MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Well PDC trade volume is so low that even 10 BTC seems huge. It is almost double to daily trade volume. :wink:


We have had a couple of 50BTC+ days though. Hopefully there will be many more much bigger days in the coming months and years. :wink:


Would anyone expect a BTC correction in the upcoming weeks? How do you think this could affect the short term price of MAID/BTC and MAID/USD? Thanks! Just trying to pick up extra MAID in the process


This is the great unknown, with CME, CBOE and likely NASDAQ chiming in over the next few weeks/months it is going to turn into the Wild Wild West.

What that means for btc and alts including MAID…well honestly anybody who gives you an answer is largely a mug as it’s terra incognita.

Will the shorters or the longs win out? How will that race affect MAID? It can only be a mostly speculative guess. My guess is either way you’ll need a strong stomach and a calm head as the money will be flying about early in 2018 :slight_smile:


I think people have been expecting it for 3+ months now. But more people keep adding to BTC so its crystal ball stuff and some think its hitting much higher highs and others think its the bigger fool buying.

Well in the past we’ve seen MAID/BTC price rise when BTC drops.


I agree - it seems worth putting a couple stop losses and leveraging a position in case of an upcoming correction. Market crashes are great opportunities to pick up some cheap coins.

I have a hard time understanding how can people continue to buy at these prices, but that’s crypto all along. In the meantime, let’s hope MAID grows closer to the 10k sat mark.


Well when btc was like 10K BTC for one pizza people were saying what you just said when it rose over the dollar and rose over 10$ and rose over 100$ and rose over 1000$ To many its just relative and hoping it will continue to rise backed by the increased interest in BTC. Governments talk about doing this or that to BTC and the public take notice that BTC must be worth something.

In other words the government is giving free publicity to BTC and showing that it must be good because they fear it enough to try and regulate it.


My 70 year old mum literally just sent me an email expressing that opinion.

“i know, they can’t stand having an unregulated money system that they can’t manipulate, and pretending it’s a problem because criminals use it, whereas their real worry is that ordinary people are using it!.. hopefully their ‘btc project fear’ will fail, maybe it shows how afraid they are of it?”

This is a woman who reads the Daily Mail and told me I’d lose everything when I invested in bitcoin in 2015.

The world is changing fast!


Woah, check out the volume and price in Korea!!!

Holy Cow!!! No wonder MAID (and most other alts) took a hit in their btc price.


Crazy year.
Think i chose the wrong yr to short btc, started at $1500.
But as they say, never be ashamed of taking a profit.
I am getting more and more convinced that if btc stays at $10k + we should run out of ppl who will sell maid at these low sat prices.
Hopefully our next rally will be something to tell tales about.
Even not reaching an ath in btc could easily be a dollar or two.


With this kind of money floating around and feverish fomo fuelled investing I think that is a very modest forecast. I don’t even think about the $1-$2 mark any more. I think $10-$100 by the time real SafeCoins launch seems quite realistic these days.


Is everyone else going to ignore the fact that @Jabba ‘s Gma sounds like the coolest gamgam ever??


I’m convinced that when maid starts marketing it’ll easily cross $5. Just look at substratum. FOMO is all time high.


So what did you guys do to the price while I slept last night :persevere::disappointed_relieved: Dropped like 9 cents.


Someone wanted BTC for their MAID. (hint hint that guy who put 30+ million into poloniex) I wonder how many he sold.

We can hope. At that price even my small holdings will be respectable.


The hype around BTC right now is great for MAID. When whales fall for it, and sell for BTC, every time this happens they are spreading the coin around, creating more liquidity each time. They are putting it into the hands of those who will likely need to hold the coin longer term to see huge gains. This can only lead to higher prices.

The BTC craze is cleaning house, so to speak.

On the other hand, new money is poring into crypto all the time, and I don’t think the party is going to be over soon. Over all the tide will keep rising.


Im hoping/thinking that a large chunck of profits should flow into alts at or around the 18th. A correction will come to BTC and thats when I expect it to be.
Not saying it wont go mental again shortly after 2018 is going to be an exciting year.


still killin’ it in terms of what it was a couple months back, even with this dip in satoshi in the past several hours; on top of all the positive tide-increasing talk everyone is now posting about.


What is special about the 18th?


This maybe?


Jabba…even at 10 i would be happy. If it hits USD100 i am going to have a heart attack hahahahaha