MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Now that MAID has risen for a few hours, expect a drop since that big holder who transferred their stash to poloniex has been taking advantage of rises to dump some MAID. I noticed that he is being smart about it (this assumes those sell offs were him) and only selling off a few at a time. When you have 30+ million to sell a few can be 100K


Seems he and others on-que took advantage of the quick rise in MAID to get BTC as it rose to 8300


It is impossible to sell 34 millions without big pump or big dump. It is simply too much. Selling slowly does not help. If there is not another whale buying it slowly, than he would be selling to daytraders and those do not want to hold but trade for profit. Daytraders do not trade big volumes on dumped coin with low volume. I think, those fluctuations up and down are not his exit strategy. He is simply playing long term game. I think there is more than one whale on Maid, so any mistake one makes, other will take advantage of. The other thing is, he could exit his holdings at 30k satoshi 2 years ago, or at 20k half year ago. Why would he sell now, when big alts started to grow already?


Maybe he just really needs the money in a short/midlong term?
If you spend nothing from what you got, what’s the point of having it?


Why did he move his 30+ million to poloniex. You need to ask him. All we know is that its silly to move 30+ million to poloniex just to leave them sit. Too many to be helpful for margins on MAID.

Its not hard to sell millions over time if you are willing to be patient. And he showed he is able to be patient since he didn’t move his stash for 3 years.

I agree with @draw, he has decided to convert his MAID. He bought at around 2-3 cents and now selling at 40 cents. Not a bad profit.


But why move that many to an exchange in one go at all? If you plan on drip selling them, why risk putting them all on an exchange at once? Moreover, why signal to the market that you are about to sell a huge quantity and risk depressing the price?

This seems a bit like a sell wall strategy. You put it up to scare people away from buying, in the expectation that the sell wall will go lower and drop the price with it.

Could our whale just be using a creating way to scare the market into not buying, allowing them to accumulate more? Perhaps we will see a big sell wall appear on Polo soon?


I can imagine many scenarios why to have coins on poloniex and not willing to sell them. For example, if you want to make a pump, you need others to sell first. So big sell walls are the easiest way how to spread fear. I remember multiple pumps on coins, that were priced at 1 satoshi with sell walls of hundreds of BTC at 2-5 satoshi, which pumped to 300+ satoshi. Those huge sell walls were fake just to help pumper to buy coins cheap.


Ha! Great minds, etc… :smiley:


Crazy manipulated crypto market. We need more liquidity. Whales otta sell off, and spread the coin around.

I do think that once SAFE goes public, Safecoin in circulation, network growing, and SAFE exchanges rolling, that sell walls and price barons will be the thing of the past. We need to get liquid.


When Maid pumps there’s some show off who’s been chucking 2000 BTC buy order walls 20% or so under the price.

Maybe he moved them there because he saw it last time and would like to take that whale’s BTC if he does it again?


I think, those big buy walls were after that deposit not before. Also I hope, he will keep price down a little bit. I first need my ETH to earn money, than move it into LTC, than earn there and than into MAID, lol:) Small dump sup 5k for 3 weeks is very welcomed:)


they were Months/Years ago. That deposit is recent.

I find it odd that he moved it after years and then does nothing? Quite a risk for a sitter to leave it all on poloniex waiting for something. I am not convinced its to place a sell wall because why didn’t he do it over the last 3 years?


I wouldn’t say nothing - it has fed this debate. Maybe this is better than any sell wall?


Don’t want to hijack current discussion topic but don’t know where else to post this as it’s a trading topic-

Will maid hit 500 USD anytime soon! This guy got most of his prediction correct.


It’s an older article from memory and yeah he’s fairly accurate with his picks in hindsight :+1:

Well, soon? probably not, but maybe best to look at it this way… of all the current projects with a $1 million+ market cap only MAID really has the ‘potential’ to go 1000x from today.

Should be enough info for you to sleep soundly :wink:


I will just retire of MAID goes up that much! Wishing for that day badly lol


So is my wife but mainly for other reasons :shopping::shopping_cart:


Sad part is if I invested the same on some other projects then I could retire right now :frowning: Kinda hard to console myself when I think about it. Anyways lets see what happens. I am still positive about maid.


Well just buy and hold for a couple of years and don’t miss out again.


Coulda bought winning lottery tickets too ya? :stuck_out_tongue: missed out huh

I’d rather be in projects with the most overall potential