MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I remember when 8 billion seemed like alot :stuck_out_tongue:

car days in SF haha


In late 2015 the entire cap of crypto was less than that of Bitcoin Gold today?!

Been a crazy ride!!!


Does that not worry you a little?

I can see many scanarios where alot of bagholders are gonna see that supposedly accumulated wealth dissapear in the blink if an eye.

I feel safe with this team / goals, i think were solid.
But I also fear many ppl will get burnt badly.


Seems like a pretty much guaranteed part of any major disruption. A lot of people lose and some win.

I think we’re still a long way from people ‘losing’ though. I don’t see most of these things running out of steam any time soon. This thing is really just getting started, crazy as that sounds given where we are now.


Well I’d expect that time to come if people stop putting new money into crypto. We’ve heard others say that investment type funds are now putting money into crypto and that is a huge bag holder to be putting funds into crypto.

I’d say some of those crypto bag holders have been taking money out of crypto along the way. Those 500$ to 1000$ drops we’ve seen must have a component of people taking profits.

Yes MAID/SAFE are still in the real cheap bracket and yet to have a real rise. The overall rise till now has been the rising tide effect. Just imagine when MAID/SAFE gets a real influx of people wanting to get into SAFE.


I cant believe this gem is still so cheap… i think the most undervalued coin with biggest potential gains.

Not because of the benefits of a p2p internet but because the coin itself will provide a better user experiance to the masses as its instant and no tx fees involved. Its so damn obvious, i cant believe people overlook it.


Im surprised at today’s price, given turnover hasn’t increased much. Anyone have any views?


MAID’s price? I guess a rising tide raises all sea-worthy ships


It is all about the way you focus :blush:

I love your focus David, thanks for the positive vibe you always bring!


I dont know if you guys remember but i was a heavy monero investor and have made my returns, converted all to safe. Life is good :slight_smile:

Said monero was amazing on this forum and i got talked down people saying im an idiot shill blah blah blah went from 11 to near 200. You guys should listen to the crypto master and invest all your money in safe now or regret it.


I think the biggest challenge with investing in maidsafecoin is timing. I think most of us have huge faith in the team delivering, but for traders, there have certainly been better moves in the short term.

I’m happy just to wait it out. It is still, by far, the most interesting project in the space. I may wish I’d punted something into ethereum at ICO. I may wish I’d held more Bitcoin too. But all things considered, maidsafecoin has done pretty well. When it is completed, there will be a boat leaving that I definitely don’t want to miss!


Indeed. I have a little here and there in projects that may go to the moon. But this here is Starship Enterprise, I feel nothing watching the little rockets take off while we prepare for interstellar travel.


We pushed through $0.50 woooo!



Looks like a BTC to Maidsafecoin is about due. I’m thinking the 10k BTC will encourage a few people to diversify and maidsafecoin is due a rebalance (from charts like yours).


Chicago mercantile exchange, futures market is now trading BTC. A huge in flow of captital. I think it’s causing the rising tide of MAID. BTC is now a commodity, lol


Top 17 all in the 1bn+ club… it doesn’t seem long ago that a top 10 position didn’t even result in a 1bn market cap!


Not long till its the top 50.


We were in the top 10 with just under 10 million market cap about 2 years ago…


I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing! I hope maidsafecoin will be back in the top 10 at some point!