MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I’m a long term and significant holder since 2014. I got into the MaidSafe project because I saw in it a disruptive potential similar to what got me into Bitcoin back in 2011.

I have held on like grim death to Bitcoin through all its ups and downs, precisely because I believe passionately in the vision.

I apply the same thinking to MaidSafe and its future SAFE Network. I’m holding on regardless, patiently waiting for the big world-changing reveal :slight_smile:


Although Bacobob states Maidsafe will not deliver before 2019 or 2020+ and is convinced Maidsafe is overvalued, he is buying.

Does Bacobob have his mind straight?

Just like David Irvine, i feel constructive critisism is always welcome, but negativity goes straight out my door.

PS Thank you digipl for showing me how the user mute works :+1:t2:

PS Bacobob, fyi I have been in Bitcoin since 2011 and am very comfortable with my investment returns especially with Bitcoin being on fire.
Maidsafe is the next big thing. This was my last message to you. Good luck with everything :+1:t2:


Lol, Im indeed buying and have orders set all the way to 2k (approx 400k max.)

Im a trader thats what i do increase my bitcoin untill i see tech that is exactly on a confortable stage for me to
add it to my long term porto.

Good for your that your in btc since 2011 im in btc since 2012 and now have a fulltime job in crypto love the scene.

And if you can read i didnt say it will not deliver before 2019/20 you made that up in your head.


Didn’t do much to the BTC/MAID price though. Still higher than the approx 4000 low a few days ago

Just trading talk by the looks. If you wanted to buy a lot more to trade, just ask yourself how you could lower the price so you can make more profit. Then just look at what a couple here have been doing.

That was the earlier rise when people where pumping into BTC just so they could buy the alts. This last doubling in BTC price is as you know is so people can get BTC and they are pulling everything they can out of the alts and new money is only going into BTC. That is the reason for MAIDs drop, not because of the release schedule. I can test SAFE now, :wink:

And I’d add that it is done deliberately and without reference to what the trader really thinks, its all calculated to elicit a response that aids the trader’s position. Often the trader has no opinion in the matter or the opposite opinion. Like “a million is being dumped” which is meant to make everyone feel the price is dropping and they had better sell now. But the facts were that the price dropped a mere couple of percent and indistinguishable with the normal ups and downs.

If a trader is talking the price down then be sure they are buying or about to buy. You know buy on the sell talk and sell on the buy talk.


Not directed specifically at @Bacobob, but he needs to heed this too

I will add from the @moderators (read the faq/forum-guidelines and the opening post here) that anyone posting in this topic is also supposed to spend more time reading and contributing elsewhere in the forum. This is not a Trading forum and this topic is only for those with a real interest in SAFE. So if your major time is in the trading topic then beware that your posting privileges in this topic are not revoked. Not because of what is said, but because the person is using the safe network forum as a trading talk platform.

This whole forum is about SAFE and not intended to aid or assist traders trade. This topic is intended for people interested in SAFE to also have their say on the price.


Personally I’m upset I only have half the MAID I originally did almost 3 years ago. Dang financially demanding+irresponsible parents (mine and not mine)… and damn my motormouth of truth (i.e. somehow my life urge to say IRL exactly what’s been happening in this strange online world)… and then people taking advantage of the knowledge I’m spreading in their direction. Just… don’t get it. And then nobody actually invests, to add insult to injury, always wasting time and delaying their immense half-decades long future profit ahead of them.

And then, people caring about selling …as if that’s not going to bite them later in life anyway. “Oh wow Safe’s going up like crazy, better predict where I’m going to sell and waste my life away staring at these numbers on a computer screen, and end up losing money thanks to greed.” I just want my MAIDs back. I’m not the one selling for personal stuff, yet half of them are gone—from lending them out, despite fair warnings given from me to them that I’m the least willing person on the planet to lend anything out due to intense years-long knowledge that daytrading is a waste of time, from experience. And then not getting them back. Freaking insane. Anyway, thanks for listening.


Bacobob, I think part of the reason people are getting a bit emotionally charged against you is because you are posturing about how smart you are and talking about the wealth you have accumulated amidst a crowd of people who are seeing their wealth diminish day by day.
Would you argue that this behavior is necessary?

What is happening now is that you are intentionally or unintentionally enticing fearful people to sell what they have left (to perhaps buy back lower) which is nonsense by now already (with your comments of Maidsafe being overvalued etc) or making people feel bad about being holders.

Take joy in the profits you have earned and let others (who are not so fortunate) be.


