MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Looks like a tight cup and handle, looks like someone is trying to keep a balloon under water - they just lost grip. :wink:


You got that sinking feeling @ejinte pucker up :wink:


dead cat bouncing today!

Don’t worry, a cat has 9 lives!


Ejinte and friends… don’t tell me i did not warn you… hope you like the pressure, there is more to come :wink:


Ah… Crypto is great, especially in the early years of a coins existence. Look at how the early bitcoiner community took on a whale. Nice read.

As a long term hodler, happy with my initial buyin, taking cheap coins has been a pleasure - and I’ll be right here waiting to take more cheap coins, as so should the rest of us.

Accumulate, accumulate, accumulate - wait for the actual release of safe coin before considering selling /trading. We’re all early adopters. Don’t stop to pick up pennies infront of steam rollers. If someone wants to flood the market with cheap coins, say thank you, and buy them, don’t be shaken out.

Can’t wait for our first bear whale event.


After the Parity wallet news, move toward security and anonymity in cryptos - Dash, Monero, etc and Maid included in this group got a little pump - apparently some still remember us!!) Maybe it’s a good time to send u a few marketing flares!


I just read it, oops. Thats why Maidsafe measure twice cut once.

So when all the calls about speeding the process along crops up… remember its best to get it right rather than rush through it.


Oopsss… you just ate a Maidsafe pizza :scream:


Maybe the criticisms directed at you are because you have been sounding like a broken record. How many times are you going to repeat yourself? Look, we get it… you sold high and are buying back at lower prices. Good for you! Given that this is a trading topic, it would be far more constructive to offer fundamental or technical analysis of price movements.


Like you do now ? This was repeated 100x aswell.


Oh dear when you posted that it was way too early to even consider it as such. You really want people to sell don’t you.

And now it is continuing to rise. Most who are selling alts to get BTC have already done so at higher prices and just a few late ones have also sold all they are going to. Doubt the price is going down much from here before the fork.

Moderation talk: Anyhow I hope you took notice of the warning I posted above. Take heed.


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Well I am calling it for a night and noticed that BTC is almost at ATH and Maid is at 5500 which is the highest I’ve seen for a while.

So I think my analysis that people have ripped all they are going to from the ALTs is approx correct.

BTC=$7500, MAID = 0.000055 BTC

Maid = $0.4125


Look at the volume of buy orders on Polo. Three days ago it was at 75… , now over 4000…?

That wall…wow


Hello whale.

Someone is pissed.


Maidsafecoin… the Rocky of the crypto-currency contenders! :wink:


151,000,000 MAID buy orders @ 2k Sats. Unbelievable.


The wheel may finally be turning toward quality and depth - actual and steady product development and not just overly ambitious white paper promises. Maid consistently shows this transparently week after week.


And Segwit2x is just suspended. So no Bitcoin fork next week and maybe the reason the price of Btc increased the last half hour.


Yup, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are never boring :slight_smile::