MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Maid 5th best performer on Polo now - flight to quality…?


Good point, flight to quality. I’ve taken a screen shot of the top performers for reference. They could be quality investments. Time’s like these you should take a record.

Also recorded the bottom performers… notice doge coin doesn’t care whats going on, smack in the middle at 0% LOL. Many care, so market, little movement.


Reading about the top performers today, they just don’t do it for me. Once you’ve seen SAFE, well.
LSK for example, side chains and apps - good effort but the fundamental limitations of blockchain tech is there. Has nothing on MAID.


BTC hits 7900 then drops to 7000

And MAID is rising. What did I say above? Man I got it right for once :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

BTC=7299 Maid=6100 ==> MAID = 44.5 cents Thats up from 41.25 cents yesterday


I think we all could set our feet on the ground and realise life is about money !!

Saying that Maidsafe is not about money is the same as teachers saying they do it for love ! … A better world requires the full package!

I believe if there is a marketing campaign things will be better for everyone… it will attract capital money into what David is doing as well as help the community thrive as a whole… Many people working for sheetee ( :slight_smile: ) projects could come over and help speed things up…IMHO…

money won´t make you happy… but will help your mind settle down, then happiness is just a safe choice away


How many have the specific skill set required…just a thought???

Deeply understanding the libraries to Maidsafes required level is a 1-2 year job (from both nick and David’s mouth), so the extra help may not really be of much benefit. I’m still confused (and am happy to be corrected) why some think that given where in the timeline we sit :thinking:


That must be baconbit’s order.


Looks like I was wrong (again) on Maid not being a trading vehicle. 20 per cent in 24 hours. Wow


The darkest time is just before dawn. I hope people didn’t panic and sell over the last couple of weeks there!


It’s just the beginning…

There are 3 ways to get your hands on maid /safe coins.

In order of effort…

  1. Buy them cheap by the bucket load now
  2. Farming
  3. exchange your hours of doing a task for payment for a small amount in the near future.


I think some people that were talking about dead cat bounces are the dead cats now :joy:


HI beer… You´re right about deep knowledge of Maidsafe… but there are so many other areas that Maid will require good professionals…marketing, maybe some one with perfect skills to bring David his coffee… hahha . (pardon my joke) . well, I don´t see MaidSafe as a garage project anymore…


Not had as much time to browse in the last month with work, but had a bit of a catch up today/this evening. That bacobob chap is a bit of a bellend isn’t he.

A few weeks ago I did a bit of messing about buying and selling back in to BTC and managed to increase my MAID loot by about 20% (I’m not good at this… if i’d just stayed it BTC i’d have done much better but nevermind!).
However, after that I just decided just to hold, and despite some panicky glances on Polo, I’m glad I decided to keep doing so, especially now that I’m back in the black!

Hope you’re all doing well.


Seems a bit harsh. He has his opinion, and is very much a trader ahead of being an investor, but his posts are often interesting & I think he wants the project to do well overall.

Except for his stating Maid is overvalued quickly followed by stating he’s accumulating, he seems ok to me for what it’s worth :smiley:


It seems the held belief that Maid and other alt coins go up when Bitcoin goes down, does not always hold true


Correct. We saw a while ago BTC rising and alts rising and this was because people were buying BTC in order to have BTC AND buy Alts.

Then we saw just now where people were buying BTC to have BTC for the fork and ALSO saw people selling Alts to have BTC so the alts dropped like stones.

BUT in all of this we have seen the phrase “The rising tide raises all ships” ring true. The last year saw an overall increase in $$$ value of decent Alts. Even at the worse of the alt sell off.


This year is a year of insane pumps. I am glad I have seen all those ETH, Ripple, BCH and many other pumps. Those are much much bigger I have ever dreamed of. Thanks to them I can imagine Safe coin at $1000 and still think it is very real price in few years. And in fact I can imagine Safe coin at $100 just on the Beta release day. Pumpers now have such huge amounts of money that Safecoin price is like a peanut for them. They will pump it for sure, the only question is when. The other question is if it is worth to sell even at that price:)


I do expect the same… :wink:


thats assuming you’ll live long enough to see the Beta


Yawn…just yawn :drooling_face: