MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I always like to remind myself there’s only some 12k wallets atm with MAID. Most people have multiple wallets and a bunch belong to traders who’ll eventually dump.

So really your on board and locked in with only a few thousand other people who are all waaay ahead of 99.9% of the rest of the whole entire world. You’ve bet on a potential trillion dollar+ monster coming to fruition…you’ve done ok so far I reckon :wink:


Only 12k!!! Didn’t know about it. 12k is so insignificant considering current market and the number of new investors in crypto.


guys, i think its over. substratum is going to achieve what we’ve been taking a long time to achieve. i used to be supportive of maidsafe taking their time, but now i realize there are going to be other projects that are going to achieve first what maidsafe is trying to do. by the time maidsafe is fully up and running, these projects like substratum would have already gotten their foothold.

To Mr. Nick, i’ve come to realize that time is actually a huge factor. i used to say that its okay that the maidsafe team are taking their time, it means they are committed to release a flawless product. But now i realize time certainly cant be taken for granted and is definitely an important factor. we cant be taking our own sweet time anymore Mr. Nick, we certainly cant.


Substratum has different goals and no code or product available for download.


Please continue to be distracted by the pretty ethereum lights and offload your MAID, no judgements :wink:


Their white papers a joke. I ve seen it all before. White papers that say how they will do this that and the other but offer no explanation how. Synereo was the same. Substratum may well pump, it may well do something but its blockchain and not a direct competitor.


After I read this article I found maidsafe, and I’m very happy!



I would bet a lot on that not being the case. Oh wait, I’ve already done that! :wink:

Show me a project ‘like’ maidsafe that enables you to secure and own your data (the actual data, not identifiers on a blockchain)? I’ve not found one yet and I’ve looked pretty hard. A few make the claim, but none live up to that claim in their design.

BTC is disruptive because it enables you to own and control your money. MAID will do the same for data. Blockstack, filecoin, substratum etc etc WILL NOT.


Another 400K MAID dumped. So its around 2 million now sold if I’m right about that 30+ million was sent to poloniex to sell.


Hard to say imo, the drops are coinciding with BTC rises so could as easily be margin and day traders arbing BTC. He might not have touched them yet.


Me too…waiting for that day eagerly


Well you are somewhat correct but the current MAID supply is only 10% so there is plenty chance for the rest.


Of course…just not this cheap :wink:


Not for sure but as I have seen till now, MAID has a long way to go say another 2 years expected. There are projects which would give higher returns within that short time so if you can plan well you can buy a lot more MAIDs with your current amount. Though I came to know about MAID only few months ago and holding all I have bought but still when I analyse I see all my stocks are bought at 15k satoshi on an average which would easily give me 3 times more if I could have hold as BTC. But anyway I am long time supporter and holder.


Nothing wrong with your reasoning :slight_smile:

Your wise to keep your eyes open in the short term plenty of better bets around most likely I agree.

Should be very interesting if the crypto market continues to plough full steam ahead in the next couple of years. There will likely be much more money in the pockets of the whales so if we can see SAFE reach Beta there is the possibility of an unimaginable pump.

For better or worse anything is possible in crypto.


I think they did a fantastic job in marketing. Their token was less than 10 cents during ICO and now it’s almost 30.cents. If you look at their slack and Reddit site you will see that people are actually exited and eagerly waiting for the beta next quarter. If they deliver something, I’m pretty sure the price is gonna hit a dollar soon. Sometimes I worry that what if project like this already build up an ecosystem and mass people start using it… and what if at that point nobody cares about maid. I could be wrong though.


I think maidsafe recognise that the project needs a bit more buzz. @SarahPentland has indicated that this is an area to improve on, but we as a community should also help where we can (share updates on reddit/LinkedIn/facebook/etc, upvote, etc).

However, all alternatives being proposed are blockchain derived. Many have nothing funtional to demonstrate. Maidsafe have demonstrated and share code openly for an autonomous data network, using close group consensus. This is orders of magnitude more impressive and useful.

The benefits will become obvious in time. I do think it is important for safe net to be positioned as something different though. Getting lumped in with these blockchain projects is diluting the message somewhat, IMO.


The architecture is completely different. It’s like comparing a semi-autonomous car to a fully autonomous car. They are built from a different design from the ground up, although they promise similar results. There will be certain apps that can ONLY run on safe. Thats when people will pay attention.


Like I mentioned before it could definitely pump because they have good marketing but that doesn’t mean it will be better than safe net. I haven’t seen any evidence of how they will achieve what they say. But this is crypto so fundementals don’t matter short term. Long term though they do. And when the bubble bursts only the strong will survive.


Oh yes I agree, hard to say, merely speculation. Except this drop seems to have occurred before the rise in BTC (just). So either forewarned or lucky or I just got the times slightly wrong :slight_smile: