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I certainly hope so, but please take no offence if I remain a wee bit sceptical.
Words don’t matter now, words are cheap.
Just make it work for real. That’s all that matters. There’s a whole community invested in you and by “invested” I don’t even mean monetary wise any longer (although I wouldn’t want to underestimate that aspect either) but there are great hopes, expectations, trust and belief involved.


I don’t take offence and agree words are cheap, but the weekly improvements are not cheap, all the wages are not cheap and the 12-15 years of my own life are not cheap either.

Which without them we would do nothing and the impossible network would remain … impossible. It is pure grit determination and positive outlook that keeps us at this. Not wishing to let down anyone is a big driver, the investors/supporters for sure are an impact there on us wishing to do what we say, but the needs of all the world’s people is a much larger driving force here.

For me personally this is a done deal, there is way more to be done, but SAFE is in the bag in my eyes, it’s just time, but there is much much more to be done. Things like

  • Endpoint security
  • Global satellite network
  • Mass free education
  • Worldwide Innovation and invention centres
  • General AI and its impact on securing and making the network and users more efficient, but secure.
  • AI connectivity and sharing of neural networks and new data.
  • Clean up the farce of health records
  • Get rid of the lunacy of restricted data and information that can benefit people

This list goes on a long way and this is merely the beginning, with the resources we may have after launch here, then these steps all need attended to and quickly. Launch of SAFE is only the very start of the journey.


Thank you!

Woody Allen once said: the ones who are successful are the ones who show up every day, not the geniuses”

Yet we also have the geniuses working on this.

Now if I wanted to bake a pie for success, I think we have the recipe. Don’t you?


I totally agree, and even though it’s a price-related thread, I have no shame claiming price is not relevant to me at this point if I see progress on a weekly basis. The last dev updates have let me down a bit, especially on the routing part, but so far I keep faith in David.

I think also one point that is never mentioned within the community is business continuity. What would happen, god forbids, if something happened to David ?


Another quote from Woody Allen i heard somewhere this week, which reminded me of MaidSafe:

If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.


Agree wholeheartedly on the first part, but the thing is I have been seeing progress on a weekly basis and have been super pleased with the Dev updates post Alpha 2 :slightly_smiling_face:

So is it just one or maybe both of us that are completely bonkers here then? Nah, just joking around, tbh we all have very different views and perceptions of things and how ‘we’ think they should be done as well as communicated.

‘We’ all sometimes forget that ‘we’ don’t really count too much when it comes to SAFE and the end destination. Hard to swallow yes, but each of our own fears and anxieties whether it’s related to time, development, price or whatever, just doesn’t really matter or come into it on this one.

Someone else mentioned in another post they just wanted realism, well realism can only ever be self administered…just a thought I guess :slight_smile:


Viv, Nick and the team would see that what has been started was finished. I think we’re close enough now that this could be finished without David, although it might take a bit longer :wink: .


This is good to hear. Recent updates suggested there were still significant challenges with the datachains design. As we have limited visibility of tasks remaining and their dependencies, it is easy to assume the worst.

As you say, it is the impossible network, so forgive us for being a little paranoid! :slight_smile:


I would not have any hassle for @Viv @nicklambert and their teams taking this up. It’s far enough on that launch of SAFE is pretty much understood in terms of remaining parts. Just after this small data chain part I would say I am much less (if any) of a requirement. This is a big issue for me that continuity is natural and the project does not depend on me, I think we are there or very very close to that.


Good to know but we sincerely would like to see you stick around for years and years to come. :slight_smile:


Oh I will be! SAFE is stage 1 for me, I have much bigger plans that need SAFE to work :smiley:


@Traktion they thought that I was making a joke, well here is the laughing stock.

Salt is being sold on it’s platform for $25, but on exchanges it’s sold for less than $5, I wonder what that means, I can’t do the math :thinking: btw this is NOT investment advice it’s just a math problem…


Holy, when did total crypto market cap become close to 300Billion? Just gets better and better.
(People’ve predicted MAID to be a top contender in the sphere… maybe almost there, despite block chain.)
Thinking communal disappointment stems from knowing you’ve maid the right choice, but then, need patience.
Take some time to enjoy life instead, work on self-improvement, research, health, work out! Sniff the pastures.

D. Irvine must’ve skipped Liking this because he doesn’t have time to do any of that :wink: . Except research!
Though everyone else would improve from taking those steps.


Its frustrating waiting for safe network to be finished, its also human to be a pissed when you work out what you would have in dollars if you had sold your maid for btc earlier this year. Those are inevitable thoughts and money really gets the ego going.

This thing is getting finished and it is going to pretty much destroy blockchains. I cant see how it cannot. When we think about the amount of secure data transaction that are going to be needed in the future then safe network can be the only solution.

I want to make money but not so I can spend it on pointless material objects. I want to make money from this so I can be part of the change that this network can bring. I want to be wealthy enough to create systems that improve the world. And that’s the reason why early investors need to make money from this. Increasing safecoin value will be the perpetual motion machine that grows the network.


I have no idea, but something smells fishy! :slight_smile:


The Salt tokens marketcap will be a minimum $3B, because people buying on exchanges will drive up the price to their desired membership price, what an elegant way to do it.


I think Maidsafe now is like Tesla back then. Things that they’re trying to build is deem wacko and people think they’re insane. Along the way there are many other attempts by others on similar products but never really took off. Finally when the model S was produced it blew the market away in many aspects.

I always ask myself, is safenet a good idea, if it is then it’s worth the wait. Cheers everyone


Crypto cap at 300 billion. Not long ago I remember it being 70 billion. Will the rising tide carry maid upwards? I wonder?


Be prepared for many such disappointments. The dev updates are focusing on the current and future needs rather than all that has been done.

For instance in routing, there will always be work to be done and if one focuses on that work to be done then disappointment will ensue. But if you look at where routing is today, its working in alpha 2. What is needed is integration of new things like data chains. Routing is one of those modules that will always need work, and this will continue while work is being done on SAFE core code.

So I suggest, don’t be so concerned over routing and focus on the other areas. You can be sure that the devs will worry about routing more than enough for all of us.


You just need some chips to go with that :slight_smile: