MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I’m watching this carefully. Don’t be surprised if a ton of GPU miners switch out and away from Ethereum and begin mining BTG. I’m watching for Ethereum’s and Zcash’s difficulty to plummet.


That’s an interesting take. I do see potential for Bitcoin Gold precisely because it offers GPU mining and because so many in the Bitcoin community consider Its mining to be too centralised.

Unlike Bitcoin Cash, which was the result of a political argument, Bitcoin Gold is taking a different path by eliminating existing Bitcoin miners from the opportunity.

Time will tell!


And MaidSafe??? It used to be that Maid would at least be mentioned in this group. It is really flying under the radar…


I wouldn’t expect anybody to bring up a project that isn’t based on Blockchain technology at Blockchain World.


Finally some Maid movement in the other direction today, as with many other alts. Early beginning of the rotation back into alts ahead of tmrw’s BCG fork?


Probably. Then dump ALTs and pump BTC… rinse and repeat. Wish I knew when these cycles occurred.


The fork took place hours ago.


Fork was hours ago, it’s already trading on Binance. You can’t deposit or withdraw your BCG on there yet though, so can’t send mine on to sell just yet :frowning:


Ah. That makes more sense!

You can tell I wasn’t too focused on it :slight_smile:


Maid is going to 20,000, where you’ll have to sell, no matter what. There’s no escape. Succumb.


Why would we have to sell?


Think he was having a dig at the unfriendly chap from a couple of days ago :slight_smile:

Just a guess tho


Hahahaha…i will not sell until it launches :slight_smile:


@Audity you also said it could reach 2000 dollar! But fact is it can also go down to 1k sat if the development keep stalling like last 2 years. I think bitcoin price will crush maidsafe more and more before it will be close to launch.

There are 50 coins out there with a better ROI model atm.


And what exactly are the metrics of these ROI models that point to 50 better projects? Over what time period do you base your measurement/guess? Are we talking this week or over the next 6-12 months?

I’m sure there are at least 50 random projects that will pump more than MAID over any given short-term period. Crypto is going nuts. Knowing which ones and when is another matter. Over the long term of this project still seems unique and the most likely to succeed imo * Jabba polishes his crystal ball and rose-tinted glasses :crystal_ball: :dark_sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Traders gonna trade… investors generally don’t want to risk picking up pennies in front of a steamroller. Statistically speaking the returns seem to favour the patient long-term investor who picks the right horse. God knows if SAFE is really it, all we can do is inform ourselves, make our best guesses then see if we’re right. Guessing short-term trends is a tough game though. Having to learn a zen like patience has been tough enough for me, I don’t think my constitution could suffer the stress of short-term trading in any meaningful way any more.

Bitcoin has been going nuts. It could keep going nuts and MAID could go nowhere for a while. Or Bitcoin could suddenly correct some of the gains and/or MAID could pump a little with an alpha 3 release. No one can accurately predict anything in the short-term imho. “ROI models” = your best guesses based on some reading basically, no? If you have any tips I’ll take 'em. 50 would be real treat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I do agree with staying liquid and having a bit of diversity, but it’s a dangerous game to fiddle around too much with which baskets you’re holding your eggs in imo. I’ve dropped a couple in the past and learned my lesson. :wink:


Any longtime holders who just accumulate, kicking themselves for not trying to play the market?



I think at least next few months, better aim for projects like decred with innovation launching any week now instead months.

Been around for long now, but I’m pretty dissapointing about the delivering atm compared to many new things joining the market.


Right and now the patient got 25 procent left compared to ath ;). Happy I’m impatient


You obviously know your own mind and are a somewhat successful trader :wink:

Do you hold MAID? I’d guess yes of course you do, because you understand what a launch would mean for your back pocket, you don’t come across as a dummy.

I guess delivering as you mentioned is relative really, you pick arbitrary points (development dates not as you expected, no release etc) and use that as the main basis for your argument of not delivering.

Others look at things as delivery happening pretty much on a weekly basis all of which adds value, it’s just not something that will reveal itself for a little while yet.

Your not wrong Bob, your not right either, just somewhere happily in the middle like everyone else.

Just keep the remaining 49 tips coming and your stash of MAID safely tucked away until you think the project starts actually delivering :wink: