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IMHO this is being wealthy (tokens are worthless here, here is where I long to be most)

If you don’t need to work for money, DON’T diversify
If you need to work for money, diversify, but know when to return back to Maidsafecoin.


Happy New Year :wink:


Wow - $1.13 on Poloniex (without the supply issues of Bittrex).

If the price averages above $1 throughout January, who’s up for a low-key party in Troon / Ayr?

Or do people want to wait for @piluso’s original $2 party idea? :smiley:


Some big money flying in we are almost in the top 50 again now, which should help the project profile. I have noticed that within the top 50 the gaps between projects starts to widen. I suspect this is due to investors spreading out to the top 50 for some diversity.


2$ might be today.
I have been telling every whale I meet about MAID.
Not saying at all the pump is thx to me. Just that I have been doing everything I can at my scale to get the price up now.
I am done accumulating an looking forward to seeing the price higher.

Happy new year guys!


Close to 1 Euro/MAID atm.
Happy new year indeed :birthday:


The price rise makes no sense to me at this stage, but who is going to argue with it. Is someone spreading rumours about Alpha 3 release?


We need more visibility so if it has to go by a higher price, let’s do it.
We absolutely need to remain in the top 50.

The price must be defended by pumping shilling or whatever mean if we don’t want to fall into oblivion.
I am not taking about spreading rumors, just defend the bloody top 50. It’s the strict minimum imo.


I dont disagree with you.


I agree. It’s naive to think that price doesn’t matter. The market cap isn’t only a monetary measure but also an image.
Marketing has been a hot topic lately. Well, no mater how hard we try, I think we would struggle to sell MaidSafe if it continued to slide down the ladder out of top sixty and maybe one hundred one day. On the other hand, being in top ten, where MaidSafe used to be, is an advertisement on its own.


We will see $5 soon. Maid just finished multi year accumulation phase. Those who did not sell till now and those who bought in those dips are not common people. Those are smart people with very strong holding abilities. Whales bought already everything what they could at lower prices. They will slowly increase price with small dumps and small pumps and than it will explode. There is a reason why MAID did not pump earlier. Pumpers need to force holders to sell. And holders sell when other coins are pumping and the one they hold does not. This was very same with LTC at $4. Those big coins which pump after very long sleep are always the most profitable. Market on MAID is very thin. Once traders jump on this train, it will pump faster and faster.


There is a strong debate constantly happening in regard to Marketing (e.g. see Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign) and whether we should broaden our horizons in terms of attracting people now or wait until its closer to launch. I am not unbiased in this debate but would like to keep the debate in other threads and focus on poll responses on here. Judging by 2017, a year where we went from top 10 ( to under top 50, if we continue to neglect reaching out to the wider crypto community we will continue to slide down. So my question is where do we want to be this year; if you don’t care about marketing then does this have a floor and where is this floor at.

  1. Top 10

  2. Top 25

  3. Top 50

  4. Top 100

  5. Top 250

  6. Top 500

  7. Doesn’t matter how low down we sink this year even if we go below top 500


Joe’s Poll (Joe use the settings wheel in the posting box to add a poll)

  • Top 10
  • Top 25
  • Top 50
  • Top 100
  • Top 250
  • Top 500
  • Doesn’t matter how low down we sink this year even if we go below top 500

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I am going for 2. Top 25. I think we should’t sink below 50 and that sinking below 100 would be a disaster.


I pretty much agree. Below the top 50 and you start to get lost in the weeds and it will be harder to bw taken seriously and gain fresh interest, IMO. This is about perception of activity and progress as much as anything else.

I would hope for top 10 around launch, mind.


Ok sorry, I’m quoting myself, but it looks like I was pretty close! Happy New Year! :tada:


This is ture. Now we have some momentum we need to push forward with some excellent marketing. There are a lot of great ideas on the forum already, time to put this into practice.

I know a lot of investors who want to jump into MAID this year, and I think it’s going to happen. Lets get the word out. We all know MAID is going to the moon soon. Cheers!


I’d be very happy if MAID were to return to the top 10 ahead of launch, and why not with IOTA and ADA up there, but while pre-launch development is ongoing, I’m not particularly bothered about it.

Once the Safe network ia ready, I want it to become number 1, and expect it may well do if it performs well.

Whether MAID shoots to number 1 from 50, 5, or 500 doesn’t really bother me, but having world changing technology that works does.

I’d prefer my holdings to be worth more on paper now, and attracting devs may well be easier with more exposure, but the most important factor is getting the tech to the finishing line, which can happen irrespective of market cap ranking.

What happens after the tech is ready is another matter. Marketing will become critical for adoption. Why I don’t see rank as critical, I would certainly encourage anything that raises awareness of what SAFE can become, including activities that may lead it to rise up the market cap ranks.


It’ll hit $10 this year. If not more.


How many devs do Maidsafe have on board and what is the preferred number they are aiming for?