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Thanks neo, got it already. :slight_smile:


There are lots of threads on the forum about MAID storage. The most popular options are paper wallets or omniwallet.


I use Bittrex and it has Maidsafe. There are a couple others but haven’t used any of them. You can see a list of all the exchanges with Maidsafe here -


Thanks @upstate! So there is no passport or ID verification on Bittrex needed?


I was allowed two withdrawals without verifying on Bittrex, but now need to verify to withdraw anymore. doesn’t require an ID process but I don’t know if they have Maidsafe available at the moment because I can’t access the site with the New York State restriction BS. I’ve used Shapeshift in the past to exchange Bitcoin for Maidsafe.


Boah, no exchange without verification left. Guys we really need a decentralized exchange as soon as possible.


BarterDEX? I wrote them yesterday and asked them for a listing…


Nice one, but I can’t find out how to use Barterdex is there a “how to” link?

Edit: Found it


In terms of coins out performing coins, it’s true that MAID could do better. But compared to my buddies pathetic ETF trades on the stock market this year, MAID has kicked his ass.

The problem is that we live in a crypto investment bubble of outrageous gains and losses almost on an hourly basis.

On the other hand, we need to perform in that bubble too. But IMO MAID rising at a moderate pace, but rising, is acceptable for now.

I’m just saying that I bought some more MAID not long ago this year, and I’ve more then tripled my money in that short time. My stock market buddie is jealous. I told him he should at least put his money into BTC, but he failed at that too. By now he would have 3 million in a few short months.

Somtimes I think we are all brave pioneers here in crypto land. And MAID is still mostly undiscovered territory for most. But that is about to change.

The SAFE network is truly the new frontier, its significants is staggering.


Sadly safe net is owned by another entity.


I am right in thinking you can send MAID to any bitcoin address but to see the coins and move them at a later date you would then need to load the paper wallet into omniwallet?


I’m removing the links to SAFE dot Net since it has nothing to do with the SAFE Network or Maidsafe and people are wasting their time by clicking on the links.


Doesn’t look like we will see maid at under $1.00 anymore. :frowning:

Looks really comfortable above $1.00, trying to push through and remain above €1.00 at the moment.

ROI wise, at least doubling your money is a great return in the non-crypto world. Could have performed better , but buying in to other blockchain coins means giving up tickets on this awesome ride. Don’t feel unhappy about not holding other coins, really. It just feels like price rises in other coins like even Dogecoin are there to tempt weak hands /brains away from safecoin. Don’t fall for it.


Oh right, sorry, My mistake.


No problem - it is one or the reasons I am not sure about the SAFENetwork branding, as the abbreviated version is something else. Maidsafe is unique though, which is good, but people seem divided on whether they like that name.


I still have that 2400 MAID I accidentally sent to one of Poloniex’s BTC addresses. It’s been 20 days since I sent in a support ticket with all the information they need. Not a single acknowledgement, so far. I even offered them incentive to keep some of it for their troubles lol. To me, it feels like Poloniex is already a ghost town, waiting to show its true form. But they still want our identifications!


But does that really matter? You still have to sell your maid into btc.


I disagree. I see the opposite. I think they are just truly really under pressure by so much work. But if you read their updates you’ll see how much work they are progressing with.


You can use There you can withdraw up to 5K NZD without ID.