MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


You should check out $DCR at 0.0045 btc, $LBC at 2400 sat and $SIA at 60 sat. I believe they can have a big bounce back after this btc gains.


I agree. Alts should bounce soon. BTC is not a comprehensive tech solution.


Its lacking compared to others, but still the best store of value, so many people joining daily not even knowing about altcoin. if im right coinbase have somedays 20k new users. So bitcoin can easly still go skyrocket much and much more based on the low supply and growing demand. But on the other side end march it crossed the $1000 and its now on $6200, that went insane fast so a correction is also easly possible. Really hard to predict make a nice hedge and you always will come out as a winner, but my biggest aim atm are alts going to rebounce soon.


I replied to @Wallet111 who had made this distinction :wink:

I have no skin in the game in terms of trade talk, however I do think that care needs be taken in that realm. Its too easy to make false statements regarding an unknown that can go any way, up or down. In terms of trade all I know is the vast majority of day traders seem to lose money, like gamblers. I don’t get too involved there, but like in the UK I find it odd that “financial consultants” or “independent financial advisors” are not billionairs but their game is to make people money. I am constantly puzzled by that one.

It’s like standing in a bookmakers joint where everyone knows the next winner but most leave broke :smiley: In any case its not my game at all, it is for many though and that is cool with me. In the digital currency world there are many opportunities and its nice to see but hard to hear the apparently absolute positions if that makes sense.

Traders gonna trade, engineers will engineer etc. so its all cool. Hope that makes sense.


In markets like forex only 10% is actually making a lot money, but in crypto its diffrent if you ask me much is driven by technology so you can easlier determine what to expect compared to company’s there quarterly revenue.

Also because many are new its like investing in a start-up and the returns can be huge. Everyone is aiming for that x100 coin.


I wasn’t suggesting people should not be diversified. I hold a good spread of over a dozen other Alt coins. I believe in SAFE, but I’m not a maximalist. I will hold BTC for a long time because it is a safe store of value and the current gold standard of this ecosystem. I expect some might well boom more than MAID in the short term. My point was only that shifting your bags around too much is usually a bad idea - unless you have some really good info. I invest in lots of things, I just don’t trade them very often and not without a ‘high degree of certainty’ for the trade :wink: . From my own experience and research the big wins seem to come from investments rather than trades. Each to their own though. I apologise if it felt as if I was attacking your pov, I only intended to express my own. :hugs:


I was not reffering to you, your post are actually not that bad. But some reply with off-topic reply’s that got nothing to do with the actuall discussion


Maybe it’s a little more than 10% in crypto of people who make it big, than vs. forex, but I sure believed I was going to be hella rich by having a rapid-fire trading mentality, and yet my holdings kept fluctuating between large and small (20,000 to 1,000 dollars), seemingly solely because of the mindset I had, which was to be active and play the fun game or whatever. Maybe I could’ve kept on going and had way more than I have now, but principally, as soon as I settled down in MAID 99%-forever (with one silly trade here and there), I made steady gains greater than anything previously.

Ever since crypto went from $1B market cap to $75B, it’s been a, well, quite high raise for me. I assume that’s from having a “hold hold hold” mindset… I mean, would it even be possible to “rapid-fire” trade during $1B-$75B and make any money? I guess, if you did trade during that spike, there would be a variance (a low-to-high one) of wins or losses compared to strictly holding ‘one coin’ during that spike. Like e.g. if you traded from MAID to a coin that didn’t have as much of a rise, you would still make quite a bit of money, but not as much as if you had stayed in MAID. And if you traded from MAID to, well, Ethereum, you would have a lot more money. But then, who knows if you would have stayed in Ethereum, since you would be in that rapid-fire, gambling mentality. It’s only those who believed in Ethereum to a MAID-like extent that have made off with a massive amount… even more so if there are Bitcoin-only decade-long purists out there.

With MAID, it’s the long haul. Though, various detractors I have come across (or semi-disinterested folk) like to call it “the long con” instead. (Well, only one person, and she was joking… well, half-joking… or 15%-joking, since “the long con” is a phrase used by a jokester that we know whom she loves to mimic; but she also expressed serious skepticism of claims, etc., at other times. Anyway, she’s not even into the crypto scene [oddly, considering she knows more programming/computer stuff—than me, who becomes paralyzed by programming], but I just thought it was a funny phrase… mostly. Obviously I believe in the safe net to no ends, but there’s always that maybe slightly valid counterpoint out there for-pure-consideration, even if I know it to be untrue/false.)


