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Sorry for being off topic but…

Anyone have any recommendations for where to trade nasdaq instantly online.
Specifically amd.

Prob best to msg me rather than continue this in here.


just picked up some more future Safecoins at a nice price.
Anyone think Bitcoin can go straight to $20,000, overshoot maybe to $24,000 (?) ,
Reflection point for retracement in Feb 2018?

LOL, who knows, this is the
greatest personal development thing i’ve ever done.
I dinni know if i’m in Kansas or Oz at the minute :wink:


"But futures are scary things, and perhaps there is also a dark side coming to the Bitcoin market as now people can profit just as much from the [price] diving as they can from it rising…

…futures introduce a different type of playing field as whales, and these are whales that make Bitcoin whales look like shrimp, have an incentive to drive the market down."(

This impending dynamic is precisely what I’ve warned close friends and family about. I am not particularly bullish on BTC in the short term post 12/18 because the large institutions that are entering to take advantage of futures are highly incentivized to crash the market. Just think: they can depress prices and make profit while scaring weak hands to convert back to fiat and likely run for the “safety” of the banks these institutions control. It’s a win-win situation for the institutions. My hope is that enough wise people will shift their portfolios towards the alts.

Other Coins - Price & Trading topic

NiceHash got hacked. 60 million $ of bitcoin. I wonder what kind of effects it will have on prices.


At least MAID isn’t the only one been dumped. Its across the board. It’ll float back up again. Wouldn’t want to be one of the many thousands of noobs entering crypto right now. They must be pooing themselves.


Pfff yeah… yeah noobs… ‘lols’.

Been in crypto for ages so I’m not worried. What? No I’m not worried, I dunno what you’re goin on about. You’re the one that’s worried, I’m fine. I’m fine. It’s you that’s worried.


Best time to buy. I’m. A regular Joe so another $100 worth for me. Boom.


Did anyone else think the 500 btc of maid for sale up to 5000 sats would dissapear?

Sure looked like an order book designed to shake some weak hands to me.

Currently back at 40 btc worth.

Hodl your coins!


Well I bought some more with a little btc dust I collected from an account :slight_smile: At 2800 it was hard to pass up


I think we should change the name of the network to Bitcoin network. I am starting to believe if you don’t have bitcoin in your projects name, your technological improvement don’t mean anything. People only seem to care about the name. Bitcoin cash being the biggest proof. :stuck_out_tongue:


Has anyone dumped their sure-win-lottery tickets/coins in the panic?


I was going to. But bought more instead. Stupid low prices right now.


Buy the dips, don’t sell them. Plan to sell at a high, not when low and in a panic.


Buy fear sell optimism



I just checked the maidsafecoin market cap from 1 year ago. It was $30m. Today we are at about $230m - about 8x in 1 year.

While maidsafecoin has slipped against Bitcoin, it is still doing very well against virtually any other asset class.

Edit: At $30m it was about 8.5k satoshi. Now we are at about 3.5k satoshi. So, just under half as well as bitcoin. Not bad at all!


8x is great performance considering there’s no guarantee that the network will work reliably in the wild.

Of course I hope & expect it will, but the market doesn’t like uncertainty. Many of the higher market cap coins are already working, or have much less technical risk associated with them. This though gives the potential for huge rewards for early investors if the network happens to work as intended!


Marketcap rank for MAID is now 52nd. From top 10 to no longer in top 50 is sad, but I am so happy that we have a marketing team now to get the word out to folks how special this project is compared to the herd of interchangeable blockchain projects.

I have no doubt we will be in the top 10 again, on the way to #1 in the further future. Here’s what our price would be, to be at the following ranks

40th rank requires a $324,250,743 marketcap, MAID price would be $0.71
30th rank requires a $456,163,401 marketcap, MAID price would be $1.01
20th rank requires a $961,368,599 marketcap, MAID price would be $2.12
10th rank requires a $4,203,667,247 marketcap, MAID price would be $9.29
5th rank requires a $10,573,541,280 marketcap, MAID price would be $23.36
2nd rank requires a $45,782,902,217 marketcap, MAID price would be $101.17

Based on this, knowing where we should fairly be valued compared to other projects, $10 seems easily achievable, even if no more money were to enter the crypto space.


I’m tempted to sell my entire MAID stack tbh. The way it keeps dumping on every BTC pump, it’s entirely predictable now. Just buy back in when maid hits minus 1k sats. I think that’s where it’s heading. Don’t mean to sound negative or anything, it just seems to be that pattern with maid.


Fwiw, I completely ignore anything to do with Crypto Market Caps and probably will continue to do so until we pass Alpha 4. Funnily enough I sleep pretty well at night on my stash as result…

Any anxiousness on our own part before then for recognition/attention is understandable but not really needed particularly given the lack of any other similar comprehensive solutions out there under development. We all know this, but understandably get a bit frustrated looking over the fence and thinking we see greener grass…hint hint it’s mostly not green, and that that is green won’t be that way forever :slight_smile:

Maybe don’t follow emotion by offloading and gambling with your whole stack. As you indicated the movements have been pretty easy to follow lately and pretty simple to make profit off of. Look at the pattern as a positive for now instead of negative. Just always be smart and lock a chunk of MAID away that you won’t touch just in case :wink:


TBH. By the time iv taken my coins out of cold storage, sent BTC to omni wallet to transact them. Sent them to an exchange, sold them for BTC. The price will go back up!! Think I’m been a tad emotional too. :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️