crazy at the moment. That’s why it’s so important to get the Safenet product right. It will be one of the very few real world applications that rises from the ashes


From the article this makes sense to me, and why I believe MAID is the answer:

“So, as 2018 plays out we as traders and investors need to be aware of the dangers of centralized liquidity and move our liquidity off of them, supporting projects that will build the kind of infrastructure Bitcoin’s initial design was supposed to support.”

Too bad this guy didn’t mention MAID in the post. Oh the ignorance! :joy:


That’s isn’t mental… completely bonkers. People are going to hurt when reality checks in.


Because it is one of the few (if only) cryptos that has nothing to do with the blockchain?


Ripple? Are we on the same page?


Sure, and Ripple only has everything to do with the centralized banking system.