MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


What do you mean. I’ve been patient and have at this time a 10-13 times Increase on $$$ value of the coins I held.

Yes if I converted them to BTC I would have 84% of the BTC I bought to get the MAID. And yes I would have gotten 20 times $$$ if I kept only BTC.

BUT, if I had chased the more profitable coins I could also have next to nothing now. Maybe ETH would have meant I had something, but still I’ll take 10 times increase any day

BUT then, SAFE has not yet seen a boom due to progress. Yes we had a few pumps, but nothing like a boom due to operating systems


I am amazed why you are still hanging around… Just move on to the next projects and make another 50 successfull trades on your carefully selected crypto projects.

You rock!


Just heard of another ICO you may be interested in. Announcement of ICO any day for a MLM organisation that smells highly of a pyramid scheme about to go into mining. They will have 1% of the global hashpower of Bitcoin and 2.5% of Ethereum. Distributiors in the pyramid will earn p to 60% of the coin cost depending on where they are on the pyramid. Lots of easy money to be made but I prefer the plodding potential of Maid


I’m not, because it’s a decision I’ve made.

If you’re playing the market, you need to be happy with the risk of missing a significant uptick, and would likely have missed significant past upticks in the MAID price.

I expect a very significant Ethereum-esque (100x plus) uptick in price as the project is de-risked.

Missing this would be a huge pain, so I’m not going to try!


Agree. The scary thing is (as crypto keeps on teaching us) this may actually be underestimating things…remember the crowd sale :wink:


You’re totally right, especially with all the competition that is rising fast. Maybe MaidSafe doesnt have the right approach after or will simply never be able to deliver a good product


If anyone knows of another fully autonomous data & communications network, then I am all ears. Till then there is no direct competition AFAIK If that does not mean much to some folk, but that is OK, but this is what SAFE is and its a critical discriminator.

Not simple, not fast to deliver, not heavy on marketing and not stopping, just moving forward every single day :slight_smile: that’s how we do it.


Smart move is always to ignore you and others like you but it’s a democracy and honestly I’m fascinated, what do you genuinely want to hear in response to your posts? OMG OMG You’re right? :rofl:

Your retort to D.I. was pretty pathetic and immature at best. Fallen out with your Maids? No dramas I’ll take them off you just say the word :sunglasses:

I know it’s online and you can troll your little heart out but come on champ put a little more thought into how you go about it, give us a well spoken and thought out argument instead of another toys outta the cot response and we’ll all happily discuss it with you on an even footing…maybe that’s a step too far asking for that ay :wink:


Oh I know I know the answer: all of them. Except for Bitcoin (and Ethereum), the most perfect creation by God.


The internet v1. Took over 25 years to get to the shape of the World wide web


Do you think a technology is automatically not worth developing if it’s take over 10 years without certainty about when it’ll be delivered?

If R&D teams throughout history had your patience, we’d have far less decent technology around!

Creating anything truly new with any degree of complexity is often a very long process that takes vision & dedication to push through despite uncertainty & the need to create a new path that hasn’t been taken before.

MaidSafe are developing something new, unique, and complex, so it’s not going to be fast, easy, or predictable.

If you don’t like that, best to stick with the many amazing projects that are less ambitious that are work with blockchains & re-arranging and tweaking other existing technologies.


Can’t think of any other project quite as cool or innovation dense either. Maybe the moon landing, but that was better funded and still took a fair while :wink:

Meh, I guess we just have to accept people’s incredulity and scepticism for now. Patience is more valuable and rewarding because it is fairly rare.

I love that Jesse Livermore quote:

“It never was my thinking that made the big money for me. It always was my sitting. Got that? My sitting tight! It is no trick at all to be right on the market. You always find lots of early bulls in bull markets and early bears in bear markets. I’ve known many men who were right at exactly the right time, and began buying or selling stocks when prices were at the very level which should show the greatest profit. And their experience invariably matched mine–that is, they made no real money out of it. Men who can both be right and sit tight are uncommon”

If people are having their patience tested now I wonder how many will fall when they have it tested the other way and we eventually get to $10. Who has the stamina to hold their bags for years to get to $100 or even $1000?

/hodl to spend, not sell. simples. billionaire or bust :imp: mwahah


Hmmmmm, trying to move away from the earlier FUDster, put a bunch of buy orders down to 4.5k as B2X approaches but looking at things i’m leaning towards there being not much more downward pressure, things seemed to have stabilised a bit in the last week.

I would be expecting a slight bounce back post fork. Just weighing things up atm, being content with another big scoop at 5.9k tbh looks pretty awesome in the bigger scheme of things and preferable to trying to catch any more falls in the next week or two.

Anyone share that sentiment or have a different take?


My take is that regardless of what btc does in the short term, there are very likely a good number of alts which will do better than Maid in the next few months and they’re what I’m betting (being the operative word) on, in the hope some of them pop and enable me to buy more Maid than I would otherwise have. Reallocation of funds to a basket of more promising short term coins, basically. But always with more Maid as the end game. So I don’t mind what happens to maid or btc as long as the basket equals or betters Maid, which shouldn’t be too tricky if you believe like me that Maid-specific pumps are much less likely in the current environment (maid entering its next long quiet phase of development, crypto mania continuing to spread elsewhere).

Note I am not criticising Maidsafe or the pace of progress at all, just assessing the dev cycle / roadmap and it’s possible effect on price. When it’s ready, it’s ready, and I hope to max my stack in the meantime.

Any thoughts on my thoughts warmly welcomed!

(My characterisation of “long quiet phase” may be oversimplified or just plain wrong, especially given the new marketing hire, but I think most would agree that Alpha 3 is not coming out next week, nor are we likely to be surprised by a barrage of tier 1 PR in the near term)


Well @danski, I too have some other alt coins that I feel will do much better than MAID in the next few months, Not much really since I don’t have all that much anyhow in crypto, but it should (hoping) mean that I will even up with even more MAID than if I bought just MAID now.


Neo what others alcoins do you have?


Not much really. PDC, safex, and a little of NVO, gamerbits, another I bought to hold (forgot name). I don’t hold much hope for NVO even if just I’m against kids running ICOs


Like you already explained yourself if you converted back you would have a lot more now thats why this is also
a trading topic. And it was just to show hes comment didnt add up at all in a altcoin bear market. (unless you buy a worse alt)


And i never talked about direct competition, but about other altcoins that will do well based on their technology and roadmap (launches of features, announcements) thats what a trading topic is for.

People dont get me wrong im here cause i do think maidsafe is great as general idea, doesnt mean i think its the best investment atm.

Funny how people praise you when you say something good about the price, but that the maximalist pop up when you say something bad.


And finaly someone that indeed get the trading game, you gain as much as possible to make your long term porto
as strong as possible. And have a lot fun underway.