MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Me too lel kekejekeke


I’m exactly the same as you I tried trading and it’s just not my thing I’d rather continue to invest in safe when it produces returns I’ll take some of those profits and reinvest in safe projects on the network.


Maidsafe lost a lot hype momentum if you now a days look on twitter for maid it’s almost gone. Sad to see that happen let’s see if it can recover if there is a bitcoin drop


Someone is still dumping like a million on this value, and cant blame them maidsafe is still overvalued a lot.
And bitcoin is on fire


Absolutes don’t exist, You seem to think so, others think it’s a very clear long term punt for the potential return (however unlikely you think it may be).

Bitcoin is on fire yeah, looks like it is, what’s your point? Our eyesight works fine, many of us are doing well out of it like your good yourself.

I’m confused are you prompting a discussion in a trading topic or just acting as a message board, I genuinely am trying to tell but can’t anymore :roll_eyes:


If you like it or not atm you cant do anything with maidsafe, and the release can be 2018 or 2019 maybe even 2020.
The main reason for the value increase is that bitcoin is going nuts and many altcoins are riding this wave,

This is a trading and price topic and all this is part of it.


40 something tips still to come remember :slight_smile:

as are others and their points of view :rofl:


Maidsafe dont need tips but a working product


For the approach they are taking yes. I am heavy on Eth but I genuinely couldn’t say to you that it’s further along on the development scale. SAFE is a unique beast and comparisons to anything else are well almost impossible. Just my two cents Bob :slight_smile:


The world needs an autonomous data network.

MaidSafe are the only people building one.

It’ll be ready when it’s ready. It’s not launching Beta this month that’s for sure.

In the meantime I’ll keep profiting off other stuff and accumulating more MAID where I can for when it eventually does release, be that in 6 months or 24. All good things come to those who wait… :wink:


How do you put someone on an ignore list on this forum?




Thats why i said atm is overvalued for something not working, this change along the way.


Thats what you get when you dont trade the waves you get butthurt :smiley:


Yeah, we’re all on the same team and wavelength in the end :slight_smile:

It’s like the guy in the office you argue with over whether the sky is blue or azure, both are probably right in the end, but what’s life without a few colourful characters/personalities even if you disagree with them :+1:


Indeed been really bullish on maidsafe, but happy i sold high and slowly start buying back. Just the deadline to final release is still far. Funny how people always get upset when you say something bad. Maybe emotional involved in their investment.


Negativity kills motivation, so I understand that a bit, realistic critique is ok though. Trade talk involves way to much emotive feelings and highly charged accusations made with some (false) absolutism. It all make such helpful chat difficult. In terms of launch etc. there is a possibility right now that if we launched tomorrow the (financial) impact would be dwarfed with the btc rise, if all we wanted to do was look at money/profit/cash/power that would be a problem, but our goals are to provide everyone in the world with something we believe they need, like food, water or safety. That is a secured very available new Internet. It makes the goal very single minded and spurious targeted negativity can be an enemy to folks working extreme hours.

Personally I distance myself from negativity as much as possible, otherwise I might be forced to act like a defeatist or just somebody with no energy. If somebody was in a room with me and was being negative and not proactive in advancing the project then you can be sure I would react to that and they would not be in the room very long :wink:

As for many supporters, they will also feel very similar. Investors can be varied, many of our early investors are huge supporters and that amazes me. Day traders, well that’s a whole different ball game, the focus there becomes very much cash oriented with extremely short term profit as a goal, many times regardless of what brings that profit. Long term holders helps as well, mid range trading also is a hug benefit. So “people” are not a group you can reference without further clarification when talking about these kind of projects and feelings/motivations.


Like i said its a trading topic and there you can expect people to have a diffrent opinion, i doubt looking for motivation should be done in a topic like this. And like i said been bullish aswell read a lot about it and even you guys expected to be more far in 2017. But atm so much is launching where money can be made. Just any bearish post here is butchered.


You know what though, this is exactly what I personally want to see.

As DI mentioned above indirectly is that a bunch of people are in this not for money but a chance at a better more fairer world with the same opportunities for everyone.

Emotion is a shocker when trading 100% agree.

Even though David, the Devs, the mods and even many of the old heads here will keep the lid on things and distance themselves from price talk, there’s no hiding from the fact whatever incentive model we end up with early adopters are going to be faced with never or rarely seen before decisions financially. It’s very possible bag holders here have learnt from BTC and will hold 100k+ bags for 5-10 years post release.

I pretty damn sure we want those people to care, they will quite possibly be the ones re-investing in and shaping a ‘safe’ future (pardon the pun) :+1:


always nice to keep 100k on the back incase it all works out.