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You might be right. Anyways it’s obvious that maid needs to do more marketing to get the word out there. It’s hurts to see people considering projects like sub as their savior


There is a lot to be taken from this Q&A with Dan Morehead CEO of Pantera Capital. Some vital points from someone who’s entire company is focused on investing in this space is that one of the great use cases for the decentralised model is data storage (sadly he notes Filecoin)
But more importantly he states how few of all these “great” projects are actually being built or have actual companies and code behind them and are not simply fancy ideas and a whitepaper with 2 guys in a bedroom.
Grand ideas are great but bringing them to life is a whole other story, thats why I back a team that shows progress every day.


MaidSafe has been working on this project since before even the iPhone was in existence. They already have significant parts of the network and the technology running right now. They will still need a couple of years to get this done.

It is impossible for any other company to do what they have already done, in such a short amount of time, and beat them with just a whitepaper.

Perhaps a multi billion dollar company that has endless resources like Apple could do it fast. But the mainstream has no interest in an autonomous network.

Safe works with datachains, not blockchain, it doesn’t really belong with cryptos.

My tip: keep buying maid, and wait!


If you are a frequent visitor of this forum you would have bumped into this statement countless of times. It wouldn’t be literally the same, of course, but it would mean the same thing. Like how MaidSafe is ten years old, or how it was conceived before Bitcoin, for example.
But why would you bring that up if you wanted to portray the project in a positive light?! You say it, as if it supports your point and it really doesn’t.
Your statement belongs to the arsenal of the MaidSafe sceptics.
The way I see it, every day passing without the promised network undermines the credibility of MaidSafe. Timing is at the forefront of the criticism MaidSafe is subjected to and justly so.
Maybe if one has had a decade and hasn’t done it yet, they can’t, and they never will. I do not suggest that this is the case, but certainly is a possibility that should be acknowledged.
I am not looking forward to reading how MaidSafe has been fifteen years in the making and I doubt anyone else is.


So much whining. I don’t understand. If you don’t think SAFE will deliver, don’t invest. If you already bought MAID at a cheaper price, sell; there are plenty of people willing to take it off your hands. If you bought at a previous peak, sell when we cross 70 cents again. Regardless, perpetual moaning is unproductive.


I started to get a real interest in MAID a little less than a year ago, and decided to start investing seriously during the February or March dip of this year, at around $0.13cts.

Back then, it was consensual among the community that we were 1 year away from beta at max.Please @Michael_Hills don’t say we should be patient and let them another couple of years to deliver. Datachain-based testnets should come asap now. You are not doing yourself any good by publicly saying 2years is ok. Time is definitely a factor and this market is competitive.

Maidsafe has been working for more than 10y on this tech and they are addressing some terribly tough problems with an innovative approach. After all these years, what bothers me the most is that maidsafe is still trying to find a way to make routing and datachain work when it should have been completed a long time ago already since it’s the core part of the project and what will allegedly make them scale.

We are all very lucky that bitcoin is going through the roof because it guarantees that the project is funded for now. We could have imagined a scenario where this would have not been the case. Institutional money is entering the crypto market. They should try to benefit from these inflows, do some marketing, strike deals with banks or Industrials. I have yet to see this happen so far.

I am dying to see data chain and vault from home work. I am ready invest much more only when I see it. But we should not show complacency in terms of implementation and time to deliver them because these parts are long due.

As per the 30mn coins, on polo, It’s just a silly move. I would never risk so much money on such a shady website at once. This whale must have felt really uncomfortable this week with the Omni problems following the tether hack and the difficulties to secure the MAID because of disabled wallet…


Substratum is all marketing and no product. Good luck


The one thing I agree with, is that Maidsafe is at a critical point. The next 6 months are crucial. Note to all Developers - Keep your heads down and bums up and remember we are right behind you.

Christmas break? What Christmas break?