There’s a big difference between trading and investing. Smart people do both and win at both ends. Maid is an investment not a traders dream


Yea trading need skills and practice, patience and good research based on both TA and FA, but when you used to it then its more then profitable, i would never be able to stop my fulltime job just by holding.

The most traders know a diverse porto is good in the long term also, cause you can hedge the positions against each other and take advantage of hypes in some sections, like its been in for example anon coins, masternodes and much more buzzwords.

Great example is holding Siacoin it went back from 850 sat back to 57 now lets say it dropped 90% means top buyers need a x10 to break even. Thats why i think if your trading you also need to reposition your trades.

But everyone got a own strategy and i just give views thats what a forum is for and no matter how people react here i do them based on my own TA and you can put 100 traders in the same room and 90% will come up with another TA. Do love the fact maid maximalist pop up as soon as you say it can go down more.

And i do start accumulating slowly in this downtrend.


2000 before the end of this week? It is entirely possible!


Normally I would say you are being your usual overly bearish self but I just wrote an email in which 3000 sounded plausible if btc coninues this frankly ludicrous rally.

How btc hasn’t retraced yet I will never know. If only the alt (and today particularly Maid) dumps were in proportion to the btc pump…

Yes yes, cheap maid, load up, blah blah blah.


You must be one smart dude. Everytime someone starts talking about trading, it sounds a lot like the technical development updates to me. I know they are saying something good but only manage to absorb bits here and there. Good on you for playing both ends


Anything is possible. It is whether you are willing to stake a bet on it that matters.

We were at over 6000 yesterday until the CME Bitcoin futures news hit.

However, the more money in Bitcoin, the more money in crypto, the more money in alts. It is good news all around if the pie grows larger, even if the maidsafecoin slice doesn’t grow proportionately at this time. It just means more potential growth for alts in the future.


BTC missed much of the rally earlier in the year when ethereum and other alts were going nuts. It seems appropriate that Bitcoin has a decent run in this stint.

Fwiw, I don’t think maidsafecoin is doing any worse than the others over the last week. Relatively, it has climbed a few places in the market cap ranks.


I can buy and hold and do my job though, which frankly, I enjoy more than betting on price movements. Moreover, I am not risking my own shirt when I do my day job - I can only benefit from it.

I did try my hand at trading and did make a profit overall, but they were tempered by periodic bum clenching losses. I also found myself constantly checking prices and in fear of some big news wiping out my position.

Sure, stop losses stop you losing too much, but if badly placed, you take a loss too early and then watch the price climb, etc.

I have no doubt that you can earn enough to make a living off it (many do). In my line of work, it is more lucrative and less stressful to just buy and hold an investment and gain income from my day job.


Agree with everything @Traktion says.

The higher BTC goes the more I begin to think the 200 odd times larger amount of Safecoin may not really matter as much as we think to our own personal financial goals.

Imagine a world with a $10k BTC (just around the corner it looks like). That’s without any sort of real mainstream adoption. That train may continue even significantly more northwards in the next couple of years as SAFE gets closer to release.

I personally don’t give a jot about money but I’ll be buggered if I can’t in the next decade (assuming working tech and mid level adoption) see a world which has a $25k bitcoin and a $1k Safecoin (and yes I’m fully aware that would require 10x BTC marketcap)

BTC is truly giving SAFE a protected, rails run to the top of the finishing straight.

Plenty of hurdles to cross before that reality ever eventuates but this ‘bet’ is truly unlike any other out there at the present time imo. Fill your bags, if it fails that’s cool we can live with that, however if (when) it works :scream:


I’m in two minds.

1/ Sell my whole stash of MAID because I can’t see anything bullish, it looks like the whales are only getting started dumping their MAID bags. Especially if BTC heading to $10k.

2/ Sit tight.

It’s so frustrating to watch most ALTS been rekt like this as BTC flies. I just don’t know what to do!!


I think you should start buying more maids :slight_smile:


Haha, yea, I know how you feel.

The market does the opposite of what I expect, I guarantee as soon as I sell MAID, they will recover.
I think the time for using the BTC price rise to gear up the number of MAIDs you own has passed, making
that trade now is wishfully thinking that you did it earlier.

I’m going to hodl.

If I ever do decide to trade for BTC, it will only be for a value greater that the BTCs I used to buy my MAIDs, trading to BTC now is an immediate loss and someone else will be making a winning trade of your back - and then you have another problem, when to you trade back to MAIDs.

I will be buying more MAIDS, but making a note of the BTC price - and only consider selling as an option if I can get more BTCs back for those MAIDs.

Hope that made sense.