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yesturday bitcoin had “reached the bottom” at 7000. now we should be amazed if it drops below 5000? that’s funny because it is approaching 5000 quickly!



I never said yesterday was the bottom or that 7k was. I said the time to buy and sell was in the more obvious bracket of around 20k-7k. Punting outside of that kind of range is a pretty high risk gamble given the resistance in fiat value over 30c and the likelihood of BTC breaking $10k before MAID regains some momentum.

I was pretty clear I thought. I said I bought at 7.5k and I certainly never said it was the bottom. I’m not psychic, no one knows where the top and the bottom might be. Traders look for profitable ranges, not perfect predictions. I also don’t think you should be amazed if it breaks 5k… I said I would be amazed if it broke below the 4-5k range, even if BTC pumps to near $10k in the short term (which doesn’t seem very likely before the end of the year), that’s still only 40-50c MAID and we’ve been in the 35-70c range for a fair while now. You are suggesting that it might plummet to below the 10-20c range, which there is no rational argument for in the short term as far as I can see.


8 days ago 49 % thought that the bottom had been reached… So sorry for those guys. didn’t I tell you?


BTC has gone up 20x in the last 2 years. Throughout that period MAID has stayed very solid in the 4k-20k range, yoyo’ing quite wildly and unpredictably within it.

No one is suggesting that today is definitely the bottom, of course it could go to 4-5k range if BTC keeps on climbing. You said 2k though!? That would mean that you think despite the 20x’s in BTC value over the last 2 years you think the next <2x will suddenly drop us totally out of all ranges to a new low, despite our proximity to Alpha 3. You can keep trying to deflect all you want, no one has ever said they are psychic and can predict tomorrow’s price or sell and buy at exactly the right times. All anyone has said is that there is absolutely no reason to think it could get as low as 2k and selling at the historical bottom end of any range is usually a very dangerous and bad move. You won’t win until you buy back, if you are waiting for 2k as a target then most likely you’ll miss most of the profit you could make selling at the bottom end anyway because that seems very optimistic/risky. I believe selling now is akin to picking up pennies in front of the steamroller personally. That’s fine though, sell if you want to. No one cares what you do with your money. If you try to use this forum to influence some ‘greater fools’ to sell in the direction you want you can expect many of the rest of us to point out how unlikely (based on history) what you have suggested actually is.


You’ve been claiming 2000 every time you give a figure. While I don’t say it cannot, it isn’t anywhere near there yet. So your predictions are not met yet at all. I and others have not discounted it going lower, and I even predicted it going lower when BTC jumps up again, which it did. So I have as much to claim I predicted correctly - not hard though.

I’d like to hear your prediction in fiat rather than BTC. Thats because if BTC goes to 10K then 4000 is still a great figure for MAID.

So rather than playing the trader who wants to drive the price lower than what it will go due to BTC rises (your constant 2000 predictions & bad mouthing timeframes) How about giving a fiat price you predict. Now that would be a real prediction.


Maybe someone should start with developing a trollbox, like Poloniex used to have, using the comments plugin.
I feel that there could be a demand for it :wink:
Of course the ban hammer would be implemented like someone’s filter that can be disabled, I assume.


Most of us don’t give a damn what the price is today, yesterday or tomorrow. We know where. the project is at, and the hard work ahead. Whether it’s 1, 2 or 5 years ahead, we are getting excited on the inside with each passing day. Some of us are even buying more Maid.


Ejinte… you are the dumper huh?

When you do a dump you better first analyze if token holders of that crypto project are believers or opportunity hunters.

You are on a boat full of believers, here people dont jump ship. Good luck with your dumb, because in the end you will be forced to help us pump :+1:t2:


So what are you doing in this thread if you don’t care about the price?

