MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I guess as they have sold we will only hear negative noise from this one in the hope they get others to follow suit and they can rebuy.
Highly doubt thats gonna happen though.


I’m not sure how relevant the price is in BTC. You have two different tech rollouts with different goals and technologies. At the moment btc is attracting huge attention. It is the momentum play. It could keep on rolling and attracting many more investors. Then, if Maid is priced in BTC, Maid looks rather anemic, to say the least. I prefer referring to Maid price in fiat. As the project matures, one can see it reflected, to some degree, in the price. Although, I agree it is still grossly undervalued, even pre beta.


The time to sell and buy back lower was between 20k and 7k imo. There are obvious gambles and there are crazy risks. Selling now seems like to trying to catch the proverbial falling knife. MAID has a tiny market cap next to BTC, so MAID seems more likely to suddenly double than BTC in the short-term.

I still hold some BTC and I always will, liquidity is king after all. I bought more MAID at 7.5k sats though. I’ll keep picking up little bits if it keeps dropping. There’s no way I’d sell any here though, seems way too risky this late in the day.


2020? Not even beta?? I think you are from the moon lol…


you’re new here i see:joy: just wait and see. this project isn’t going anywhere at all 2020 is a really optimistic. 2025 is more believable


Geez your a persistent chap

I remember my kids in the 80’s had a little toy with rainbow coloured hair…just came to mind for some strange bizarre reason :zipper_mouth_face:


Nah, 2050 is more believable. In fact, 3940. Or 2018. OK 2019, final offer! SOLD. Actually, HOLD.

This alt bust has been going on for a long time. Only inevitable before it has a “glorious” recovery… and then some.

$100,000,000,000 Bitcoin cap is on the horizon, too. With more of the world looking into it, maybe it’ll keep going up regardless, but, often these milestones end in a sell-off.


How do you know about timelines? Maybe dirvine said only to you about release date? You are very skeptic.


Traders often bad mouth projects or timelines in order to drop the price so they can buy cheaper. We have seen enough of these “Its going down to 2000” to know this is an attempt to drop the price further.


In my opinion, a drop down to 2000 is unlikely.
Why? Because MAID has already dropped by allot. You don’t just go from 18K Sat to 6K Sat without some major negative news. Only the forking events explain the freshly beefed up BTC dominance, I think. Any further substantial downward movement, if it occurs, should be a flash crash followed by an instant recovery.
Even a 10K BTC can negatively influence altcoins only so far. Positive BTC shifts do not necessarily cause negative altcoin moves. Lets not forget how just a few months ago altcoins gained even faster than BTC, leading up to a BTC dominance of only thirty something percent.
I would bet that soon after the November fork frenzy is over tides would shift and altcoins would regain the lost ground. Until then though, it would probably be BTC marching and alts bleeding.


Hard to say; Jimmy Song says 2017 was the year of the ICO and predicts 2018 will be the year of the (Bitcoin) hard fork.


Was desperate to find at least some amount of money so I could buy at this ridiculous low satoshi price, found 36 dolla lying on a site, bought 100 more MAID. BTC back below $6,000 and below $100B cap, deciding what it wants to do next.



Anyway Beers, man of the future… what’s the weather going to be like tomorrow?


another storm is a brewing, keep sheltered or go and embrace thats the question… hmmm


Twas that there a ‘troll’ my old jaded memory recalled :wink:


Time to buy some MAID: Perfect Now
Trend Reversal Imminent: Anticipate :space_invader:


dropping again… who is surprised? not me at least, I predicted it just a few days ago.


Everything drops while btc rises Fudster!!


Er, you predicted 2k, which it s VERY unlikely to get anywhere near. Even if BTC crosses $10k in the short-term I’d be amazed if MAID dropped below 4-5k sats. More likely is a price bounce when BTC runs out of steam.


It’s unlikely that one catches the precise bottom or top in trading or investing.
Building a position gradually is the way. This is a good time to get some MAID
In a matter of days or weeks it will trade again above 10k, maybe shoot to 15k
Some whales love these downswings so much, it’s where they start to push up…