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34 millions as margin is not an explanation. Since there are not enough buy orders on MAID, it can’t be used as margin leverage. If this was the plan, than few millions would be enough. For me, the only explanation is planned pump&dump or manipulation for cheap buying with big sell walls. I of course do not believe in a dump only:) There are idiot whales, but this one is smart, he bought into MAID, he has to be smart:)


Without sounding like a jerk i’m sitting here patiently waiting for a dump with my bag open ready to catch the cheap flying MAID :sunglasses:

I know both Antifragile and Jabba know the game so this isn’t news to them (more for anyone new reading this thread) but whatever move this individual makes there isn’t really too many long term scenarios that hurt anyone but the traders and panic sellers so for the most part as followers/believers we’re cool.

The direction they are taking with the 34 million, shorting, dumping/pumping, manipulation etc meh it’s fine tbh for any hodlers, just a bump in the road nothing more.

If they choose to dump stronger hands eventually collect most in the mid term at a cheaper price. Nature takes it’s course I guess.

Maidsafe if they are smart (and I think they are) have benefited from the boom this year as well as diversifying their assets so a lower Maid price shouldn’t be more than a short term blip for them should a sell off happen.

It’s likely this same individual will return when the project is de-risked with more capital (seriously if this dude is a VC who wouldn’t want to punt on this project) which we all would benefit from.

I could be totally off the mark but there is a really awesome buying window now for people that have come into the project in the last 12 months. To reach Alpha 3 the team have a number of difficult tasks ahead of them which are hard to explain to someone not versed in engineering/coding. I have 100% confidence the team will smash it outta the park but keeping our feet on the ground most likely we aren’t suddenly going to be knocking on the door of testsafecoin for a good chunk of next year maybe longer (solely my opinion but a genuine and honest one),

So as a holder how do you lose by these 34 million being messed/played with?
A dump = add to the bag, price doesn’t matter to you if you are a holder and a supporter
A pump/dump = par for the course for MAID in many ways, long termers in crypto are used to it and it has noting to do with the end destination for us so meh weed out the
loose hands that’s fine tbh.

Maidsafe have only recently indicated they have a comfortable funding runway to release, sooooo the only people that will really get burnt by these big numbers moving around are panic sellers or traders and as a supporter and long term hodler i’m chilled with both/either being burnt (sorry if your a trader nothing personal).

I guess the one issue is how would we continue to attract people to develop on the network when your missing the price action to draw them into the project. Hmmmmm, well that’s a question that likely doesn’t have a clear defined answer just for now.

Interesting times ahead for sure…


Your post made me think.

Price action is a form of marketing isn’t it?

Crashing hard, recovering hard, cycling through these phases will generate interest in one target of person type.


Interesting to see the shift in BTC market in this pump. Most of the volume and pressure seems to be coming from EUR and USD trades, The Koreans seems to be holding it back a little this time and KRW exchanges are lagging by >$100.

Not far off the $250bn total crypto cap now?! >3% of gold. The real flippening is getting closer and closer :grin:


Not only BTC, this time BTC pump does not come with alt coin dump. ETH, ETC, XMR and even LTC are pumping too. Altcoins dump is over. I just bought more MAID. This seems to be the last chance to buy it cheap. Alts started to pump already and MAID will follow.


I think CME futures launched their test markets today. I don’t see any slow down coming to crypto for a while personally. HODL as much as you can of whatever you can for now I reckon :wink:


It doesn’t appear that MAID will be pumped anytime soon. If anything, there is a lot of demand for BTC right now and less for alts in general, MAID included.


Yea, that is the pattern for now. But you know, market is here to take our money. So trends, patterns and observations are your worst enemies. BTC market can collapse anytime, Alt market can explode anytime and MAID can be pumped anytime even during BTC dump. The most awesome pumps always start from very bottom after very long accumulation. The longer is MAID at such low prices the higher risk is to short sell it and miss the train. I am holding and waiting for my time, even If I have to wait 10 years. Warren Buffet earned billions and he never ever cared about trends. He just buys high value at cheap price and wait. That is all.


Agreed. Maidsafe is Buffet territory. Buy as much of it as you can, keep buying, and never sell. Buffet bought into razors, why? Because the knew there will always be more people born to buy razors. The same can be applied to maidsafe. There will always be more people born to use safecoin, which will be much harder to get than a razor.


I bought all my maids when ethereum was below one dollar. Today I would be a millionaire if I had bought Ethereum. A little frustrated. I have not sold any Maidsafe I hope that we reward loyalty.
Fortunately I have some btc and I have acquired Iotas at a good price … Let’s see.


Same here. I had many thousands of ETH.
Don’t be too hard on yourself. When ethereum traded for 78 cents, how could you have ever predicted it would reach 400 dollars and get so close to matching the market cap of Bitcoin?!


I have bought MAID when I could buy lottery tickets with winning numbers. What is the point? Would you hold ETH so long? I sold DASH for $20 and never ever regret it. If I do not see the future of missed investment, than it is just a dream. Hell yea, there were much better investments, but I did not see them. I was not able to evaluate market correctly, hence I earned only 2000% last year, and not more. MAID was my worst investment till now. But MAID is the only project where I can imagine 1000x profit with pretty good chance.


It was a toss up between ethereum and maid for me. I looked at ethereum and just couldn’t see a compelling business case (still not convinced tbh), despite the interesting tech. Maid on the other hand seemed rather useful.

I guess different projects just work to different time scales. Info had known safe net was so far from completion, I would probably have gone with ethereum. I just hope in the fullness of time, it was still the right decision to go with maidsafe. I feel confident it will at least have been a decent investment either way.


Very true. Maid, on the other hand, is easy to see becoming king, in the not too distant future. Safecoin has a real future far beyond clunky old blockchain.


I did not buy ethereum to understand ethereum as an officialist technology and for the control of the masses against it in maidsafe I saw power for the people. That is the reason why I decided to support Maidsafe.




Ive seen some huge December pumps every year on various coins Ive held, been quietly hoping MAID gets one and its already starting a little move up so fingers crossed.
Not that Id sell but it does some nice advertising.


The $ price chart feels like a tried and tested pattern? Anyone get the feeling the double peek and pull back this early in the life of a coin is usually followed by an impressive breakout?


You might be right, anything is possible in the crazy crypto world of manipulated markets. I do think that the tide is slowly rising for alt coins, steadily upward. Brace yourself, and be ready for the storm. But when?


Now, perhaps? 20 characters dancing.