Obviously someone is dumping! watch it live on


Replying to the more emotional posts rather than @neo’s post, I see. I wouldn’t be surprised if ejinte wasn’t a whale manipulating MAID specifically to be lower right now than what it otherwise would be. All I can say is I wish I had more money right now… Oh wait, I do have quite a bit of extra $ right now! Going to the bank. Thanks ejinte, whatever you are!

What would be way more helpful for the community here is to try to explain WHY Bitcoin might keep climbing higher than anyone expected, or at least speculate, or any other useful, different information, rather than spread fear like a fiendish and insane trolling, manipulating fraud.


A deflationary asset quoted against an inflationary asset can only go up. Bitcoin will touch $100k faster than anybody could expect.
On top of that the mass wants bitcoin. I see it everyday. They are not sophisticated enough and wants what is being talked about in the newspapers

Add to this the coming fork…

If this guy was the dumper he would be talking MAID up, not down


I totally agree. Someone commented above about waiting for Bitcoin to cool off - and - then we’ll see an increase in Maidsafe’s price.

At this point, Maid is going to have stand on its own merits. Bitcoin is going to ramp like crazy through 2018. Soon every Tom, Dick, and Harry will be able to buy bitcoin through their stock brokerage accounts. Millions of people who have self directed 401K’s and IRA’s will be able to dip their toe into the bitcoin pot.

Add in billions of dollars of purchases through Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Private Capital Groups, and Investment Trusts and you have a recipe for bitcoin’s epic price appreciation.


Bitcoin is the gateway to crypto. Only a small amount needs to be syphined to other coins to see them climb at a similar rate.

The Bitcoin tide may well lift all boats.


All I know is I’m ready for something different. The depth looks different… a little less sell-off-like now.
All just words of course until something actually happens.


It is benefitial for a dumper to talk down the price, that is if he is creating a short position in the process. Later he will close his short position at sharply reduced prices. Problem for this guy is that he is shorting the wrong crypto, because most Maidsafe people don’t jump ship, especialy not now.

The more this guy shorts, the more he will pay the price when he has to turn his position.

So smoke him out by buying more at these wonderful price levels. It will be fun to see him run all the way up the chart! :joy::+1:t2:

PS i believe certain projects are real bargains right now #1 maidsafe, #2 EOS, #3 Bitshares


Paradoxically, it is easier to take the price down in a coin with a strong fan base and believers : there is no flow because the fans don’t sell or buy.
They are already all in. So they can’t really sustain the market on the bid side.

The dumper, since he is big, is sophisticated and knows MAID. He probably knows it would be crazy to short.

No need to smoke him. A sophisticated buyer buys on the way down. Again, this guy is currently selling to strong hands. He will only be able to buy back higher in average since he has in front of him believers who won’t sell cheap, if they sell at all.

I fully agree about bitshares, but I stay as far as I can away from EOS


You absolutely have a point there.

Although it is impossible for me to know if the dumper is going short, the bashing from this guy coincidentaly is accompanied with the price going down, which makes me think…

Anyways i think we can agree on one thing: it would be great if this troll has build a short position meanwhile that he has to close at some point in the nearby future. For sure not all whales are smart.

Concerning EOS, i don’t worry about the stories that are going around. Dan Larimer is a trustworthy name in crypto world, i dont think he would risk destroying his reputation.

Both projects hold a lot of promise, Although i would not switch a single maidsafecoin for EOS. Maid is my favorite!


I’m on this thread to express an opinion, just like you


I don’t comment much on price, but nothing would make me sell my maids :slight_smile: gotta hold thru all this stuff. It’s just noise until SAFE apps (Decorum, FS, and new ones to be imagined) are all household names, changing the world :slight_smile:

Also BTC should pull back a bit after the “gold” fork, is my gut feeling?


After SegWitx2 I think.
I would imagine B2X (if we can agree to call the upgraded block size Bitcoin that way) would make much bigger splash.
Bitcoin Gold should fork in about 36 hours with just about no coverage. It looks like a none event. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Bitcoin owners don’t even bother to pocket the free cash.