MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


The 34M was owned by Brock Pierce, his fund chucked $500K at the crowdsale. He was pretty open about it (bragging really) during an interview.


And to clarify, is it being suggested that those 34m (or an unrelated 34m) have been moved to Polo this month?


A good way to “hide” what the wallet is doing, could be a smart move.


How you know this 34million is owned by Brock Pierce? If he is 10% owner it does not mean those 34 millions are those owned by him. He can own 10% in multiple wallets. Or do you think so, because those 34 are easily tracked to ICO? There were more than one ICO whales with more than 10%.


Don’t know for sure but he said in an interview he bought and still held nearly 10% of the MAID supply after putting $500k in. Those coins had not been touched and were the only single wallet of that size so most of us just assumed. There can’t be many people with circa 10% ofc. :slight_smile:


I get a bit torn when seeing these larger wallets, most likely on a successful launch scarcity/hoarding (to a degree due to these guys) will help drive the price up but on the same hand the greater good would see these guys offload at $10 and spread the coins off to every corner of the world where they need to be.

My pocket fights my heart on this one quite a bit when these convos pop up :thinking:


Are you referring to this interview: Blockchain Venture Capitalist Brock Pierce owns 10% of all MaidsafeCoins ?


Possibly. I think he might have said it somewhere else too.


This address is his Poloniex MAID deposit address. When looking at this address you can see all his deposits from any of his holding addresses.

From this address Poloniex then moves it to their hot or cold wallets.

Good spot though. Maybe we will see a drop over the next month. But $$$ wise MAID is still holding its own, even if being depressed by that big hoard being sold.


Mmmmmm hmmmmmm Preach brother preach!



I wonder if its one of the 2 from here


I once had 21K MS coins :frowning: lol, but im long in BTC at the moment, plan to literally sell all my BTC back into MS soon and hold long never touching again until well after full release :slight_smile:


Is the high price of bitcoin a bit worrying from a micro transaction point of view. The little guy who wants to spend under $50 is getting hit with network costs? Take a look at the following link.

You’re looking at a 16% hit if you want to transfer $50. Not good.

Bitcoin is a gateway coin to other alt coins, was chatting with someone who want’s to buy a small amount of safe… but with a high transaction fee, small buyers are being deterred and priced out.
Bitcoin is heading towards being a toy of the rich, and as a gateway coin - purchasing of altcoins like maidsafe is going to get hit a little?

And look at the screen show at the following link, an example of someone with bitcoin dust but cant move it.

One of the big reasons for bitcoins existence is slowly eroding.


It might mean disproportionate fees for anyone buying small amounts (so don’t, wait until you’ve saved up a bigger chunk), but slower, more expensive transactions won’t be the reason btc loses it’s spot at the top (if it does).

I like this chap’s logic. Btc can still have great value while being a terrible medium of exchange.


If people are buying with localbitcoins then they can simply buy as they need and then transfer the BTC bought over a period to their own address when they have enough BTC. This is for those buying small amounts of around 100$


Yea, I was going to mention them. A LocalBTC-Bittrex combo is the solid route imo. Until we have OTC for Maids too (c.2020).

I’m still amazed (almost) no one I know has heard of them, and people still use CB.


Could you clarify what is better than CB? Localbtc?


Depends on your needs and/or preferences. For localbitcoins which I use, you have a choice of people who want to buy or sell BTC and you choose one of those traders. provide how many trades the traders have done and %age of how happy people were with their trade. You can do bank transfers, cash deposit to the trader’s bank account or even cash in person.


I have checked top 50 addresses, none of them has movement after that deposit. Polo hot wallet has now 37 millions of MAID. All those Maid are waiting on Polo. Since that holder was holding coins offline for years, and now is risking them on an exchange, there is a big action to happen soon. Those coins were moved to Polo either to dump, or pump&dump or to create big sell walls to spread a fear when market will start to move.


Not necessarily. They could have moved for a few reasons. They could even be used as margin leverage for a big manipulation play in any number of other coins. These guys are market makers, so it’s always tough to try to guess their game.

One thing I’ve learned in crypto is things are rarely so obvious. If I had 34M coins and wanted to sell them quickly or manipulate that market I’d have spread some to Bittrex and others too. There’s nowhere near enough volume to sell that kind of quantity on polo alone, even over a few weeks. None seem to have been sold yet. I’d be wary of making assumptions personally.