I think we should ignore the noise and stay focused on the journey. I am holding. Confident it will come good. :+1:t2::slight_smile:


Safenet is not just a “product” off of which to make money. At least not for me. Don’t get me wrong. I love money. But when it comes to Safenet money just may become a by-product of something I really, really want in itself.

I haven’t followed this thread very closely, but I actually don’t see much of a conflict between @Bacobob and the rest. We are just emphasizing different things, and this is a trading thread. MAID may or may not be overvalued relative to fiat. That’s a legitimate question for a trader, but for me price is secondary even long term. In the end, I’m interested in putting food on the table, but doing so in a free world. If I can get rich from the thing that makes the world more free directly - great. If not, I’ll still want a safe network to use in my daily life. I also have a feeling Maidsafe the company is doing OK financially and not really dependent on the price of MAID at the moment.


Actually I never said I was smart I’m just giving my trade opinions if that make me look like I’m trying to be smart then thank you.

What I earned in crypto I never stated, but don’t forget I’m grinding the bitcoin space since 2012 and I also lost on this alt pushdown maybe not a lot but still. The recovery will be great in alts.

And no I’m not trying to be rude or anything just a market can have 2 sides the bulls and bears and this can switch a lot. Eventually trading brings food on my table cause it’s my full time job. And people know me for not being ashamed for taking a side. And also the side can change in time.


Can’t speak for anyone else, but trading has only ever cost me money relative to hodling - in the long term. Even when I win on a trade I inevitably find the currency I settled in to falls behind the one I sold out of at some point. Trading is a tough way to make regular income. It can be done, but to my mind the opportunity cost of not having your capital tied to the full length of any bull-run is too high considering the inconsistent returns from using your capital to bet which way the market is going on any given day or week. Which is tough and has only been ‘easier’ in crypto recently because a rising tide lifts all boats… and still benefits investors more than (90% of) traders imo because investors don’t miss any of the gains on any of their horses, even though they do adsorb all the losses too (no biggie in a bull market).

I made some money trading, but I would have made a lot more if I’d never ‘traded’ and left all my investments as they were. I remember making a wedge selling my last 5k Eth @ $7 having bought them at $0.70c. They seemed overpriced all the way from $10 to $400 after that :disappointed_relieved: I felt like a winner for a few days. Now I hold my last 200 Eth and it’s worth more than all those 5k I sold. Same story with half a dozen other coins that I settled profit from in 2015/2016.

I’m prepared to accept the fact that perhaps I’m just a rubbish trader and lucky investor. I do also make the very occasional and small trade even today, so I’m not 100% against all ‘trading’ as such. I’ve just learned my lesson the hard way. If you’re sitting on the cusp of a huge disruption you don’t want to be jumping all over the place because it seems to have been way easier to miss big waves than it is to predict and catch them.

I can appreciate things look different if you need an ‘income’ from crypto. but there’s a good reason Roger Ver has more Bitcoins today than any of the traders he bought them from in 2009. He simply accumulated, waited and ignored the short-term price noise in favour of fundamentals.


BTC downtrend or just a small dip? Is it possible for this now mammoth sized coin to even have that big/huge of a downtrend? Like you don’t see the dollar lose half its worth all of the sudden. Just saying BTC might be more slowly becoming like that. Or, maybe not, especially if alts have a comeback—seeing as those are its direct competition (which feels like people have forgotten).


According to a TA trader I follow, BTC’s last two major corrections were both approx 35%, spanning something like a week or three. I doubt just because it’s doubled its market cap that it is immune to a similar move. 8k to 5.5k wouldn’t seem absurd to me, for example. Whether Maid will rise at least in proportion, we will see.

Edit: I see it already is, which is marv. Onward you marching alts!


No! No recovery please… ha ha, just one more payday purchase at cheap prices please!!

With crypto, once prices rise, you just can’t accumulate as much.


Does anyone know why the poloniex maidsafe cold storage address 1Po1oWkD2LmodfkBYiAktwh76vkF93LKnh has 3,707,400 coins but the total poloniex sell orders is about double at approx 7,876,000?


Mostly polo have more then one cold storage wallet at least that i know of some other coins.


Because that is their hot storage

Their cold storage starts with something like 1Co1d and the last I checked it was like 90 million MAID


With 95 million


Id like nothing more than this little turn around with MAID to keep going up, catching some wise ass traders with their pants down :joy:


They better buy back quick before they lose too much. They risk missing the boat.


Not sure standard crypto trading manipulation techniques work with this community and MAID holders.


dead cat bouncing today!