Yes it also concerns me seeing that the team is still figuring out the nut bolts of routing and data chain (and not ready for implementation yet) after 10+ years of research :disappointed:


You’re right. I don’t have a crystal ball. I don’t know how long it will take. It could take a lot less time too. I’ll stop making predictions. :wink:


I’d say this is a case of knowing the path and walking the path being different. Datachains wasn’t conceived at ICO time, but was realised as necessary later on. Maybe this is a worry or maybe it is just the nature of exploratory development in a new direction?

I would like to see more engagement outside of this community, but there is still nothing out there or a similar scope. I don’t see any direct competitors, but I do see projects which offer a subset of features.

I do think that the alpha 2 buzz has passed though and the test nets need to start nailing goals. I would also like to see a check list being worked through to demonstrate a sharp focus in the blockers. Without a roadmap it is even more critical to illustrate priorities and progress.


10 years of research is simply not easy to explain to people who never tried to do such a project. Generally academic research and practical doing are different worlds. It is simply impossible to research something like this without doing, making a lot of mistakes and throwing many work years into garbage. That is how business generally works. Whitepaper with a direct road to success is a dream and never works. Every software developer knows that there are often unexpected problems which are impossible to solve without completely new approach. The bigger the project is, the more unexpected problems pop up. The more problems, the more time and money is required. The more time it takes the more better software and libraries are created which solve problems that you had to solve yourself in the past. The more you know, the more new options you get during time, the more you need to refactor old code. This project is old, but it does not mean the most functionality is not written now. The curve of functionality is exponential. First you have to solve core functions, once you have core working you can add functionality. Each functionality makes adding new functionality easier. MAID with ALPHA released has moved from core to functionality development. It was critical point. Datachains, waults from home are important part but those does not stop other development. Those can be developed in parallel, hence it does not matter those are not ready yet. I am ready to go all in with my crypto holdings into MAID, once beta is released. But I already am 70% in MAID. I increased my holdings heavily last months and for first time ever I am sleeping well with my crypto holdings. This team has awesome quality and I am sure they will deliver working product. They are under heavy pressure and the best way how to help them is to believe into them.


One issue with this statement. Datachains is very young in the scheme of things and long ago it was not even being developed, let alone finished. Routing will be worked on even after launch. Look at the internet backbone, its routing mechanisms are still being worked on to get maximum efficiency. Routing has been working and is used in alpha 2, just not the final routing we will see at launch. You picked 2 areas that warrant the least criticism and least ability to point out any delays.

As long as they didn’t convert the BTC from the BTTF fund raising all at once back then. :wink: I am pretty confident that they didn’t

Which has a lot of us wondering and speculating as to why. From them sitting for years to all in, my guess is still that he is selling them off.

This. From my experience with R&D is that it is just that - Research and Development. Not all components are necessarily known early on. Datachains was one of them. Datachains was really started in earnest this year and not bad research time to be developing it now.



To that there is this

It will be hard for any member of this community to say that they have not at some point or another been frustrated but then Im sure the devs are as eager as we are. We are all here for the same reason at the end of the day, mind blowing potential!!


If you bought into Maid 6 months ago, you are up 50%. Try getting that in the fiat world. Boy some people want it all and want it all now


Yeah I think savings accounts are giving 0.0007% interest. So slightly less :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it’s gotta be negative if you count fiat inflation.

So basically, yeah, crypto & maid all the way forever :slight_smile:

It kinda seems unfair that anyone would ever trade BTC etc for fiat. So any price, no matter how high, is a bargain for crypto :open_mouth: fiat :-1: lol


SafeNetwork will give an eternal memory to mankind … Even that alone is worth another 10 years of waiting… Even without profit, just to be alive when it happened!


Right on brother. Keep the faith


Nowhere have I suggested I do not think MaidSafe will deliver.
I do not know if they will, neither do you, or anyone else.
I have invested, I do not regret it, I hope for success and I support the project.
Don’t interpret my posts as hostility please. As I have stressed in the past, all I advocate for is realism, so please don’t point your guns at me when I tell you to hold your horses.
Religious belief and “MAID is going to $500” is not something the community benefits from.


I do :wink: … it’s in our nature to deliver and we will, we pretty much have, just need to polish off a few points of implementation and perhaps make some API changes to interoperate with others a bit better. We will deliver though, every week :smiley: