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The day MAID will pump we will be mega billionaire.

People buying bch now buy at crazy price because the market is thin. If you want to buy with volume it is very hard. 100 btc limit on bittrex for tier 3 and like $200k on polo: even if a whale wanted to buy and secure millions of USD worth of bitcoin cash it couldn’t because of weak daily withdrawal limits on exchange.

People who buy bch now are not whale. ( whales were delivered bch during the fork) people who buy bch are newcomers who buy not so big quantities at crazy prices.

Once the difficulty adjustment increase they will be left holding the bags as the trend reverses.

Have a read at the post below. Check the date.

manipulation in crypto market will never stop.
It’s a thin unregulated market, so people have nothing to lose playing this game.

Everything is done behind the scene, within invitation only exclusive chat rooms were miners and whales distribute the pump and dump cards.


It is from 30July. Omg why did I not know about that. Now what to do with MAID? It is on BTC pair. BTC dump will dump it too.


Maybe a stretch but maybe not either…but hey it’s actually not a bad thing having such a genuine and forward thinking community of early adopters behind SAFE.

In the end (and I know David has this belief) it’s the people who genuinely want to make the world a better place that deserve an enormous responsibility like this.

They are in the end the few who can be genuinely trusted in making this idea flourish and ensure it reaches everybody out there in real need of this change :+1: :slight_smile:


There are those on legacy accounts at bittrex that have 1300 BTC daily limit still. Not sure how long it will take Bittrex to compel those legacy accounts to become normal accounts. So a whale could still have a bittrex legacy account and move 5+ million dollars daily.


For those who bought MAID over a year ago, its simple just keep holding

For those who bought MAID at above 40 cents then really all they can do is hold or cut their losses.

This is likely to be a dip only. There is still big new money coming into BTC/crypto apparently and when the BCH hype is over and it drops then those who sold BCH will be looking elsewhere to buy into. And MAID has risen over 50% against BTC so its a good sign some of that sold BCH “money” will go into MAID

And remember that MAID has risen from around 4000 sats to 6700 sats since BTC has been dropping. So MAID is not dropping $$$ wise as fast as BTC is.


Maid need some usd trading. We need for example kraken to list it. You need to watch btc to be able to trade Maid and it does not help adoption at all.


OK so do you know the source of this article and who the people in the email exchange are? I’m not a trader but surely this sort of stuff is all par for the course?


That reads like what we are in the mist of now.

How reliable is that and was it meant to be part of a pump/dump hype months ago? It kinda read like a way to manipulate the price of BTC and/or BCH at that time (Aug).

The effects of the failed fork was obvious and because it lines up with a 4 month old document doesn’t mean the other things in that document are happening. You’d think if the big guys were selling BTC then it would have happened in one day from 7500 to nearly nothing. Really they want as much as they can get and doing a slow sell of only means they get less and the small people get more. But we are seeing minor selling compared to what the document is supposedly predicting.

So I think its a important question - How reliable is that document and now 4 months later if it was real are the “actors” still going through with the plan?


Having a plan and executing a plan is a different story.
Do I believe bch will overthrow btc ? Hell no.

I just like to think Maidsafe has a lot of bch, and they will be able to withdraw them and fund their research with it so maybe one of my grandson will live long enough to actually see beta lol


I was more wondering if it was a real plan or if it was a story deigned to manipulate the market. THe best stories sound feasible and has elements of what might happen anyhow.

Do you think its a real plan or a story to manipulate?


Whether it was just a story to get the result they want in the market or not, it was an interesting read.

If that really is the plan backers of BCH have, I wish them all the best & hope they succeed, but it’s a very high risk strategy, and I doubt they’d try it.

I just hope something changes soon so it doesn’t cost $12+ to shift a few MAID!


I have been in crypto since 2013 and what I have seen is manipulation with rumors, fake news and leaked fake tips everywhere. All those old crypto news webs are owned by very close group of manipulators. BTC bounce up seems to proof this document is manipulation. I had to lose so much money on scams and manipulation to realize this market is build on criminal roots. It is now better than it was back in 2013, but still crypto will always be friendly environment for criminals thanks to relative anonymity. It just need to evolve. Centralization gave us fake feeling of safety. We gave up our freedom, our responsibility in exchange of fake safety from criminals. We are not used to defend ourselves as we would be if there were not central authority to protect us. But those central banks and politicians are not different from crypto criminals. They steal more and silently, with lot of hidden costs in future. We can evolve and learn how to avoid scammers in crypto, but we can’t avoid centralized crime. I love to pay this price in lost money on scams, if it is the price I have to pay for clearing this mess.


This wallet split on 8/21/2017 just few days before alpha 2 release. Since there was a dump, that owner did not sell it, and moved them to back to a single address. Than he deposit all those 34 million coins to Poloniex on 11/8/2017. So it is a week alredy since he moved 34 milions of MAID to Poloniex. I think this is a sign of something. Either big dump or big pump. I hope he dumps everything so we can move on later.

Edit: here is the link to Poloniex deposit transaction:


35 million. Wowzers.

What to do when someone moves in that much money? But another ticket? Rising tide lifts all boats?


I have seen a week ago buy wall of 3000 BTC at 4500 satoshi. It had to be very close date to the deposit date. Either someone tracked this deposit and offered exit for that Maid whale or there is some action to happen. A whale with lot of BTC and MAID to manipulate market.


Meanwhile someone else with 4th biggest wallet has slowly accumulated nearly 11M.


Which one? Can you share a link?


Investors / whales? Don’t accumulate these large amounts without confidence in the long term price, eh?
As long as these large wallets are out there, even in the darkest dumping price falls - remember, someone is dropping the price to accumulate. Why accumulate an asset? Because of long term positive beliefs.


if you click ‘view statistics’ on maidsafe page in omni you can see the list of top wallets.


Thanks, that is what I was searching for. Did not know where to find top list. It seems, top 2 are polo cold wallet and polo hot wallet. Top3 is bittrex wallet. And top 4 is your accumulating whale. Than there is lot of old wallets and some active with few millions. I have checked ICO transactions and it seems ICO was sold to very few whales who than split coins in smaller wallets. So for me, this means there are some really big holders, who try to hide their wealth.