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Entirely makes sense! Think I might just hodl out for now…


I think many of us are asking the same questions.
My opinion is that anyone selling at those prices is firing a bullet in his own foot. You buy low, you don’t sell low.
I don’t even care how much lower will MAID go. I am not margin trading, so I have no margin calls to wake me up at night.
MaidSafe will almost certainly head back to 10k Sats and maybe more, thus more than doubling its BTC value - a better investment than selling it now for the, likely to be cheaper than BTC B2X.


Exactly the feeling I had until just recently. As much as I’d like to be a successfull daytrader, I’m simply not and I’ll never be. I tried it over a period of time, but I simply felt stressed most of the time. I don’t have the skill, energy and time to watch the market that closely.

I’m sure SAFE will be a huge success. It’s just this one horse for me now. I just buy more maids every time I have some euro’s left. If I were to lose that investment, so be it. It’s spare change anyway.

I don’t look at any other coins anymore. For some this might sound dumb, given all the opportunities out there…
But hey, at least I have peace of mind. I’m convinced this investment in MAID is a good one, and that’s that for me.


The recent time to sell was when maidsafecoin was a couple of months ago when it was around the 15000s. Better Still, around 6 months ago when it was around 20000.

Most of the action has already happened. Bitcoin has doubled over the last 3 months already and maidsafecoin is down to a third in a similar time frame. Sure, 5000 vs 15000 looks pretty bad, but in fiat, the picture isn’t as bleak - it still has 50-60% of its near peak value.

Maybe it will go down to 2000, but selling in the hope of catching the bottom/top is dangerous. It is an emotional decision made by greed, which will then be compounded by fear if the market turns.

IMO, anyone who has waited this long would do well to hold on. It feels a bit rough, but the timing is wrong unless you are day trading. This isn’t financial advice caveats, etc! :slight_smile:


I think it is wise to keep an ear to the ground for other ground breaking technology, but IMO, safe net is the most ambitious project our there, combined with a determinded, sincere and qualified team to deliver it. I felt this from the moment I had read the white papers and the Google forum at the time before the crowd sale and still feel it now.

It is obvious that safe net is the life’s work for key individuals in the maidsafe team. Failure will simply not be an option for them. Considering what alpha 2 has already delivered, I see no reason to doubt a fully working final product will be delivered either.

Most of the other projects in this space are either essentially blockchain apps or respins/reimplementations of the blockchain. While these may or may not be successful in then long term, they are also a completely different scope to safe net. They are aiming at a different phase of the technology lifecycle.

Safe net is risky, sure, but with steady progress this risk is deminishing. We should not forget the impact this will have in this space if a fully functional safe net is successfully. A new cluster of second technology phase apps will build on it, there will be clones, etc. It will be like Bitcoin over again to a degree.

Day, swing, etc, trade if you like but there are strong reasons to buy and hold maidsafecoin.


Bacobob, Ejjnite and friends ARE the whales.

They will push the price down shorting to their magic crystal ball target of 2000 and feel so smart that they ‘got it all right’… they are going to be in for a tremendous surprise!

Hold on tight :+1:t2:


Maybe, maybe not. Either way, Bitcoin has been surging for a while and maidsafecoin has been languishing for at least as long. Let the whales splash about and think about the next 6m+ is my plan! :slight_smile:


I feel the same way. I choose to believe SAFE will have the effect you’re describing. Whether we’re right or wrong, only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: this project, the idea, the team, the community, the potential effect (and it’s use cases) inspire me like nothing else. It sparked something inside me. That, and only that is enough for me to not be bothered by other projects out there anymore. Why look for a second (or even third) wife, when the wife you have feels like true love, right?

I also can’t be bothered by the upward trend of bitcoin anymore btw. To maybe illustrate my lack of knowledge about the markets, a question: why is everyone so concerned about how much satoshi’s MAID is worth? I keep comparing MAID to USD and all I see is a consistent price of around 30-50 cents. I consider that a good thing, no matter if it drops to 2000 or lower.


Greed, essentially… or at least the fear of missing out to put it less abrasively! :slight_smile:


Friends? who say i have any.

Actually thanks people im starting to collect now when the blood really is on the market. It was obvious btc would outperform maidsafe at this point, but btc will have a correction floating the btc back into alts. And at this bottum prices that will be an easy x2 to x3 on some coins.

Btw funny how people sell with a 60% lose to catch a 20% on btc.


Get ready for the 1 Dollar safe coin when bitcoin corrects. The CME deal could very much end in the banks shorting the hell out of bitcoin in an attempt to destroy it, and if they do we will see a 10 Dollar safe coin. I m not fussed if it goes to 1 cents short term. I would rather have an easy life and ride upon the fundamentals of the project


I don’t get that…MAID dropping to 2000 doesn’t necessarily mean that MAID will be worth less by then. IMO, placing a low buy-order now (at 2000 f.i.) might only result in buying MAID for exactly the same price as it is worth today compared to USD. For months now, the USD price has been roughly 30-50 cents. When bitcoin goes up, MAID goes down satoshi-wise, but compared to USD nothing really bad happens. (which is also the case with a lot of other alts btw) I understand that daytraders with large bags of cash value every cent (sell high, buy low), but for people like me, as long as MAID doesn’t drop to 15 cents without good explanation, there’s nothing for me to worry about

Selling your MAID now for BTC and buy more MAID back later might be wise, but like I said…I choose not to be part of that craze anymore. I’m happy with buying MAID at these prices.


But serieus who calculate in that nasty premined coin called the dollar, arent we trying to avoid it in crypto :smiley:


They are not after the 2000, but want you to sell now so the price drops lower and lower. The 2000 is the carrot to make weak or greedy ones to sell and then hope to buy back at the carrot price.

I don’t know if they are the big whales or not. Although the 2000 talk is one of a whale. It may reach that BTC value and it may not, who knows, he certainly doesn’t know for sure. But its the carrot to create selling pressure.

Yes and as was said before it is just above half of the dollar value all time high. Of course today it is some 10 times what it was 2 years ago.


Guys do you still think that safenetwork and safecoin could not release after so hard work for years?


As long as I still get paid in fiat and have to do my groceries with fiat, I value my crypto to fiat. But I get what you’re getting at. :smile:


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Could you please sell your MAID as soon as possible?


No, but they could have made more money buying Bitcoin.

10x multiples in a year are just not enough for some. Greed is a powerful driver, but fear is an even harder task master.


Ah wait, I see it now… I was drawing up wrong conclusions. Speculating about satoshi’s has nothing to do with the USD price. I realise now that I had already answered my own question:

Somehow I thought there was more to it.